Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C3 Third Chapter Great Ancestor Ye
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C3 Third Chapter Great Ancestor Ye
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C3 Third Chapter Great Ancestor Ye

It was already early in the morning. In the best hospital operating theater in Chiangcheng, the door was already tightly shut. The red light outside the door kept flashing.

Ye Qingmei sat on the chair. Her mood seemed to be very bad and her expression was very ugly. Clearly, it was because of the person in the operating theater.

She never would have thought that she would encounter kidnapping. She even implicated a young man who came out of nowhere.

She thought about how the young man saved her at all costs at night. He even got cut by the criminal and was covered in blood. Her powerful and cold heart couldn't help but be moved. She thought about how the young man brandished the knife in his hand and charged forward, then pulled her along to escape. An unknown emotion arose in her heart.

At this moment, anxious footsteps came from the hospital corridor. After a while, he saw a group of people walking towards the operating theater.

The person in the lead was a man in his sixties. His hair was a little white. He had a strong body, and he still walked in a vigorous manner. Behind him was a handsome young man with fair skin and a few people wearing black clothes and sunglasses.

After seeing Ye Qingmei, the eyes of the well-built man walking in front of her lit up. His mood relaxed slightly and his footsteps sped up.


Ye Qingmei lifted her head slightly when she heard someone calling her. Seeing the person who came, her beautiful eyebrows immediately knitted and her expression became a little ugly. Clearly, she was not happy when she saw the other party.

"What are you doing here?" Ye Qingmei looked at the person who came and asked indifferently.

The man did not seem to care about her attitude. He walked over and looked at her with concern. "I heard that something happened to you. As a father, can you not come? Are you hurt there?"

"Yes, Qingmei. Godfather heard that something happened to you. He got up from bed and rushed to the hospital overnight. Qingmei, are you alright?" The handsome young man behind the muscular man also looked at Ye Qingmei with concern.

However, no one noticed that there was a trace of disappointment and unwillingness in his concerned eyes.

So this man was actually Ye Qingmei's father. And between their eyebrows, the two of them were indeed somewhat similar. As for that young man, it seemed that he also had some relationship with Ye Qingmei.

Ye Qingmei turned around with some disgust, as if she was not willing to say anything more to her father and the young man behind her father, "Thank you for your concern, I am very good."

Seeing Ye Qingmei's appearance, the man faintly sighed, his face carrying a trace of doting and guilt as he asked, "It has been so many years, are you still not willing to forgive me?"

"After coming back from abroad, I am not willing to go home once. Now that something like this has happened, you should go home and live. Don't go to that school to teach anymore. I can support you for the rest of your life."

He had too much love and guilt for his daughter. Even if her attitude towards him was as cold as it had been for the past few years, he only had this one daughter. No matter how she treated him, he felt that he owed her.

Hearing her father's words, Ye Qingmei's eyebrows immediately stood up. She turned her head and stared at him and roared, "Ye Cheng'en, everything that happened to me today, could it be that it has nothing to do with you? Didn't you promise my mother that you will never ask about anything related to the underworld? What did you do!? "

When the man called Ye Cheng'en heard his daughter's words, he looked guilty. He was silent for a while and said, "Qingmei, listen to me."

Ye Qingmei's father was called Ye Cheng'en. Ye Cheng'en's name was famous throughout the two lakes and even the entire country. Because he was the boss of the biggest private enterprise in Chiangcheng and Jiangbei Province, Chiangcheng Group. He owned real estate, hotels, trade, and many other companies. His personal assets were worth more than 10 billion, and he was in the top 20 of a certain list of wealthy people.

Ye Cheng'en used to be a big brother in Chiangcheng, and he followed Chen Ci, the two lake lords. He used to be a small leader in Chiangcheng. Twenty years ago, after Chen Ci died, the two lakes were in turmoil. And it was at that time that he rose to power.

Borrowing the chaos of the two lakes, he relied on his own wrists and strength. Taking advantage of the situation, he controlled the bustling area of Jiangbei. After that, he gradually swallowed up the other powers and eventually became the big brother of the Chiangcheng underworld. He also became the big boss of the underworld of the two lakes after Chen Ci, and was called Grandmaster Ye.

However, his wife died fifteen years ago because she saved him. In the end, it caused the relationship between him and his 10-year-old daughter, Ye Qingmei, to be cut off. Ye Qingmei had always thought that her father had caused her mother's death. For more than ten years, she had never forgiven her father. Her attitude towards him was also very cold.

Perhaps it was because of the death of her wife, or perhaps it was because she had learned from Chen Ci, the two lake lords. From then on, Ye Cheng'en would start to clean up his business. He himself also gradually integrated into the upper class of Chiangcheng, mixing in the business world and politics of the two lakes. He washed away his identity. From that time on, the Chiangcheng Group under his banner had been developing for ten years. It had become one of the key companies in Chiangcheng.

Although his identity had been washed away, Grandmaster Ye's name had been preserved until now. There were still many people who called Ye Cheng'en "Grandmaster Ye."

Of course, only he himself knew whether Ye Cheng'en had completely washed his face and washed his hands before going ashore.

Ye Qingmei stubbornly did not turn her head and looked at the operating theater. Her face alternated between green and white as she bit her lips and said, "I will never forgive you in this lifetime."


Ye Cheng'en sighed lightly and looked at the operating theater as his eyes narrowed slightly. After a while, he asked, "Is the person in the operating theater the one who saved you tonight?"

Ye Qingmei did not speak and just looked at the operating theater blankly.

Throughout the whole process, the young man who had been following Ye Cheng'en kept silent until he heard the last sentence. His eyes also stared at the operating theater for a while and his expression was uncertain.

Perhaps because he felt his daughter's mood, Ye Cheng'en did not say much. He turned his head and saw the young man beside him. He had a trace of gloominess and ruthlessness. Coldness. He said to the extreme, "Lee Jian, go to the police station and help take care of this matter. Find out the sequence of events. Also, give the city bureau chief a call. I want to ask him out for a meal. Hmph, I want to see who dares to touch my daughter."

The young man called Lee Jian immediately nodded and agreed." Yes, Godfather. Don't worry. I will make the arrangements. "

Ye Cheng'en nodded and then looked back at his daughter. He said warmly, "Qingmei, leave this matter to dad." I will send someone to send you back to rest first. I will get someone to take care of this place."

Ye Qingmei frowned slightly at her father's arrangement, but she did not say anything in the end. Although she had been in a cold war with her father for more than ten years, she could not deny that... Looking at his white hair, she felt that her father was getting older and older. In addition, Ye Cheng'en didn't seem to be involved in the affairs of the martial world these few years, and her hatred towards him was weakening day by day.

Although she was still unwilling to forgive him, she did not have such a strong sense of resistance.

She ignored her father and sat on the chair outside the operating theater. Then, she closed her eyes and leaned against the chair and became silent again.

When Ye Cheng'en saw this, he could only remain silent and sit by the side. His mind was thinking about how the guy in the operating theater looked like. He must not die. Otherwise, the relationship between him and his daughter would be terrible again, and his daughter would hate him again.

In the operating theater, the best surgeons and cranium surgeons in the hospital were nervously operating on a patient. As for the fact that they could invite the best doctors in the hospital to perform surgery in the middle of the night, it was enough to show the power of the woman outside the operating theater.

The patient on the operating table was Chen Qingzhi. After he fainted, he was quickly sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Throughout the entire process, Ye Qingmei only suffered a little superficial injury. However, the heroic Chen Qingzhi was seriously injured because he bled too much. He was in an extremely dangerous situation.

After a nervous surgery, the doctor finally completed the surgery. However, Chen Qingzhi did not have any symptoms of waking up. He was in a coma all the time.

The oldest and most authoritative doctor in this group of doctors said slowly, "Let's go out. Whether we can wake up or not, we can only leave it to fate."

Faced with such a situation, it could only mean that the patient lost too much blood and fell into a state of sleep. Although he had already lost blood, whether the patient could wake up by himself and get through the dangerous period could only depend on his own life force.

When the door of the operating theater opened, it was already one o'clock in the morning. Ye Qingmei, who originally had her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes and stood up. She looked at the doctor who was walking at the front and said anxiously, "Professor Wang, how's the patient?"

"Miss Ye, we've already tried our best. The patient lost too much blood this time. Her head was injured again, even though she had performed the most successful surgery. Now, we can only depend on the patient's own life force. If he did not wake up tonight, the chances of him waking up in the future would be smaller and smaller. If he doesn't wake up in a week, perhaps he won't be able to wake up again."

The old doctor slightly rubbed his eyes and said with a serious expression, "In other words, you may become a vegetable."

Ye Qingmei was slightly stunned. She did not expect the situation to be so dangerous. She looked at the old doctor's serious face and did not ask again in the end.

She knew the doctor's ability and nodded. "I know. I still have to thank Professor Wang. It is so late and you were asked to perform the surgery personally."

The old doctor politely said, "Miss Ye is too polite."

Ye Cheng'en also walked up at this time. He nodded to the doctors and greeted them. He then called one of his subordinates to send a few doctors to rest. "Zheng Hu, send Professor Wang to rest."

The old doctor could be considered the most famous doctor in Chiangcheng. Naturally, he had some fame and sources. Of course, he also recognized who the man in front of him was. He quickly expressed his politeness and then left the corridor of the operating theater.

The old doctor walked as he thought about what kind of relationship the young man in the operating theater had with Ye Cheng'en. He was able to make Grandmaster Ye, who was known as Grandmaster Ye in Chiangcheng, come to the hospital in the middle of the night.

At this moment, Chen Qingzhi had already moved from the operating theater to the intensive care unit. His head was currently bandaged, and his arms and shoulders were still tied with plaster as he lay on the hospital bed. His eyes were tightly shut, as if he was sleeping peacefully.

Ye Qingmei entered the ward. It was only at this moment that she had the chance to carefully observe the person who was knocked away by her car. It was only then that she realized that the person lying on the hospital bed was still so young. There was even a possibility that he was only a student.

His figure was average, about 1.75 meters. He was not very handsome, but his edges and corners were clear. What Ye Qingmei remembered the most was Chen Qingzhi's eyebrows.

Chen Qingzhi's eyebrows were like two swords embedded in the ground. They were sharp but quiet. Ye Qingmei looked at his eyebrows and seemed to see that this man had reached a dead end. For example, in that soul-stirring situation at night, he was still unyielding and stubborn. A tough and persistent battle.

Ye Cheng'en, who entered the ward with Ye Qingmei, saw Chen Qingzhi on the sickbed. He was also in a trance. Because Chen Qingzhi's appearance, especially his two straight eyebrows, gave him a sense of familiarity.

As for why he felt this way, he could not find the reason for it. In short, he felt as if he had seen those two sword-shaped eyebrows before.

After an unknown period of time, Ye Cheng'en shook his head. He walked out from his deep thoughts. He was wondering what had happened to him, and why he had such thoughts. This young man in front of him was at most twenty years old. When had he ever seen him?

Looking at the young man lying on the hospital bed again, Ye Cheng'en, who was called Grandmaster Ye, mocked himself slightly and then walked out of the ward. He left the space to his daughter because he knew her temper.

Ye Qingmei kept staring at Chen Qingzhi like this. After a while, she finally sighed in her heart. There was some joy and expectation. She whispered, "Although I don't know your name yet, I still have to thank you for saving me."

Of course, Chen Qingzhi could not hear what Ye Qingmei said, but at this time, under his gray brain that had stopped active, there was a tiny white line that was almost imperceptible.

When Ye Qingmei was muttering to herself, the line seemed to be squirming, and this line was actually formed by a group of brain cells.

Different from the surrounding brain cells that looked like they were hibernating, this cluster of brain cells was currently active. Full of vitality, accompanied by the slow movement of this cluster of brain cells. The surrounding brain cells seemed to be constantly stimulated, showing signs of resuscitation.

Changes in the body.


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