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C19 Artificial Article 19

Three people quickly came out of the parked car. Chen Qingzhi was still thinking about what these people wanted to do when he saw the three people rushing towards him and Hee Xia.

Chen Qingzhi was shocked. He did not know who these three people were, but he could feel that these three people seemed to be targeting him. His instinctive reaction was to resist. When he saw that one of them seemed to want to grab Hee Xia, he suddenly raised his hand.

With a crisp sound, the person who grabbed Hee Xia's heart sank. He realized that there was a pain on his wrist, and his hand also missed. He frowned and thought that this person's grappling skill was really strange. He actually couldn't tell how the other party had extended his hand.

Chen Qingzhi raised his arm and blocked the hand of this unknown man. He used his right hand to block Hee Xia behind his back and looked at the other party vigilantly. He also looked at the two people behind him and asked, "Who are you?"

Perhaps it was because of the incident of saving Ye Qingmei, but for the three people who suddenly came, moreover, they seemed to want to capture Hee Xia as soon as they attacked. Chen Qingzhi became more vigilant. At the same time, in order to protect the little girl beside him, he had to remain calm.

Hence, he wrapped one of his hands around Hee Xia's back and protected her tightly. His eyes were staring at the person who had come. His entire body was on guard. Of course, he still wanted to know more about the other party's background.

However, when Chen Qingzhi asked this question, no one answered it.

These three policemen in plain clothes had been patrolling the streets and alleys of Chiangcheng for a night. Originally, the three of them were on vacation last night, but an order made them stay up all night to find someone. Naturally, they were angry.

Now that they suddenly saw their goal after a night of hard work, they naturally needed to vent their anger and anger. Who would chat with a criminal who kidnapped or even kidnapped Vice Governor's granddaughter?

Furthermore, Hee Xia was still in his hands, but fortunately, this criminal did not have a weapon.

The first police officer who attacked broke free of Chen Qingzhi's hand, and then turned around and hit Chen Qingzhi's neck with his elbow. Now they did not know whether Chen Qingzhi would threaten the safety of Vice Governor's granddaughter in their hearts, so for the sake of safety, they naturally had to knock the criminal unconscious or knock him out as soon as possible. That was the safest choice.

This policeman originally thought that his attack would definitely succeed. In the eyes of these policemen, anyone who was hit by Wang Meng's elbow at the back of their head. You can only faint and fall to the ground. After all, this was the police academy's ultimate grappling skill.

Although they had already left the police academy for a few years and their skills were somewhat rusty and lacking, under such an elbow strike, it shouldn't be a problem to knock them out.

However, what they did not expect was that the police's hand once again missed. In their eyes, the young criminal did not collapse. Instead, his body shrank and moved backwards to protect Vice Governor's granddaughter.

The policeman's pupils shrank. He was at least a top student at the police academy back then. He was the number one student in the fighting academy back then, although he had graduated two years ago. However, he did not lose too much of his skills in this area. He did not think that he would be able to make the other party avoid him like this.

After Chen Qingzhi took a step back, he vigilantly put down his palm that was standing on the side of his neck. The edge of his palm was slightly red.

At that moment, the police had indeed attacked very quickly. Faced with the whistling elbow, his brain reacted almost instinctively. He also instinctively raised his hand, and the stream of consciousness in his brain instantly strengthened his palm. It allowed his palm to enter the area of impact faster than his opponent's. The palm that passed through his armpit cleverly removed the tremendous force. Then, he quickly retreated backwards.

Although his opponent attacked without saying a word, Chen Qingzhi carefully protected Hee Xia behind him. He still felt that this matter was somewhat strange and tried to explain something.

However, the other party did not seem to give Chen Qingzhi a chance to speak. The two consecutive failures also made the police who attacked fly into a rage out of humiliation. Therefore, he didn't have any chance to defend himself. At the same time, after confirming that he did not carry a weapon with him in the shortest amount of time, accompanied by a gloomy and angry voice, the three policemen in plain clothes who got off the car almost rushed over at the same time.

Six fists attacked Chen Qingzhi at the same time. Naturally, Chen Qingzhi would not wait for his death. But he did not want to take it head-on. Because he still had to protect Hee Xia, he held her with one hand. Then he picked her up, turned around, and ran towards a small alley by the street.

Seeing Chen Qingzhi wrapping Hee Xia and running away, the three policemen in plain clothes seemed to be even more certain of Chen Qingzhi's identity as a human trafficker. They roared and chased after Chen Qingzhi.

Chen Qingzhi carried Hee Xia, although he did not deliberately stimulate the flow of consciousness in his body. But when he ran, his speed was not slow either. He ran in front while the three plainclothes policemen chased behind him. At this moment, there were already a lot of people working on the streets, causing the people on the streets and alleys to look over.

The three plainclothes policemen chased for a while and realized that they could not catch up to Chen Qingzhi. They suddenly became angry and angry. One of the policemen took out his gun and shouted as he chased, "Stop. If you run again, we will shoot."

Chen Qingzhi, who was running in front, heard the words behind him and his heart shivered. He slightly turned his head and saw that there were indeed three people behind him who were pointing their guns at him.

Being pointed at, Chen Qingzhi did not run anymore. He slowly stopped and put Hee Xia down. At this moment, three policemen in plain clothes had caught up. They surrounded Chen Qingzhi and two of them immediately pounced on him. Chen Qingzhi locked both of his hands behind his back. Then, he felt that both of his hands were handcuffed.

Chen Qingzhi felt relieved when he found out that he was handcuffed. Who else could have handcuffed other than the police? However, being handcuffed made Chen Qingzhi unhappy. Struggling for a while, he said, "Who are you guys? Why are you handcuffed to me?"

However, no one answered him. The last policeman had already caught up. He put away his gun. Perhaps he was a little angry, but then he kicked Chen Qingzhi's butt from behind.

As he kicked, he said sternly, "Run, why aren't you running anymore?"

Although Chen Qingzhi could already feel the chilly wind coming from behind him, he was held by two men and could not move. Therefore, he could only force himself to be kicked in the butt.

Although he couldn't dodge it, Chen Qingzhi still had his stream of consciousness. The moment the man was about to kick him, the stream of consciousness in his mind suddenly worked, strengthening the part of his butt.

The shoe and butt collided, creating a muffled sound. The police officer who had just kicked out had a slight change in expression. The pain on his leg made him unable to help but let out an "Aiya." Then, he hurriedly squatted down and used both his hands to pat his ankles.

The person who had been kicked didn't make a sound, but the person who had been kicked had already made a sound due to the pain. The scene was indeed a little strange.

The facial muscles of the policeman who was kicked twitched. He even felt that his leg, which was kicked just now, had become numb from the pain. It was as if he had kicked a steel plate. He even wondered if Chen Qingzhi had embedded a steel plate on his butt.

The other two policemen saw the look on their teammates' faces and asked with concern, "Brother Liu, what's wrong?"

The policeman called Brother Liu shook his head and exhaled a breath of foul air. He stared at Chen Qingzhi's butt for a long time before saying, "It's nothing. Damn it, this kid's butt seems to be embedded with steel plates. F * ck, he seemed to have kicked a steel plate just now."

One of the policemen did not believe him, but he saw that Brother Liu did not look like a writer. He had also heard the sound of metal hitting metal, so he reached out to touch Chen Qingzhi's butt.

When he touched it, the soft butt flesh was normal. There was no steel plate metal at all.

Chen Qingzhi, on the other hand, was touched by a man. The hair on his back stood up. Although he was tied up, he immediately struggled to jump up.

Chen Qingzhi shouted, "Why are you touching my butt? I am not a man with a broken back. I am molesting you. Someone is molesting you."

___ shouted, Why are you touching my butt? I am not a man with a broken back! You are molesting me!

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