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C1 This Is a Trap

"Yo, buddy, did you get the job? Congratulations!"

Seeing the applicant who had gone in about ten minutes ago walk out, Gao Fei stood up from his chair.

Actually, Gao Fei could tell from his depressed expression that he had failed the interview.

The guy who had just boasted to Gao Fei that he had once applied to be Buffett's assistant snorted bitterly and walked quickly to the elevator without saying anything.

"Hey, failing the interview only proves that you are not good enough. Is there a need to pretend to be deep?"

Gao Fei raised the middle finger of his right hand and gestured at the back of the figure. Then he heard someone shout in the room, "Number 38, please come in."

Number 38 was the number plate that Gao Fei had gotten.

"Number 38? That sounds awkward, so I might as well call him Sanba."

Gao Fei tidied up his shirt collar, pushed open the door with his head held high, and walked in.

The room was empty, with only a table, a chair, and a girl.

She was only in her early twenties, wearing a black suspender skirt. She pressed her hand on the table, and her right foot, which was wearing high heels, was raised backwards. She leaned forward and raised her chin, looking very proud.

Such a young CEO?

Gao Fei was stunned for a moment.

However, he had been through a lot in the past two years. He had been applying for various jobs and was very familiar with the current situation. He immediately came back to his senses and bowed slightly to the girl. "Hello, I'm No. 38."

The girl did not speak. Her watery eyes looked at him a few times before opening her red lips. "Sit down."

"Thank you."

Gao Fei sat on the chair and put his hands on his knees to look at the girl.

They looked at each other. The girl smiled gently and shook her shoulders. A hanging belt of the suspender skirt slid down, revealing half of her snow-white shoulders and half of her black lace bra.

Gao Fei was stunned. Huh, what's going on?

While Gao Fei was in a daze, the girl closed her eyes and placed her left hand on her chest. She gently caressed it, opened her mouth, and stuck out the tip of her tongue to slowly lick it back and forth.

Gao Fei's heart suddenly jumped. What kind of interview is this?

The girl did not say anything. She just closed her eyes and bit her lips. She gently stroked her chest as if she had entered a certain realm and was enjoying it.

The girl's expression of enjoyment infected Gao Fei, causing some parts of his body to change. He quickly swallowed his saliva.

A few minutes later, the girl opened her eyes and giggled. She smiled and said, "Hi handsome, let me introduce myself."

"Oh, oh!"

Gao Fei nodded his head and shifted his gaze away from the girl's chest. "My surname is Gao, and my name is Gao Fei. I am twenty-six years old this year, unmarried..."

"Unmarried? Alright."

The girl nodded her head lightly and slowly walked over. She reached out her left hand and placed it on his shoulder.

Gao Fei shut his mouth and looked at her doubtfully: What do you want to do?

"Go on, don't worry about me."

The girl giggled. When she reached out a finger to lift his chin, there was a strong scent of perfume mixed with female hormones.

The girl's frivolous actions not only did not make Gao Fei lose his mind, but also woke him up.

He was very familiar with the smell of this perfume.

In the small store next to the 'slum' that Gao Fei rented, this brand of perfume was sold: Lily Flower brand, thirteen yuan for a bottle.

Two days ago, when he went to buy cigarettes, he had casually picked it up and sniffed it. At that time, the fat lady boss had even advised him to give a bottle to his girlfriend.

After sniffing the brand of perfume used by girls, Gao Fei was still smiling, but he knew in his heart: The beautiful president might be captivated by his brother's suave look, but she would never use cheap perfume. Heh, this was clearly a trap!

"Gao Fei, continue talking. Why don't you say it?"

Seeing Gao Fei only smile and not speak, the girl turned her eyes and hooked her right hand around his neck. With a twist of her slender waist, she sat on his lap.

After feeling the elasticity of his youthful body, Gao Fei's reaction at a certain part of his body became even more intense.

It could not be helped. Gao Fei had not touched a woman in two years. Under such circumstances, if he did not react, he might as well die.

"Hehe, keep talking, keep talking."

The girl giggled and stretched out her left hand. She put her pants down and grabbed Gao Fei's crotch. She exclaimed, "Yo, you have so much capital!"

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