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C5 5 be My Boyfriend!

A young nurse walked in with a smile on her face. The nurse was very beautiful, with delicate facial features that made her look very pure. Her figure could not be considered tall, just the opposite of Ye Qingmei. She belonged to Linglong's petite type, wishing she could break that white nurse uniform.

She didn't know how such a small body like hers could form such a big wave. The nurse opened the door and a few doctors entered the ward. Ye Qingmei also entered in the end.

The doctor quickly examined Chen Qingzhi and found that there was no problem with his head injury. As for the knife wounds on his body, they were all superficial and did not harm his vital parts. He was just waiting for the blood to stop bleeding.

As long as Chen Qingzhi woke up, it would be too dangerous for him. Besides being weak, there was nothing wrong with his brain. This result made the doctors feel relieved.

Now it seemed that regardless of whether it was the internal inspection or external reaction, other than Chen Qingzhi being weak, there was nothing else wrong with him at all. His condition was even better than what the doctor had expected.

However, there was something the doctor did not expect. Chen Qingzhi's wounds seemed to heal very quickly. The healing speed was so fast that even they could not believe it. If they did not examine him carefully, they would not have noticed how different the healing speed was from that of an ordinary person's.

Under the judgment of the doctors, although Chen Qingzhi's wounds had been stopped bleeding, it would still take at least half a month for them to heal. The worst case scenario would take at least a month to recover. At this rate, it would take at most a week for his wounds to heal.

After the doctor's inspection, he looked at Chen Qingzhi speechlessly as if he was looking at a monster. Chen Qingzhi felt a chill run down his spine, like a pig without feathers, ready to go to a slaughterhouse at any moment.

"Doctor, is there any problem with my body?" Chen Qingzhi could not help but ask as the doctor kept silent.

"Oh, no problem. "No problem." The old doctor finally reacted, but he was a little doubtful. "But that shouldn't be the case. How could it be?"

"Doctor, what's wrong? What shouldn't? " Hearing the doctor's words, Chen Qingzhi, who had originally relaxed, suddenly remembered the situation when he was looking at the ceiling and asked.

"The wound on your body is healing strangely. It seems to be healing a little too quickly. I really don't understand." The old doctor shook his head in confusion. He seemed to have encountered the most difficult medical problem in his life.

"Eh, isn't that great? Doctor, do you still want me to stay in bed? Is there a problem?" Chen Qingzhi forced a smile. He wanted to say what he saw on the ceiling, but the words were stuck in his throat.

"Of course not. Hehe, since there are no problems, then I am relieved. I will probably be able to recover and leave the hospital after a few days of observation and treatment."

Perhaps he was embarrassed by Chen Qingzhi's words, the attending physician smiled awkwardly and left the room after giving some instructions. However, in the entire process of leaving the ward, this old doctor who had been a doctor for decades, did not seem to be able to free himself from his doubt.

After all the doctors had left, Chen Qingzhi breathed a sigh of relief, but the doubt in his heart only grew stronger. What the doctor said just now seemed to be that nothing was wrong with his body, but why did he feel that something was off.

Chen Qingzhi shook his head slightly. Other than the pain and his body being powerless, he felt that his mind was still normal.

Chen Qingzhi blinked again. This time, his vision scanned through almost every inch of the room, confirming that his eyesight seemed to be extremely good. It was as if his eyesight had been magnified several times, allowing him to clearly see a lot of things that were blurry at a distance.

For example, there was a hospital rule pasted on the wall a few meters away. It was an A4 piece of paper with the font number 5 on it. Normally, one would have to walk within one meter of it to see it clearly.

'Could it be that I've been hit by a car? Has this brain of mine really awakened and changed? ' By this time, Chen Qingzhi had completely confirmed the change in his body. However, he did not know if it was good or bad.

So far it looks good, but who knows if there will be any side effects?

Then, Chen Qingzhi realized that as long as he didn't deliberately look into the distance, his eyes seemed to be the same as usual, no change, and his eyesight didn't seem to have become stronger. But as long as he thought about it, and then stared at what he wanted to see, he could see everything in the distance clearly.

After Chen Qingzhi discovered this situation, he tested it a few more times and finally confirmed that it was true. His body did not become completely strong, but when he wanted to be strong, a certain part of his body, such as his eyes, would instantly become many times stronger.

Just when Chen Qingzhi wanted to see if there were any changes to his body, Ye Qingmei, who was sent out by the doctor, once again entered the room.

She didn't say anything, but her eyes were fixed on Chen Qingzhi.

Being stared at by such a beauty, the usually thick-skinned Chen Qingzhi started to feel uncomfortable. It wasn't because of his injury. If a beauty didn't say a word, she would only be staring at him with her eyes. However, she didn't know what she was thinking about. Anyone else wouldn't feel comfortable either.

Of course, Chen Qingzhi did not want to show weakness in front of a beautiful woman.

After a minute, the two of them looked straight at each other.

After three minutes, Chen Qingzhi's eyes started to glaze over.

After five minutes, Chen Qingzhi looked left and right, pretending that he didn't care.

Eight minutes later, Chen Qingzhi finally lost. Being stared at by that burning gaze, her back hurt, and she couldn't hold it in anymore, so she probed, "What's wrong? Why are you looking so serious, could it be that you want to repay me with your body? You can't be, can you? If you really want to devote your life to me, I definitely won't frown. "

Ye Qingmei lowered her head to look at her watch and said, "It has been eight minutes and my patience is not bad. However, it still needs to be improved." Forget it, since you saved me, let's do it like you said. I plan to repay you with my body, so just be my boyfriend! "


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