Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C20 Chapter 20 Black Screen
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C20 Chapter 20 Black Screen
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C20 Chapter 20 Black Screen

After being called by Chen Qingzhi, the policeman naturally let go of his hand. There was also an unnatural expression on his face. But very quickly, he shouted, "What are you shouting for? We are the police. We suspect that you are kidnapping a child. Come back to the police station with us."

Chen Qingzhi was instantly stunned. At this moment, his body was stopped and he could not move. He hurriedly cried out, "Hey, Officer Big Brother, you are not mistaken, right? How could I kidnap a child? Did you arrest the wrong person? "

The police officer called Brother Liu had already stood up and said coldly, "Arrest the wrong person and admit it. The one who was arrested was you. Take him away."

After saying that, he did not allow Chen Qingzhi to argue. He let the other two police officers take Chen Qingzhi to the car on the side of the street.

Hee Xia saw that the police were going to take Chen Qingzhi away and became anxious. She quickly hugged Chen Qingzhi's thigh and said, "You are not allowed to take my Mr Qingzhi."

The three policemen were slightly stunned. Then, the two policemen saw Brother Liu and seemed to be asking about what was going to happen next.

The police officer called Brother Liu was also a little surprised by Hee Xia's reaction. But then he remembered the order he received last night and thought that she was the son of the provincial governor. He immediately squatted down.

He hugged Hee Xia and said very amiably, "Little sister, your name is Hee Xia, right? Don't be afraid. We are here to save you. The police uncle will send you home."

After saying that, he waved his hand and asked his two teammates to bring Chen Qingzhi back to the police station. He picked Hee Xia up and began to report the situation to the police station.

After a tiring night, they finally found the target of the mission. It was finally worth it. This time, it could be considered a meritorious service. They might even receive commendation. Of course, the three of them were happy.

Soon, the group returned to the police station. The Hee Family of the provincial capital had received the news that Hee Shuhuang's secretary had rushed to the Chiangcheng Police Station. When he found out that it was indeed Hee Xia, he took her away without saying a word. Then, he put down a sentence and asked the police to punish the human traffickers who kidnapped children.

It was a tragedy. Chen Qingzhi was treated as a human trafficker. Soon, he was locked in the interrogation room and began to receive investigation and interrogation from the police. However, before the interrogation began, Chen Qingzhi unexpectedly found that the person in the interrogation room looked familiar. Then he remembered who the other party was.

Chen Qingzhi looked at Zhao Gaang, who was sitting in front of him, and asked in surprise, "It's you?"

Zhao Gaang and Wang Xinyu were not together. Wang Xinyu was in the Chiangcheng's municipal bureau. He was in a branch of the municipal bureau. However, because the branch was not too far away from the municipal bureau, Wang Xinyu was also a flower in the Chiangcheng police station. As a pursuer, he often stuck close behind Wang Xinyu.

Zhao Gaang loved to play and liked to play with flowers. He relied on his police uniform and his illustrious family background. He did not know how many innocent female university students and good families he had harmed. There was once a school belle level female university student who even committed suicide for him. The matter had caused quite a stir. In the end, under the strict suppression of the family's power, he had still managed to deceive her.

Originally, he was originally in the municipal bureau. But later on, because of this matter, he had no choice but to be demoted to the branch office. It made him even more like a fish in water. He ate his card and played with the young lady for free. It made him prosper in this area.

If not for the fact that the long-legged police flower, Wang Xinyu, was not easy to take action backstage, perhaps he would have already been hard on Wang Xinyu.

Just now, when Chen Qingzhi was arrested, he saw it. He also recognized it. He was a powerful figure here. Thinking about the embarrassment Chen Qingzhi had given him last night, therefore, he took the initiative to come over and interrogate him, wanting to show Chen Qingzhi some colors.

Therefore, when Chen Qingzhi recognized him, Zhao Gaang smiled sinisterly.

Recalling the embarrassment and humiliation Chen Qingzhi had given him last night, there was a fire in Zhao Gaang's heart. Now that Chen Qingzhi had fallen into his hands, of course he was thinking about how he should teach this kid a lesson.

Therefore, he stared at Chen Qingzhi and circled around him. He patted his shoulder and said, "Kid, last night, I suspected you to be a human trafficker. I really didn't expect that you would really dare to kidnap He Vice Governor's granddaughter. How audacious! "

Chen Qingzhi's expression changed slightly. Only now did he know Hee Xia's identity. He said, "Little Hee Xia is Vice Governor's granddaughter?"

Zhao Gaang smiled sinisterly again. He went back to his interrogation table and stood across from Chen Qingzhi. He looked at Chen Qingzhi with pity and said, "That's right. Kid, Vice Governor has already said that he will punish her strictly. "

Chen Qingzhi frowned. He was disgusted by Zhao Gaang's smile and said, "I did not kidnap Hee Xia. I only met her in the park and took her in for the whole night." "Bang."

There was only the sound of a table being slammed. Zhao Gaang slammed his hand on the table. He said sternly, "Nonsense. Then why didn't you call the police? Besides, you met us last night. I suspect that you are suspected of kidnapping and kidnapping children."

Before Chen Qingzhi could say anything, Zhao Gaang slammed the table and said again, "I will now ask you a question. Answer whatever you ask. Your name."

Chen Qingzhi slightly moved his eyelids, but he did not say anything.

Zhao Gaang frowned. He seemed to be very dissatisfied with Chen Qingzhi's attitude. He stood up with a slap and said with a cold smile, "Tell me your name."

Chen Qingzhi looked at Zhao Gaang calmly. He wasn't scared by Zhao Gaang's imposing manner. He stared at Zhao Gaang and said, "I said that I did not kidnap and sell Hee Xia. I did not do anything that violated the law. You have no right to detain me. I have to go out now, or I will complain to my superiors about you. I want to sue you for violating my rights."

Zhao Gaang raised his eyebrows and laughed, as if he found it funny. "Aiyo, you want to file a complaint against me? What do you want to sue? Haha, this is really funny. This is really too funny."

After laughing for a while, Zhao Gaang stopped and walked out of the interrogation table again. He gave a slight signal to the camera and asked the people in the monitoring room to temporarily turn off the camera. Then he walked to Chen Qingzhi's side gloomily.

" Are you going to tell me or not? "

Chen Qingzhi slightly tilted his head and said, "I am not your prisoner."

Zhao Gaang suddenly smiled and said coldly, "It seems that you are not cooperating. Very good, very good. For stubborn people like you, we have ways to make you speak."

As soon as Zhao Gaang finished speaking, a foot stepped on the tip of Chen Qingzhi's foot. He exerted his strength. It was summer now, and Chen Qingzhi was only wearing a pair of slippers. Zhao Gaang stepped on people with his shoes between them, so there wouldn't be any serious external injuries. If he used force, it would make the person who was stepped on feel pain and want to cry.

Zhao Gaang was very tall, at least 1.8 meters tall. He had a body that was close to 200 pounds, and he was also a member of the mixed martial arts team. This kick was very strong, and the place he stepped on was very accurate. It was obviously not the first time he had done something like this.

Chen Qingzhi obviously didn't expect Zhao Gaang to suddenly do this. The pain of his toes being stepped on made him suck in a breath of cold air. He almost cried out and suddenly stood up from his chair. The roasted hands wanted to push Zhao Gaang away, but just as they pushed him, when his body touched ___, he moved backward.

Zhao Gaang, who was slightly falling backwards, revealed an evil sneer. He shouted loudly, but his body quickly bounced back and said, "You dare to attack the police."

As soon as he said that, he raised his right hand and attacked Chen Qingzhi's abdomen. Because Chen Qingzhi had one foot stepped on by him, he had no way to dodge. He could only be hit in the abdomen by his fist.

As expected, he heard another banging sound.

Then he heard a "Ah" sound. Then he saw Zhao Gaang suddenly pull back his hand and shake his wrist. The joints of his fingers were red. It was as if he had hit a metal object and caused some parts of his finger to flush red.

Chen Qingzhi was also angry, but he didn't dare to move around in the police station. He looked at Zhao Gaang and mocked him, "Why do you only have this little strength? What's wrong? His hands hurt. He did not eat breakfast. "

There were two policemen in the interrogation room, both of whom were Zhao Gaang's iron brothers. One of them was Brother Liu, who had suffered a loss from Chen Qingzhi in the morning. His name was Liu Neng. When he saw Zhao Gaang's face, he immediately thought of what had happened to him this morning. He hurriedly reminded, "Brother Zhao, there's something strange about this kid's body. His bones are rather hard."

Zhao Gaang spat out a mouthful of saliva. He then turned around and took out a pair of gloves from a table. After that, he said angrily, "Put him up. I want to see how hard his bones are."

When the two policemen in the room heard Zhao Gaang's words, they cooperated and immediately went forward to stop Chen Qingzhi from moving.

The two policemen were both over 1.75 meters tall. They grabbed Chen Qingzhi from the left and right. Pressing his arm, Zhao Gaang smiled sinisterly and went up to touch Chen Qingzhi's stomach. One punch after another was violently dug out. The sound of knocking could be heard clearly from the corridor of the room.

* Hong Long...... *

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