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C13 Who in the World Is Stupid

Gao Fei had been out for more than half a day. Although he hadn't found a job yet, it wasn't as if he hadn't gained anything. At least he had gotten nearly a thousand yuan from Mr. Guang and Shen Yinbing today.

A thousand yuan wasn't a lot of money, but it was a huge sum for Gao Fei.

Because before this, there were very few times when he had more than fifty yuan in his pocket.

Now, he had become a 'millionaire of a thousand dollars'.

The only regret was that he had lost his identity card.

Furthermore, he had also provoked a potential danger.

But Gao Fei did not mind. At most, he could go to the police station to get another identity card.

As for Shen Yinbing, hehe, it was fine if she did not appear. Once she appeared, he would let her witness Mr. Gao's thunderous means!

After thinking this in his heart, Gao Fei's mood became better. He slowly walked out of the hospital and prepared to go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities.

After he walked around the supermarket for more than two hours and came out, the sky was completely dark, but the street was brightly lit.

Although Mr. Gao stayed in the supermarket until they were about to close, in reality he did not buy anything. He spent less than 100 yuan in total.

The reason he went to the supermarket was because it was cool inside.

Standing by the roadside and looking at the cars coming and going, Gao Fei touched the pocket that contained the money. He felt that they seemed to have grown wings and wanted to fly out by themselves.

When Gao Fei was in the orphanage early on, he had come to a conclusion: Today, we will drink until we are drunk. Who cares about tomorrow?

Today, he had money. After purchasing the daily necessities, he would find a bar to drink the rest of the money and stimulate the consumption first!

After making up his mind, Gao Fei reached out and stopped a taxi. He threw a large note to the taxi driver and said, "Go to the nearest bar. The extra money will be counted as a tip. You don't need to look for it!"

The driver turned his head and looked at Gao Fei, who was sitting behind him, with a strange look in his eyes, as if he was looking at a fool.

Gao Fei frowned. "What's wrong? Is there a problem? Or is this money not enough for you to go to the bar?"

"No, no, no problem."

The driver hurriedly shook his head and started the car.

"If there's no problem, then let's go. Don't delay my drinking!"

Gao Fei said indifferently and then leaned his head against the seat. He closed his eyes and thought, What's wrong with this guy's brain? He looked at me like that just now. It's so weird.

Just as Gao Fei thought of this, the car stopped.

This time, he was really impatient. He slapped the seat hard and shouted, " Hey, what else do you want!?"

The driver replied, "No, it's nothing."

Gao Fei said angrily," Why did you stop the car? "

"We're at the bar."

The driver pointed to the window on the right and said with a flattering smile, "Sir, didn't you say just now that you wanted me to send you to the nearest bar? Here, can you take a look at this bar? "

"We're here, we're here first?"

Gao Fei looked out and saw that the car was parked in front of a bar called 'Caesar'.

He looked back and saw that it was only 30 meters away from where he had just gotten into the car.

F * ck, why didn't I see this bar just now? No wonder this guy looked at me like he was an idiot. Gao Fei smacked his lips. He pushed the door and got out of the car. He wanted to get the hundred dollars back. But then he thought of giving people a surprise. It was also a good deed, wasn't it?

So Mr. Gao didn't pay attention to the brother. He tidied his clothes and walked into Caesar's bar with his head held high.

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