Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C17 - Seventeenth Chapter - Lolita Controverts -
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C17 - Seventeenth Chapter - Lolita Controverts -
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C17 - Seventeenth Chapter - Lolita Controverts -

Chen Qingzhi led Hee Xia along the road. There were no more pedestrians on the street. Holding Hee Xia's little hand, Chen Qingzhi was distressed because he did not know how to settle this little guy.

"Shrimp, it is late. Why don't big brother send you home." Chen Qingzhi finally stopped and looked at Hee Xia seriously. Hee Xia was easily messed up by Chen Qingzhi, so now they all called her Shrimp.

"No, I'm not going home." Hee Xia shook her head like a rattle-drum and said with a stubborn face. When she finished speaking, she was afraid that Chen Qingzhi would send her home or ignore her. She held Chen Qingzhi's hand and begged, "Mr Qingzhi, I do not want to go home. I do not want to go home."

Chen Qingzhi patiently comforted her, "But if I don't go home, father and mother will be anxious."

"Anyway, I won't go home tonight. Mr Qingzhi, I beg you. " Hee Xia shook her head and puffed her cheeks. She pretended to be wronged and wanted to cry. "Brother, you said that you can't leave me behind."

Chen Qingzhi suddenly had a headache. This little guy was going to rely on him like this. No matter what Chen Qingzhi said, he just wouldn't tell him the address of Chen Qingzhi's home. He also didn't want to go home, and he also didn't want Chen Qingzhi to give her to the police uncle. In the end, Chen Qingzhi could not bear to leave her behind. In the end, he could only fumble around and bring her to the hospital.

It was not that Chen Qingzhi did not want to find a place for this little fellow to stay. It was good to get a room in a hotel, but Chen Qingzhi did not dare to leave Hee Xia alone in the hotel.

Originally, Chen Qingzhi wanted to call Ye Qingmei and send Hee Xia to Ye Qingmei's place to stay. Ye Qingmei had taken good care of Chen Qingzhi these few days. The relationship between the two could be considered to have become much closer. But thinking about how Ye Qingmei only left the hospital at night to rest, it was already so late. At this time, she might have already fallen asleep, so Chen Qingzhi could only give up on this idea. Thus, he finally brought her to the hospital's own ward.

At least Chen Qingzhi's ward was a luxurious hospital ward, and it was usually reserved for family members who accompanied the patient. It was still okay to use it for one night.

"Mr Qingzhi, are you staying in the hospital?" Walking into the hospital, Hee Xia looked left and right to observe the situation around her as she asked in surprise.

Maybe it was because she had been holding it in for too long, or maybe it was because very few people talked to her like that. Hee Xia seemed to be somewhat excited to treat her like this, so even if it was close to midnight, it was already close to midnight. She still did not feel sleepy and used her tender and clear voice. She talked about the interesting things in her life and asked Chen Qingzhi some more questions.

Now, seeing Chen Qingzhi bring her into the hospital, she thought that Chen Qingzhi's family lived in the hospital, so she asked him questions like a curious baby.

Chen Qingzhi replied gently, "Yes, I will temporarily stay here for the next few days. I will move out in a few days."

Walking on the hospital's Linyin Road, Hee Xia suddenly jumped in front of Chen Qingzhi. She blinked her eyes and asked curiously, "Mr Qingzhi, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Uh, at such a young age, why do you care about this?"

A black line appeared on Chen Qingzhi's forehead. Regarding Hee Xia's jumping thinking, he really could not keep up with her. Just now, he was still talking about his interesting matter when he suddenly asked one. It didn't seem to be a question that the little girl was concerned about.

The most hateful thing was that the little girl still had a look of curiosity and innocence. She didn't know why such thoughts and questions suddenly appeared in her little head.

Hee Xia shook Chen Qingzhi's hand and pouted, "Say it."

Chen Qingzhi shook his head, "No."


Because it was almost midnight, there was no one walking around in the hospital. Chen Qingzhi and Hee Xia were talking softly. Therefore, they did not disturb the other people in the hospital and quickly returned to their own ward.

"Damn, where did you go at night? You did not pick up the phone."

Just as Chen Qingzhi entered the ward, a voice rang out. That person immediately turned around and saw Chen Qingzhi holding hands with Hee Xia walking in.

"Lao Er, you, she."

The person in the ward was the third elder of the dormitory, Zhang Jian. For the past week, although Chen Qingzhi had advised them, Liu Pingping and the other two took turns to come to the hospital from the school to accompany Chen Qingzhi at night. And tonight it was Zhang Jian who came.

Zhang Jian came late at night. Before he came, Chen Qingzhi went out alone. That was why it was very strange to see Chen Qingzhi coming back at this time. Zhang Jian's eyes widened when he saw Chen Qingzhi holding a cute little girl's hand and entering the room. His mouth was also so wide that it could not close for a moment.

After all, Chen Qingzhi suddenly brought an unfamiliar little girl back in the middle of the night. This scene was really too strange.

"This is a little girl I met in the park, because she is homeless. So I temporarily took her in." Chen Qingzhi did not find it strange when he saw Zhang Jian. However, how to explain to him how Hee Xia suddenly appeared made Chen Qingzhi a little distressed.

Chen Qingzhi turned his head to look at Hee Xia and introduced, "Little Hee Xia, this is your big brother Zhang Jian."

Hee Xia was not shy and called Zhang Jian big brother very clearly, "Hello big brother Zhang Jian, I am called Hee Xia. Hee Xia's He, Hee Xia's Xia. "

Looking at such a cute little girl, her face that could be blown with a flick of her finger, and hearing such a crisp sound of a child, Zhang Jian's brain was not enough. He only nodded, and then pulled Chen Qingzhi to the side.

Zhang Jian pulled Chen Qingzhi to the side, touched Chen Qingzhi's forehead with his hand, and then said with concern," Lao Er, are you alright? "

Chen Qingzhi had a blank face, and did not know what was wrong with Zhang Jian. "I'm fine, what's wrong with me?"

Zhang Jian asked with a strange expression, "Are you not interested in a goddess like Ms Ye?"

Chen Qingzhi answered honestly, "Yes."

Zhang Jian followed up with another question, "You are a goddess?"

Chen Qingzhi shook his head and said, "Wrong. I am not only a goddess, I am also a sister, a uniform, a black silk, an air stewardess, a beautiful leg, and a lolita."

"Stop! Don't have so much control, I just want to ask you, do you want to make a move on Ms Ye?"

Zhang Jian's eyes were full of disdain as he rolled his eyes at Chen Qingzhi. Usually, Lao Er looked honest. Damn it, as long as it was a woman, Lao Er would be able to discover her beauty and be controlled by her.

"Of course." Chen Qingzhi smiled and looked honest. "Ms Ye has been very good to me recently. She has already gotten the phone number and address. Ms Ye also said that she is going to marry her and is only one step away."

"Really?" Zhang Jian's heart tightened. He gave a thumbs up and then asked, "Teacher-student relationship, will it not be good if it is spread out?"

Chen Qingzhi opened his mouth and smiled happily. "A valiant tiger person's life does not need an explanation."

"Then I am relieved." Zhang Jian patted his chest and revealed a smile. Again. He said with a trace of regret, "Friends and wives cannot be bullied. Although we cannot get Ms Ye's affection, if it was this little loli... You don't have any objections if I make a move? "

"F * ck, don't tell me that recently you have become a lolicon and are going to make a move on such a cute loli? Mo, don't you think you're a bit more of a beast?"

This time, Chen Qingzhi was shocked. He turned around and looked at Hee Xia who was standing at the door. He looked at her pretty and tender face and said with a pained expression. It was only at this moment that Chen Qingzhi remembered that his third brother was a lolicon. He was especially interested in his little sister.

Zhang Jian turned around to look at Hee Xia and revealed a pleased smile. "Eh, you don't have to say it. This little loli can really be considered as being taught a lesson."

Chen Qingzhi immediately shouted with a sullen face, "Third Brother, please, don't be a beast. Don't attack Hee Xia!"

___ immediately cried out, Mo, I beg of you, don't be a beast. Don't attack ___!

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