Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C18 Chapter 18 Jiang Bei He Family
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C18 Chapter 18 Jiang Bei He Family
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C18 Chapter 18 Jiang Bei He Family

For safety's sake, Chen Qingzhi naturally didn't give Hee Xia to Zhang Jian to 'train' her tonight. Originally, there was only one accompanying bed in the hospital. He directly asked Zhang Jian to go and get a simple bed with the nurse on duty. Hee Xia arranged to sleep on the comfortable accompanying bed.

Before going to sleep, Hee Xia wanted to take a shower, but there were no clothes for her to change into. In a moment of desperation, Chen Qingzhi could only take a t-shirt as her pajamas. Chen Qingzhi's t-shirt was very big, so he asked her to make temporary pajamas. That was enough.

Hee Xia, on the other hand, was very obedient and sensible. She also knew that she was not at her home. She took the t-shirt Chen Qingzhi gave her and went to take a bath.

Perhaps because she was too tired, Hee Xia quickly fell asleep after she took a shower and climbed onto the bed. After Chen Qingzhi finished bathing, he saw Hee Xia change her clothes. Thinking that she had no clothes to change tomorrow, he took her to the hospital washing room to wash her clothes. Then he dried her.

When he returned to the ward again, Zhang Jian was already lying down, but he was not asleep yet. When he saw Chen Qingzhi come back, he could not help but say in a low voice, "Lao Er, now I think you are much crueler than me."

Hearing Zhang Jian's words, Chen Qingzhi could not help rolling his eyes. He glared at him and said, "Go to sleep, don't daydream about it."

Zhang Jian also smiled and did not say anything. He just sighed a few times and then stopped talking. Chen Qingzhi also knew that this guy only liked to talk. If he really wanted him to do something, he wouldn't.

Chen Qingzhi, who was lying on the bed, soon heard Zhang Chao's light breathing. Obviously, he had fallen asleep. Listening to the faint sounds of breathing coming and going in the room, he couldn't fall asleep. His mind was clear.

The "experiment" that he went out at night had allowed him to completely confirm that his body had undergone some kind of strange change. However, this kind of change still had a huge impact on Chen Qingzhi. Thinking about how he could have some kind of "special ability" in the future, he really did not feel sleepy right now.

He opened his eyes. Although the room was dark, Chen Qingzhi's eyes were shining. He could see everything in the room clearly. His vision seemed to be especially good at night, just like night vision. He could see everything around him as clearly as during the day.

Hu. I'm a monster now. Chen Qingzhi smiled in the darkness. Then, he thought that he might have a different life in the future. He suddenly felt a little expectant.

With this ability, even a loser could turn around and become a tall, rich, and handsome man. If he had such an ability, he would still be a loser in the future. The heavens would not tolerate it.

Of course, Chen Qingzhi did not know that when he brought Hee Xia back to the hospital and spent this quiet night, the entire Chiangcheng would not be peaceful. This kind of unrest was even more turbulent than the last time he saved Ye Qingmei.

In the courtyard of the Chiangcheng Province, in the home of Vice Governor and Hee Shuhuang in Jiangbei Province, the atmosphere was a little heavy. There were a few people sitting in the living room, and in the middle of them was an old man with white sideburns.

The old man was Vice Governor and Hee Shuhuang from Jiangbei Province, but at this moment, he was leaning against the sofa tiredly, and his whole body was full of dignity.

Hee Shuhuang was sixty-three years old this year. As the fourth person in Jiangbei Province, he was once a teacher. Later on, he caught the opportunity and entered the system. He took one step at a time and finally reached the highest level of power in Jiangbei Province.

Of course, because of his age, it was impossible for him to take another step forward. When the term was changed, he might have to retire from the second-tier position to be a deputy chairman of the provincial political association, or he might completely retire.

Of course, these were all things that would happen in the future. He was still a powerful figure in Jiangbei Province. The Hee Family still had great power in Jiangbei Province. His eldest son was the political commissar of the Jiangbei Military Police Headquarters, and his second son worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the assistant minister, his youngest son had just been transferred back to Chiangcheng from a prefectural city in Jiangbei Province this year. He would probably be promoted to the youngest deputy mayor of Chiangcheng.

Hee Xia was Hee Shuhuang's precious granddaughter, the daughter of his second son, He Sunfeng. However, the sudden disappearance of the Hee Family's daughter at night caused the powerful family to fall into a tense atmosphere.

He looked at the few people in the room tiredly. Hee Shuhuang let out a long sigh and said, "Haven't you found Shrimp yet? What are you doing? Can't even watch a child? I don't know where she is now. "

There were three women and one man in the room. The man was somewhat similar to Hee Shuhuang. When he heard his words, he said, "Dad, don't worry. We have already informed the police. The police are helping to look for them. I think there will be news soon."

Hee Shuhuang glared at the middle-aged man who had just spoken and said, "Now Shrimp's parents are not around. They have placed the child beside us. How can I not be anxious? You are usually her uncle, aunt, and aunt. Why don't you care about this child? "

The man was Hee Shuhuang's youngest son, He Chengfeng. He had been scolded by his father and had wanted to say almost everything, but after thinking for a moment, he shut his mouth and kept silent.

At this moment, a beautiful woman moved her body and sat beside Hee Shuhuang. She said with concern, "Dad, don't worry. Shrimp will be fine."

The one who spoke was Hee Shuhuang's youngest daughter, Hee Yushi, a graduate student of Chiangcheng University. She had just graduated from a university in Beijing this year and entered the Chiangcheng University for her first year in her studies. Hee Yushi was very beautiful. Among her children, Hee Shuhuang loved her the most.

Hearing her words, Hee Shuhuang sighed slightly and said, "Yushi, Shrimp and your little aunt are the best. Now that your second brother is not by her side and her mother is in the south, you have to take care of this child."

Hee Yushi nodded. This time Hee Xia suddenly did not see her and she felt guilty in her heart. Thinking about how Hee Xia's father was away on business trips all year round and her mother divorced Liu. One. People do business in the South, and Shrimp follows them. But usually, everyone had their own work to do and had indeed neglected Shrimp.

While the people of Hee Family were worrying in the big courtyard of the provincial capital, the Chiangcheng Police Department had already mobilized a large number of police forces. They began to search for Hee Xia. The loss of Vice Governor's child was a big hit. If something really happened to the child of Vice Governor's family, then the police would suffer.

A while ago, the incident of bandits kidnapping the daughter of Ye Cheng'en, the richest man in Chiangcheng, had yet to dissipate. Now that Vice Governor's child was missing, even if the Chiangcheng police said that Chiangcheng was safe and sound, it would still be fine. The higher-ups might need to investigate this matter.

Of course, Chen Qingzhi did not know about these things. After he thought about his future matters, just like Hee Xia, he slowly fell asleep. He did not care that the entire Chiangcheng's police force was raging.

Nothing happened overnight. When Hee Xia woke up the next day, Zhang Jian had already left for school. Chen Qingzhi took Hee Xia to wash up and then went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Chen Qingzhi could be considered a famous person in the hospital now. He took Hee Xia along the corridor of the hospital. Some nurses and patients looked at the two of them in surprise. Especially when they saw Hee Xia's jade carving appearance, they were even more surprised. One. One of the nurses could not help but say, "Aiyo, where did this girl come from? She's so beautiful."

Chen Qingzhi smiled and did not explain. It was also not easy to explain. Hee Xia, on the other hand, smiled very obediently and said, "I'm Sister Mr Qingzhi."

The two of them left the hospital and found a restaurant nearby to eat a basket of dumplings. After eating, Chen Qingzhi walked on the street and looked at the satisfied Hee Xia. He smiled and said, "Now you should tell me where your home is. I will send you home later."

Hee Xia was slightly stunned. She stopped and lowered her head. Her two small hands moved back and forth uneasily. After a while, she raised her head and asked, "Mr Qingzhi, can you not go home?"

Chen Qingzhi looked at this little guy with a headache. He did not know how to deal with this little guy who ran away from home. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind and he said, "Then I will send you back to school."

Hee Xia's eyes widened this time. She looked at Chen Qingzhi pitifully and said, "Brother, are you going to chase me away?" Before she finished speaking, her eyes were red and she looked like she was about to cry.

Seeing Hee Xia's appearance, Chen Qingzhi suddenly had a headache. He was deeply afraid that she would cry. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Stop, okay, okay. Let's not talk about this first. Let's go back to the hospital now."

Hearing that Chen Qingzhi did not chase her away, Hee Xia, who was originally about to cry, suddenly turned her face. She revealed her white teeth and laughed happily. She blinked her eyes and said happily, "I knew Mr Qingzhi would be the best, hehe."

The two of them walked for a while. Suddenly, Hee Xia stopped and stared at Chen Qingzhi seriously. She said without a head, "Mr Qingzhi, although I like superhumans, fighting and killing are not good."

When Hee Xia said this, her face was serious, but she did not have any dignity. There was only cuteness, which made people laugh. No one knew what was in her mind. Chen Qingzhi felt even more gentle when he thought of this strange elfin running away from home alone.

He wanted to laugh when he saw Hee Xia's appearance, but in the end, he sighed and gently patted her head with both hands. He smiled and said, "Brother only hits bad people."

At this moment, a car passed by them. The people in the car seemed to have glanced at Chen Qingzhi and Hee Xia. The eyes of the people who retreated suddenly lit up.

The car that was about to flash past suddenly braked, and the sound of an elite car braking could be heard.

* Hong Long...... *

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