Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C9 Article 9 My Beautiful Teacher
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C9 Article 9 My Beautiful Teacher
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C9 Article 9 My Beautiful Teacher

Chen Qingzhi briefly explained the situation to his three roommates, although his description was simple. Liu Pingping and the other two were shocked when they heard it. After all, when they imagined the scene of Chen Qingzhi being chopped, they felt a chill on their backs. And when they looked at Chen Qingzhi, there was a trace of respect in their eyes.

Under such circumstances, not everyone dared to rush forward and carry out the so-called "hero saving the damsel in distress." After being together for a year, the three of them finally seemed to understand Chen Qingzhi's character.

It turned out that Lao Er was also a hot-blooded man. He was also a tough man who dared to risk his life.

Fortunately, he was very lucky. After being slashed twice, he was finally not cut to death. Although he was still lying on the hospital bed, it was obviously not a big problem.

Liu Pingping looked at Chen Qingzhi and said with a face full of relief, "Luckily it was nothing. It was just that I was abandoned by a woman. Lao Er, you are so hot-headed that you did such a shocking thing. However, it was a blessing in disguise. Now, you have become the hero who saved the beauty. You were the one who saved that beauty last night, right?"

" Zhang Jian nodded. The two dimples on the baby's face smiled evilly. "That's right. That beauty just now, no, goddess. Lao Er, you were injured this time. It was worth it to risk your life for the sake of love. This girl is much more beautiful than Hu Feier. "

Hearing the concern of his roommates, Chen Qingzhi's heart warmed, but he was somewhat speechless. He rolled his eyes and said, "You really don't know how much pain your waist hurts when you stand and talk. Why don't you try getting chopped a few times? I almost got chopped to death to see the King of Hell. "

Speaking up to this point, Chen Qingzhi paused for a moment and said seriously, "I'm warning you, don't randomly think about that beauty just now. She is our new teacher for foreign literature and art classes this year. "


This made Liu Pingping and the other two dumbfounded. They were originally mocking Chen Qingzhi for saving a beauty. They did not expect that the person Chen Qingzhi saved was actually their teacher. Thinking about Ye Qingmei who just went out, the three of them looked at each other.

Liu Pingping blinked her small eyes and said somewhat doubtfully, "You said that the beauty just now was our new teacher?"

Seeing Chen Qingzhi nod his head, the three of them looked at each other again. Zhang Jian muttered to himself, "That beauty is actually my teacher. Ah, my beautiful teacher. I definitely won't skip class. Oh right, what class did she teach us?"

Shen Hu opened his mouth, and his saliva almost spilled out as he responded," Foreign literature and art. Wow, I like art the most. Hehe, I wonder if it will be the art of the human body, haha."

"Alright, I have to go and interact with my teacher now to build my relationship. My performance just now was a bit of a failure." Zhang Jian suddenly became energetic, as if he was ready to turn around and leave, and go and interact with his teacher.

Chen Qingzhi nodded and looked at the three of them. He said weakly, "Alright, stop arguing. Are you guys here to see me or for what?"

Hearing Chen Qingzhi's words, the three of them finally calmed down. Liu Pingping rubbed her glasses and looked at Chen Qingzhi with a worried look. "Lao Er, according to what you said, you met him last night. It is not an ordinary kidnapping case. Do you know who those criminals are?"

"I don't know. I didn't think so much at that time." Chen Qingzhi shook his head, thinking about the soul-stirring scene last night. Chen Qingzhi even felt a chill on his back. He didn't know why he had the courage to rush forward and pretend to be a hero last night.

Zhang Jian stroked his chin with one hand and nodded slightly. : "Hmm, it seems to be a little troublesome. According to what Lao Er said, it seems that this beautiful teacher of ours also has a great background. Otherwise, why would she be kidnapped?"

Shen Hu also frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, "Kidnapping is so fierce. Killing people on the street. This criminal is a bit too ruthless."

After hearing what the three of them said, Chen Qingzhi felt that the beautiful teacher he saved Ye Qingmei did not seem to be simple. Thinking about the situation last night, he felt that there was something strange about the whole situation.

The few of them immediately fell into silence. The atmosphere was somewhat oppressive.

"Why are you thinking about so many things?" Chen Qingzhi squeezed out a smile and said again, "I am just an ordinary student. I only helped once when I saw injustice. Could it be that there are people who are looking for trouble with me?"

"Haha, Lao Er is right. We don't need to think so much." Liu Pingping also smiled, but there was still a trace of worry behind the smile.

"Lao Er, don't worry. Just rest in peace."

Zhang Jian said as he took an apple with one hand. The knife skills he used to peel the apple's skin seemed to be superb. In less than half a minute. One apple had its skin removed, and it was crystal clear in front of everyone. Then he handed it to Chen Qingzhi.

Chen Qingzhi shook his head, indicating that he didn't want to eat it. When Zhang Jian saw this, he prepared to destroy the apple in his hand. Unexpectedly, Shen Hu, who was standing at the side, grabbed the apple from his hand, took a bite, and started to chew on it.

"Damn! Shen Hu, you are stealing my apple again! Don't you know that this apple of mine is going to change the world just like the other two apples in the world?"

When Zhang Jian saw Shen Hu snatch away the apple that he had peeled, he immediately cursed. Obviously, this wasn't Shen Hu's first time snatching his food.

Shen Hu chewed on the apple while muttering, "Fine, you still want to change the world. You can change my stomach first. Lao Er did not eat either. He rushed to the hospital in a hurry. He did not drink a mouthful of water. I am thirsty now. "

" Then you do not know how to cut yourself. "

Zhang Jian stared at him with a dissatisfied look." Damn it. You are always so rude. You should at least pretend to be polite. Every time, you will show your dirty side. "

Shen Hu rolled his eyes. He did not show any signs of embarrassment. Instead, he pretended to be sentimental and looked at Zhang Jian, saying, "Brothers, why are you being so polite? Why do you have to be so polite to each other?"

Zhang Jian had goosebumps on his back. He looked at Shen Hu with disdain and gave him a middle finger. In the end, he could only say one thing. "F * ck, don't disgust me, you f * cking gay."

Although Shen Hu was not as tall as him, he was big and looked strong enough. Shen Hu was playing rogue. He could not do anything to Shen Hu. More importantly, Shen Hu was a man who looked like a real man. He was a f * cking gay!

At least in Zhang Jian's opinion, it was like this. Anyway, he felt that Shen Hu currently did not like women, so he really did not dare to go overboard with this guy. Otherwise, if he lost the flower at night, Zhang Jian would simply cry to death.

Looking at Zhang Jian and Shen Hu, Liu Pingping and Chen Qingzhi could only look at each other and smile. They also felt goosebumps on their skin, but Chen Qingzhi's mood was much better.

Obviously, the two living treasures in the dormitory bickered. Just like their names were so special, it was not the first time. He and Liu Pingping were very familiar with each other. Of course, with Shen Hu's visual and hearing contrast, the two of them still could not stand it.

The three of them stayed in the hospital for the whole morning. They originally planned to leave one person in the hospital to take care of Chen Qingzhi, but in the end, they were all persuaded to return to school by Chen Qingzhi.

After the roommates left, Chen Qingzhi thought for a while. In the end, it was Liu Pingping who gave him a call, and then she gave his mother a call.

Of course, Chen Qingzhi did not tell her about his car accident. He only briefly told her about the recent situation, and then asked about his mother's situation before hanging up.

However, he was a little surprised when his mother said that Uncle Huang's disciple, Tieniu, would come to Chiangcheng, but he did not say anything.

After hanging up the phone with his mother, Chen Qingzhi wanted to call Hu Feier. However, he couldn't make the call, so he could only laugh at her. He sighed and laid down on the bed. Because he was too sleepy, he unknowingly fell asleep.

When Chen Qingzhi woke up again, it was already four or five o'clock in the afternoon. When he opened his eyes, he saw Ye Qingmei sitting in front of the bed looking at him in a daze.

Chen Qingzhi suddenly opened his eyes and woke up, scaring Ye Qingmei. She quickly retracted her gaze and her face turned slightly red. She stood up and tidied her clothes before looking at Chen Qingzhi and said, "You are awake."

Chen Qingzhi blinked and said. After sleeping for a while, Chen Qingzhi felt much better. Even the pain felt much lighter. He asked, "Uh, could it be that when I was sleeping, Sister Ye was always here looking at me? Could it be that there are flowers on my face?"

Ye Qingmei's face did not seem to be self-aware as she rolled her eyes and said, "In your dreams. After I saw that you were sleeping at noon, I went back home and just arrived."

Only then did Chen Qingzhi realize that it was already dark outside the window. He asked, "What time is it now?"

Ye Qingmei looked at her watch and said, "It's seven o'clock at night. I saw that you slept well, so I didn't call you."

Chen Qingzhi nodded. "No wonder my stomach felt like it was gurgling. It turns out that I slept for four to five hours." Chen Qingzhi smiled and said.

Ye Qingmei blinked her eyes and thought about Chen Qingzhi's foodie in the afternoon. She asked, "This time, you won't have to eat so much this time, right?"

Chen Qingzhi was a little embarrassed. It seemed that the image of a rice bucket in the afternoon was deeply imprinted in Ye Qingmei's heart. "This, it's hard to say."

At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open and a burly man with white hair walked in. Ye Qingmei frowned slightly when she saw the man.

The person who came was called Ye Cheng'en, the richest man in Chiangcheng, nicknamed Grandmaster Ye.


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