Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C8 Eighth Chapter Best Friend
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C8 Eighth Chapter Best Friend
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C8 Eighth Chapter Best Friend

The three who came in were very young, not very old.

One of them was tall and thin, like an electric pole, but had a round baby face. There were two dimples on his face, and the other looked gentle and gentle, with a pair of glasses. However, if one looked carefully, one could see that his eyes were rolling behind his glasses. He seemed to be covering his stomach with the glasses. The last one was a muscular man who looked like he had meat all over his body. However, he had a pair of red phoenix eyes, which was really strange.

After the three of them came in, they were shocked by the strange "lewd" side of the room, especially when they saw a woman with a good figure pressing down on a patient. And a certain patient seemed to be the Lao Er they were talking about, and was even more shocked by the lightning until it was tender inside and burned outside.

Originally they wanted to withdraw, but the two people in the ward quickly separated. Ye Qingmei's beautiful face and devilish figure that turned around made the three of them unable to move their feet. Almost everyone's eyes lit up.

The man with small eyes who walked in front of them with glasses even slightly lowered his head. His pupils directly jumped over the glasses and shot out from the top of the glasses. He stared at a certain part of the glasses.

"I don't mind, I don't mind."

Hearing Ye Qingmei's words, he looked at Ye Qingmei's smiling eyes. The three of them immediately felt a slight chill in their hearts. That was the attack that blocked Ye Qingmei's attack. They hurriedly nodded their heads and said. It was very obvious that Ye Qingmei's powerful aura had already subdued them.

"Who are you?"

Seeing the three uninvited guests barge in, Ye Qingmei was very embarrassed at this time but she had to pretend to be very serious and asked in a deep voice.

One had to say that Ye Qingmei's appearance indeed suppressed the three young men who came in. No, it could be said that she suppressed the three young boys.

"Oh, we are Chen Qingzhi's dormitory mate. We received a call and heard that Qingzhi had an accident and was hospitalized. We specially rushed over. My name is Liu Pingping."

Only then did the three of them react. The bespectacled man in front of them immediately withdrew his gaze and used one hand to stroke his glasses. His eyes looked at Wang Lu through his glasses and answered with a serious face.

"My name is Zhang Jian." The tall and thin baby face blinked his eyes, revealing two dimples as he continued.

"My name is Shen Hu." The burly man finally said with a buzz.

This surprised Ye Qingmei. The names of the three people were indeed interesting. She turned around and looked at Chen Qingzhi. She stared at him and asked, "Are they your roommates?"

Chen Qingzhi nodded awkwardly.

"Oh, then you guys can chat."

Ye Qingmei pretended to be serious, put away Chen Qingzhi's food and quickly left the ward.

After Ye Qingmei left, the three young boys were relieved. The pressure Ye Qingmei gave them just now was indeed a little too great. After all, it was the first time for young boys like them to see such a powerful beauty like Ye Qingmei.

The three of them squeezed to the front of the hospital bed. The tall and thin baby-faced Zhang Jian blinked his eyes. After carefully sizing up Chen Qingzhi, he then clicked his tongue and said, "Tsk tsk, didn't they say that Liu is unconscious and has lost his arms and legs? Why does it look like nothing happened? He acted quite similar. Was he just mesmerized just now? Liu, I was wrong. I shouldn't have come to disturb you."

The cultured man, Liu Pingping, once again stroked her glasses. She rolled her small eyes upwards and said," Yes, looking at Lao Er like this, he seems to be living very comfortably. Who is this beauty? Lao Er, you are not kind and honest. You actually hid such a good quality. But friends and wives are not to be bullied. You can do it! Big Brother thinks highly of you!"

The muscular man with red phoenix eyes nodded. His words were vulgar, but his expression was extremely serious. He looked extremely funny." It looks quite big. Lao Er, you are so lucky. "

Hearing the words of his roommates, Chen Qingzhi was a little speechless and had a headache. He said angrily, "Hey, how can the three of you be like this? I am a patient now. I almost went to the gates of hell, and now I am still lying on the hospital bed. You don't care about one thing. Are you here to see me or not? "

The bespectacled man, Liu Pingping, was the oldest, and was known as the dormitory's big brother. She came from the Northeast Daxing and Anling Ridge. She had a pair of eyes and a sharp mouth. She claimed to have followed a Feng Shui teacher who lived in seclusion in Daxing and Anling to learn all kinds of transactional and eight-trigram arithmetic. She had once mocked herself for having the potential to be a dog strategist.

Chen Qingzhi was second in age. He was ranked ten thousand years old, Lao Er, and came from Lingnan City. The baby-faced Zhang Jian was ranked third. He came from the Great Northwest. He looked like he was laughing and laughing, but he had the viciousness and cunningness of a northwest wolf. As for Shen Hu, who looked the strongest, the most muscular, and the most mature, he was the smallest among the four of them. He was ranked fourth. He came from Shandong. He had a bad temper, but he was very loyal to his friends.

It was such a strange group that came from different places in the country and became the best dormitory mate. Although there were times when they were fooling around, after spending a year with each other, their friendship had settled down.

The most special ones were Zhang Jian and Shen Hu. Their names were quite unique. They had also become living treasures. Therefore, even when they saw Chen Qingzhi's current appearance, they couldn't help but mock and care about him in such a cold and humorous way.

Furthermore, Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei's ambiguous actions just now had really forced all kinds of versions of "Romance of Love" to appear in their minds, constantly guessing the relationship between Chen Qingzhi and Ye Qingmei.

The eldest Liu YiPingping looked at Chen Qingzhi seriously, then looked at Zhang Jian and Shen Hu as if there was something going on and said, "I heard that Lao Er went on a date yesterday? Could it be that he was caught cheating on another woman on the spot, and then was beaten up and sent to the hospital?"

"But that's not right. It looks like Lao Er and the other two are a little miserable now, but he is still accompanied by a beautiful woman. He is not hurt."

When Chen Qingzhi heard this, he almost choked on his breath.

"Yes, it is very likely."

After that, Zhang Jian hurriedly nodded his head in agreement. While nodding his head, he looked at Chen Qingzhi with a smile and sighed with emotion.

"Liu, this is your fault. Even if you don't want to be a single dog, don't be in such a hurry. Could it be that your pretty girlfriend won't give it to you? That's fine too. With Lao Er's looks, you can also hook up with those pretty senior sisters. Don't tell me you can only get married?"

"However, Lao Er's eyes are still very sharp. That girl just now was a bit more serious. She's simply a goddess. If it were me, if I had such a goddess serving me... I would also be willing to lie in this hospital bed. Lao Er, on the other hand, you have to pay attention to your health. Look. Your small body has been harmed to such an extent."

Shen Hu patted his chest and said with a buzzing sound. He looked murderous. "Liu, did you really get caught cheating in bed and beaten up? Say something, who did this to you? I'll go and kill him. "

The three of them kept talking, and the more they talked, the more exposed their bones became. It seemed as if Chen Qingzhi's injury was really caused by having an affair with someone, and then being caught red-handed in bed and beaten up. The more they talked, the more it seemed like that was the case.

When Chen Qingzhi heard the words of his three roommates, he felt a headache coming on. A black line was about to fall out of his head.

Of course, he wasn't angry. He just felt that his three roommates were really bad. Even in such an occasion, they couldn't help but insult him. Of course, other than feeling emotional, he was also touched. After all, the fact that the three of them rushed to the hospital so quickly really touched him.

Chen Qingzhi weakly rolled his eyes at his three roommates and said, "Fu * k, are you guys done yet? Damn it, I am now a seriously injured patient. Do you know how to respect a seriously injured patient? If you don't see it, people will serve you even if you don't eat."

A trace of sadness flashed across Chen Qingzhi's face. He let out a breath and said, "I just broke up with my girlfriend yesterday! What the hell!"

The three of them were stunned. Yesterday, Chen Qingzhi went to his girlfriend's school to date her. They all knew about it. Now, they actually heard that they had broken up. They looked at each other. Then they looked at Chen Qingzhi. Liu Pingping asked in disbelief, "You said you broke up with Hu Feier?"

Chen Qingzhi nodded and Liu Pingping and the other two immediately put away their joking attitude.

"Lao Er, what is going on?"

Liu Pingping stopped Zhang Jian and sat on the bed. She looked at Chen Qingzhi and said, "You didn't come back last night, and I couldn't get through to you. We were all worried that something had happened to you, and we almost didn't call the police. A stranger entered the school early this morning, and then went to our dormitory and said that something had happened to you. That guy didn't look like a good person, and he almost scared us. Why don't you tell us what exactly happened? "

What's going on?

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