Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C7 The Seventh Chapter Was Caught
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C7 The Seventh Chapter Was Caught
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C7 The Seventh Chapter Was Caught

Ye Qingmei looked at the young man in front of her in shock. She did not seem to believe that his stomach and stomach could actually eat so many things and store so many things.

At this time, there were already four empty dishes in the ward. Other than that, the big bucket of porridge that she had brought back was also finished. And that bucket of porridge had at least five big bowls. It was enough for two or three ordinary people to eat.

Perhaps because of this situation, she had actually forgotten that not long ago... The awkward atmosphere between her and the man in front of her had even forgotten that she was still angry with this man. She was angry that this man was frivolous to her.

"Are you full?" Ye Qingmei took back the spoon that she had fed Chen Qingzhi and looked at the empty plate that she had placed there worriedly. She really did not understand how this man could eat so much.

Because Chen Qingzhi was too weak, after breaking off relations with his father since he was young, she, who had learned to live independently, took care of Chen Qingzhi very calmly. She fed him porridge. However, Chen Qingzhi's stomach was like a bottomless pit, making her run to the canteen three times. After a few rounds of porridge, Chen Qingzhi actually finished it all.

"Eh, I'm barely full." Chen Qingzhi slowly swallowed the last mouthful of rice porridge and said with some longing. As he spoke, he could not help but look at Ye Qingmei who was very close to him.

With a goddess like Ye Qingmei feeding him food and smelling the faint scent of the other party, Chen Qingzhi felt that it was worth it even if he took another three slashes.

"Don't tell me you haven't eaten for three days?"

Ye Qingmei asked with a headache. If it was not for checking Chen Qingzhi's body, she really did not dare to imagine how he, who was still in the hospital operating theater last night and almost did not wake up, could eat so much.

Because the food Chen Qingzhi ate was enough for at least three adults to eat.

It was not that weak people could not eat. No matter how she looked at this little man in front of her, he did not look like a seriously injured man. She felt that he was so healthy that even a cow could beat him to death.

"I don't know either. Anyway, I just feel very hungry."

Only now did Chen Qingzhi see how much he had eaten. He was also shocked. Then he said in embarrassment. Perhaps it was because he had eaten that his mental state was much better. He also felt that he had strength in his body and was no longer that weak.

"Foodie." Ye Qingmei could not help but roll her eyes, then began to clean up the utensils that Chen Qingzhi had finished eating.

Seeing Ye Qingmei roll her eyes at him, Chen Qingzhi's mind shook and he took a deep breath. He felt that no matter what this woman did, she would kill him.

After a long while, Chen Qingzhi laughed foolishly and said, "Hehe, with a beauty like Sister Ye personally feeding, even if you die, you have to eat more."

Perhaps it was because of saving his life, Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei got along very quickly. Ye Qingmei took care of Chen Qingzhi like an elder sister, so the two quickly got to know each other.

While eating and talking, Chen Qingzhi knew that Ye Qingmei had just returned from studying abroad this year. What was fated was that she actually entered his school to teach. What was even more fated was that... Ye Qingmei was also Chen Qingzhi's foreign literature and art teacher this year. However, it was only the beginning of the new semester and both parties had yet to meet in class. But it was precisely because of this that the relationship between the two parties had gotten closer.

Thinking about how he had actually saved a beautiful teacher, Chen Qingzhi felt somewhat excited in his heart. Although a rabbit does not eat grass by its nest, when faced with this kind of woman who had already surpassed grass and turned into a flower, his little heart naturally leaped.

Hence, Chen Qingzhi called Ye Qingmei Sister Ye, but was unwilling to call her Ms Ye. This little thought naturally had some hidden anticipation in his heart.

When Chen Qingzhi said this, he didn't feel embarrassed at all. When he opened his mouth and smiled, he pulled on his wound, so the pain caused him to call out cold air. His smile was uglier than crying.

"Look at your mouth! Call me Ms Ye."

Seeing Chen Qingzhi's appearance, Ye Qingmei suddenly laughed. Her smile was a little gaudy, and it was devastatingly beautiful. It stunned Chen Qingzhi once again.

Chen Qingzhi once again opened his mouth and laughed foolishly. "I'm not calling her. Ms Ye is not as familiar as Sister Ye. Besides, you said you wanted to be my girlfriend."

At this time, Ye Qingmei's face turned slightly red, but she smiled and said, "Although I really want to marry you, I don't like being younger than me. This tender grass of yours is too tender and does not suit my taste."

After Chen Qingzhi ate, he had strength and said shamelessly, "But I like to be eaten by an old bull."

Ye Qingmei heard the old bull and immediately frowned. She said angrily, "Who is the old bull?"

Ye Qingmei was too beautiful. Therefore, no matter what kind of expression she had, there was a different kind of charm to her. It made Chen Qingzhi feel a little lost in her beauty. He opened his mouth and smiled, but said, "It's really beautiful."

Originally, Chen Qingzhi praised her. Although Ye Qingmei rolled her eyes at him, she felt a little sweet in her heart. She smiled lightly, then put away the utensils and prepared to put them aside.

However, she did not pay attention. She had just washed the chopsticks under her feet and left some water stains. She was wearing high heels again. She stood up and slipped. Her body immediately leaned back and she looked like she was about to fall.

However, she reacted quickly. Her body instinctively leaned forward, but unexpectedly, she did not control it. She pressed down on Chen Qingzhi's bed and her mouth was directly pressed against Chen Qingzhi's mouth.

At that moment, Ye Qingmei was stunned. The four eyes looked at each other, but they forgot for a moment. They looked coldly at each other. Their lips were facing each other, as if they wanted to cling onto ___.

"Ahhhhh! Roar! Roar!"

After a few seconds, even though Chen Qingzhi did not want to ruin this rare accident, ah! He could not help but roar in pain, but his mouth was blocked by Ye Qingmei's mouth. He could only grunt.

At this moment, there was a sound of hurried footsteps. The door was pushed open quickly, and a few voices came in, "Lao Er, why are you injured? Why are you injured?"

The door was pushed open and three men came in.

"You... You... What are you doing?"

The three men who opened the door saw this scene and their eyes were like copper bells. They opened their mouths and pointed at the bed. They were stunned. In the hospital in broad daylight, why was Lao Er so dishonest? This was a hospital...

Chen Qingzhi felt that he had been wronged to death. He had done nothing, but now it had turned into such an ambiguous situation. Not only was his body under extreme pressure, but he had also let the three of them in to look at him.

Of course he knew who the three people who came in were, except for the three dormitory mates. Who else could it be? But now, this situation was seen by the three of them. They didn't know what kind of shocking joke they were going to create later.

F * ck, laozi was really wronged this time. Chen Qingzhi felt extremely aggrieved in his heart, but at the same time, he felt somewhat helpless. In his heart, he wished he could kill these three intruders. "Even if you want to disturb me, you are still late. Such a good thing was ruined by you three. "

"Ah, you guys continue, you guys continue..."

Perhaps because they felt that they had disturbed Lao Er's good thing, the three of them who came in immediately shook their heads. One of the people in the front hurriedly came out, then turned around and chased the two companions out, saying while walking.

When she kissed Chen Qingzhi, Ye Qingmei's mind instantly went blank. Her two eyes were wide open as she looked at Chen Qingzhi who was very close to her. She almost did not know what to think. When she heard the voice of the person who came in, her face turned completely red. He was so ashamed that he wished he could find a hole to hide in.

At this time, Ye Qingmei also knew that she had lost her composure. She had never touched a man before. Today, she actually had such a "sweet kiss" with Chen Qingzhi. It made her feel extremely ashamed. What was even more hateful was that... She was even caught red-handed, even if she had jumped into the Yellow River. I can't wash it.

Ye Qingmei quickly stood up. Her face was so red that it was even more mature than an apple. Even though she wasn't human, she wasn't a teenage girl after all. She quickly calmed down and took a deep breath. She gave Chen Qingzhi a fierce look, then slowly turned around and squeezed out a smile. He looked like a demon looking at the person who just arrived, as if nothing had happened. He said with a smile, "My foot slipped just now, and I accidentally fell down. You don't mind, do you?"


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