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C11 It's Just a Bmw

"Bastard, I can't stand you anymore!"

Shen Yinbing cursed in her heart. Just as she was about to jump down with all her might, Her body suddenly stiffened, and then a surge of electricity that had never been there before rose from her body. In an instant, it spread to the ends of every nerve, causing her to involuntarily let out a soft moan. She softly lay on Diao Min's back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her coquettish eyes were like silk.

It turned out that Gao Fei's right middle finger had slowly crawled to Shen Yinbing's most private part. With just a slight pinch, it caused her super low excitement to burst out and she did not have any strength left.

"Ah, what am I doing? Although this girl is detestable and unreasonable, even if she takes advantage of her, it would be for nothing. But I am a man of principle after all. I cannot fall easily. Sin, sin!"

Shen Yinbing's sudden soft moan immediately woke Gao Fei up. Only now did he realize that he had been distracted just now and had imagined her as another girl. He quickly retracted his hand and coughed loudly. "Cough, cough, cough! It's so hot. I say, who is it? Can you not stick to me? I'm sweating! "

Stinky hooligan, it's my fault!

Shen Yinbing was also shocked. The strange feeling in her body suddenly disappeared and she straightened her body again.

In the next few minutes, the two of them did not speak anymore.

However, Gao Fei could clearly feel a killing intent coming from behind like the yellow river water.

"It seems that I have offended this girl badly, but can you blame me for this? Who asked you to ask me to carry you on my back?"

Gao Fei smiled indifferently. He calmed himself down and quickened his pace.

Gao Fei carried Shen Yinbing to the parking lot. Although there were a lot of pedestrians on the way, After they got tired of shopping, they let their boyfriend carry them on his back. It had become a girl's patent. Whoever made a fuss about it would be a bumpkin.

"That's my car, a white BMW!"

Suppressing Gao Fei's disturbance, Shen Yinbing pointed at a BMW and said.

" Oh."

Gao Fei was shocked, as if he had just woken up from a dream. "Ah, we're here first?"

"Yeah, we're already here."

Shen Yinbing gritted her teeth and smiled. She thought to herself, Smelly hooligan, do you think time passes quickly? Fine, one day, I will make you feel that time is very slow, very slow!

Shen Yinbing took out the key and handed it to Gao Fei.

Gao Fei put Shen Yinbing on the ground first and helped her into the car. After closing the car door for her, he went around the car and sat in the driver's seat.

Shen Yinbing's BMW was the latest model of the 730Li model, which was the common BMW 7-series luxury model.

Compared to the old model, this car had a new front and back comfortable seat, television reception function, panoramic camera, comfortable entering function, and other technological configurations. At the same time, it carried a 3.0L natural ventilation engine, and the transmission was the latest 8 speed. It replaced the previous 6 speed automatic converter.

In short, the market price of the BMW 7 series, which was as high as 1.5 million RMB, was not something that every citizen could afford. In fact, most people had never sat on it before.

Furthermore, the person who was about to drive the car was an unruly person who took advantage of the situation to blackmail others for a few hundred RMB.

So, when Shen Yinbing saw that Gao Fei was about to start the car, she coldly said, "This car is..."

Before Shen Yinbing could finish speaking, Gao Fei started the car and skillfully turned the steering wheel. He pressed the accelerator slightly and the car drove out of the parking lot without any delay. "I know. BMW 740 Li luxury car model. Minimum turn radius. 6. 35m, rear wheel drive. The highest speed is 250 km per hour, the body weight of the car is 1985 kg, that's nothing to be proud of. It's just a car."

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