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Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C12 Those Who Are Barefooted Are Not Afraid of Wearing Shoes
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C12 Those Who Are Barefooted Are Not Afraid of Wearing Shoes

Shen Yinbing's eyes were wide open in disbelief. This unruly citizen was right and proper, and his driving skills were so skillful. Could it be that he often drove this car before?

As if he knew what Shen Yinbing was thinking, Gao Fei smiled complacently. "Are you very puzzled why I drive this kind of luxury car?"

Shen Yinbing curled her lips and only snorted lightly, but did not say anything.

Gao Fei skillfully turned on the GPS and found the nearest hospital. He said lightly, "Actually, I used to work in the BMW 4S store for a period of time."

Oh, so that's how it is. I knew he was like this. How could he possibly drive such a car? Shen Yinbing curled her lips again and still did not say anything.

Very soon, the car arrived at the clinic building of Ji Nan Central Hospital.

People often said that there were four places in China that had the best business: hospitals, crematorium, red tomato district, and underground casinos.

And hospitals were ranked at the top of these four major businesses. From this, one could imagine that tertiary grade A hospitals like Central Hospital were always packed with people at all times.

It could be said that the consultation hall was overcrowded.

Originally, according to the agreement with Shen Yinbing, after Gao Fei sent her to the hospital, it would be considered as completing the task.

But on account of her pitiful face, Gao Fei raised his Thunder Edge style.

After carrying her into the hall, he first helped her register and waited for nearly an hour before he went to the outpatient specialist clinic.

By the time Shen Yinbing's ankle recovered, the sun was already about to set.

During this period of time, Mr. Gao was very self-aware. He did not ask Shen Yinbing for additional nursing fees, but when he walked out of the consultation hall, He looked at the sun in the west and sighed. He lightly snorted and said, "Sigh, the sun in the west is about to set. It will arrive at dinner time. I'm here!"

"He's beating me up. He's asking me to treat him to dinner. Dream on! Invite you to a meal? Hmph hmph, treating you to a meal is more like it. Just wait and see! "

Using the corner of her eye, Shen Yinbing fiercely rolled Gao Fei's eyes. With a cold snort, she touched a hard card in her pocket and did not pay attention to him at all. She directly walked to the front of the car and got into the car. After turning on the car, she turned around and slowly drove towards the hospital's main door.

"Che, if you don't treat me to a meal then forget it. You heartless fellow, do you think I want you to treat me? Pah, I am now a rich man!"

Spitting hard at the taillights of the car, Gao Fei took out the money from his shirt pocket and hit it in his palm. Just as he was about to put it in, he was stunned for a moment: Eh, where's my ID?

Gao Fei clearly remembered that when he was buying beer at the cold drinks stall, he saw his ID card in the pocket of his shirt. So why was it gone now?

Gao Fei was stunned for a moment before he realized a serious problem: his ID was lost. 99% of it was stolen by that girl. Don't forget that when he carried her to the parking lot, there was a time when he was in a trance. And that girl even held his neck with both hands!

Why did Shen Yinbing steal away his identity card? Even if Mr. Gao used his butt to think, he would know that she wanted to use the identity card to investigate his background and then send someone to take revenge on him!

Generally speaking, it should be very easy for a woman who drove a 1.5 million luxury car to spend money to deal with a rogue like Gao Fei.

But Gao Fei was not afraid. He just sneered a few times and muttered, "Fuck, then come. We are barefooted and are not afraid of wearing shoes. If you provoke me, I will really rape you first and then kill you!"

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