Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C2 Chapter 2 Saburo Sato
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C2 Chapter 2 Saburo Sato
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C2 Chapter 2 Saburo Sato

Ye Qingmei watched as the young man who had come to save her was being chased by a group of gangsters with knives. She even forgot to struggle. Her eyes were filled with worry and fear. At the same time, there was also hope. However, when she saw the young man being cut by the sharp blades of these gangsters, her white T-shirt was already stained with blood. Finally, he couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

Ye Qingmei had never thought that she would encounter such a thing. She also did not expect that there would be a hero who would save the damsel in distress. This hero had saved the damsel in distress. It was filled with blood and violence. Looking at the young man who had saved her with his saber, an inexplicable emotion arose in her heart.

The criminal had obviously become irritable because of Chen Qingzhi's accident. Several criminals surrounded Chen Qingzhi, seemingly wanting to kill him before stopping.

Chen Qingzhi kept dodging. If it wasn't for the fact that he was afraid that Chen Qingzhi also had a knife in his hand, perhaps these people would have all pounced on him.

"Go, quickly finish him off. Damn it, the police will be here soon. "

A man was obviously a little anxious. They had already been here for a few minutes. Although this road was relatively remote, it had caused such a big commotion. Someone must have seen it. Perhaps the police were on their way here.

Two of the criminals looked at each other and finally rushed towards Chen Qingzhi at the same time. One of them was on the other side. Two knives were coming towards Chen Qingzhi from two different directions. He quickly raised his blade to block the attack. After dodging one of the blades, he mixed up with the other.

This killing move was only one step at a time, and it changed very quickly. It was a life and death battle, and Chen Qingzhi had completely unleashed all the potential of the Chinese Arts foundation that he had practiced.

It had to be said that this was the first time Chen Qingzhi had encountered such an intense fight. It was completely different from his usual practice with Uncle Huang. No matter what technique or fighting style they used, they could not be linked together. He could only rely on his agile body and abundant physical strength to dodge while picking up weak spots to kill.

At this time, the other few people also fiercely pounced over, chopping towards Chen Qingzhi's arms, shoulders, and head.

Three blades slashed at the same time. Under the critical situation, Chen Qingzhi fiercely took a few steps back and jumped out of the attack range of the three people.

"No way! If this continues, I will definitely be killed by these random blades!" Chen Qingzhi gripped the blade in his hand tightly, perhaps because he was too nervous. The hand that held the knife felt a little sore and numb, and just as he stepped back, his footsteps became a little soft, and his steps became unstable. He was slightly floating and floating.

Although Chen Qingzhi was young and strong, he had suddenly engaged in such a fierce fight. It's also a test of stamina. However, there were still a few people in front of him who were like an insurmountable wall, blocking his path. Then, they surrounded Chen Qingzhi.

Another three people attacked at the same time.

Chen Qingzhi made up his mind and stood up straight. His body twisted and he dodged two of the attacks, but he did not dodge the third one! Then, he was cut in half.

A long and deep wound appeared on his shoulder. It was bloody.

The moment Chen Qingzhi was cut in half, he stabbed a man's stomach with his knife. The knife went straight into one of the men's stomach.

After stabbing into the opponent's stomach, Chen Qingzhi quickly pulled out his blade again. He then roared and slashed at another person. As he swung his blade, blood spurted out from the stomach of the criminal who was stabbed. It was very terrifying.

One had to say that a life and death battle could make a man grow. After a coward fought a battle, as long as one didn't die... And he would be brave enough to do so! This kind of close combat was already equivalent to a battlefield. Chen Qingzhi, who had always been calm, showed his fierce side at this moment. It was as if he didn't want to live anymore.

Chen Qingzhi didn't want to live anymore. He suddenly became a little crazy. He actually killed seven or eight criminals and forced them to retreat. He even killed two of them in a row. Chen Qingzhi's eyes turned red, like a mad beast.

Facing Chen Qingzhi's imposing manner of fighting with his life on the line, even if he had to fight with his life on the line, he would still kill his opponent. These criminals finally felt some fear this time. When they saw Chen Qingzhi coming forward, they all took a few steps back in a row, making way for him to block the way in front of them.

As the saying goes, when you are horizontal, you are afraid of being stunned, but when you are stunned, you are afraid of losing your life. At this moment, Chen Qingzhi was a person who didn't care about his life.

When Chen Qingzhi saw that the criminal had actually been forced back by him, even the criminal who had tied the pretty woman up revealed a satisfied expression. After letting go of the kidnapped woman, he stood there blankly, and his eyes instantly lit up. He regained his spirit and roared once more, charging towards the kidnapper.

The criminal thought that Chen Qingzhi, this madman, wanted to kill him, so he hurriedly dodged. Chen Qingzhi took advantage of the opportunity and pulled Ye Qingmei, who was standing there blankly, over. He then pulled Ye Qingmei and ran wildly along the road.

Ye Qingmei, who was being pulled by Chen Qingzhi, was clearly caught off guard. She was also wearing high heels, so when she ran, she had a painful look on her face. However, she pursed her lips and did not say a word because she knew that the other party was trying to save her.

Seeing that Chen Qingzhi actually pulled Ye Qingmei and ran away, the criminals were immediately furious. They originally wanted to chase after them, but they were stopped by a man with a scar on his face.

"Stop chasing. The police are here. Let's go!"

At this moment, the alarm of a police car sounded in the distance. The robbers were not willing to give up. However, in the end, they still followed the leader's orders and quickly picked up their injured companions. They ran back to their van and prepared to escape.

The bandit leader who got on the van was clearly very unwilling. Originally, this mission wasn't difficult at all. Who knew that it would be ruined by Chen Qingzhi, who was an accident? It made him extremely embarrassed. He still did not know how to explain it when he got back, and this time, it was an accident. He would definitely have to run away overnight, and he might not even be able to come back for a few years.

Looking at Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei running along the road, his face was gloomy. He said in a deep voice, "Drive. Hit it."

The two vans suddenly slammed the accelerator and instantly whistled out, chasing after Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei who were running over a hundred meters away. In just a moment, they caught up with Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei.

"Hit them."

Chen Qingzhi, who was running with Ye Qingmei, felt that his pace was getting lighter and lighter. At this moment, two strong lights shone over, accompanied by the roaring sound of the engine. Chen Qingzhi only had time to look back before he could not open his eyes.

However, he already knew what the two lights were. He only had time to shout, "Be careful."

In the next moment, he suddenly pounced towards Ye Qingmei. He hugged Ye Qingmei and rolled along the side of the road.

At this time, two whistling winds blew over. Two vans whizzed past where they were just a moment ago, but because Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei rolled fast, they avoided the car accident that came from behind.

Seeing Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei dodge, the van did not turn around, but ran along the road without looking back. Because not far away, the alarm of the police car was getting louder and louder.

As for holding Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei, the two of them rolled to the edge of the road. Unexpectedly, when Chen Qingzhi landed, he rolled a few times. But his speed was too fast, and his head accidentally touched a cornerstone by the roadside. Blood immediately gushed out, and Chen Qingzhi groaned. In the next moment, he fainted.

Ye Qingmei was at a loss because of this sudden change. When she finally reacted, there was no longer any sound around her.

Ye Qingmei struggled to move Chen Qingzhi's hand away from her but found that Chen Qingzhi's eyes were tightly closed and his body was covered in blood.


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