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Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C14 Sister Lin Fell from the Sky
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C14 Sister Lin Fell from the Sky

It's about nine o'clock at night, the prime time of the bar, and it's not overcrowded, but it's okay.

In the center of the bar, there was a small platform about seven or eight square meters in size. A girl in a black dress was talking about piano on it. Her movements were elegant and skillful.

There were people sitting on the seats, and candles were burning on them. It looked romantic and urban at the same time.

Gao Fei found a seat close to the corner and sat down. He raised his hand to the waiter in the distance and snapped his fingers elegantly.

The male waiter in a white tuxedo walked over with his left hand behind his back. He bent down and asked in a low voice, "Sir, what do you need?"

"A cup of tequila (Mexican, not tequila), and a plate of pastries that your bar specializes in."

Gao Fei casually ordered something. Just as the waiter nodded and was about to leave, he stopped him.

Gao Fei took out two big notes from his pocket and placed them on the table. "Help me buy a few roses and give them to the girl who plays the piano. Tell her that I really appreciate her piano skills. The rest is your tip. "

The waiter had met many customers before, so he often sent flowers to the actors and often received tips.

However, before he met Mr. Gao, the highest tip he got was 50 dollars.

But now, Gao Fei took out 200 yuan. This proved that he spent 100 yuan to buy the flowers, and he still had 100 yuan left.

Immediately, the little brother was beaming with joy. He picked up the money on the table and thanked him repeatedly before he left with light steps.

"The Buddha said that giving convenience to others is giving convenience to oneself. To be able to use a hundred dollars to buy high-quality services from others, it's really worth it."

Gao Fei lit a cigarette emotionally. When the girl who played the piano received the fresh flowers and cast a grateful look at him, he smiled reservedly.

Now, he finally found the satisfaction of spending money like dirt, even though the price of doing so was that his pocket quickly deflated.

But what was there to do? If he had money, he wouldn't spend it. If he died, it would be a waste!

Drinking foreign strong liquor and eating sweet pastries, Gao Fei felt that tonight was the happiest night he had ever had in his two years back in the country.

Of course, with fine wine and delicious food, the waiter's attentive service, and listening to the beautiful piano music, it was indeed a small life that many people yearned for.

However, when Gao Fei drank the third glass of tequila, he felt that something was missing.

A woman.

Yes, fine wine, delicious food, and fairy music were in front of him. The only thing missing was a drinking woman, a beauty.

"If the heavens were merciful, it would be perfect if another beautiful woman came."

Gao Fei shook his wine glass and sighed softly. "Alas, I really eat and crave for food."

Maybe God heard Gao Fei's sigh, but just as he raised his glass and was about to drink it up,... Then he went back to his room in the summer where he did not need to turn on the heating system and did not need a cooler in the winter to sleep, a sweet female voice sounded. "Sir, can I sit here?"

Gao Fei raised his head and his eyes lit up.

A woman walked in front of the booth.

This woman looked to be around thirty years old. She wore a big V-neck black dress wrapped around her hot body. She revealed a small half of her jade-like shoulder and her attractive collarbone. Her chest was abnormally high, and her snow-white calves were exposed. He stepped on a pair of black high-heeled shoes, and his slightly raised toenails were painted with ink-blue nail polish. Under the light, there was a strange color...

Especially when this woman's eyes were moved by the spring water. With a slight turn, she could hook a man's soul away.

Saliva slowly trickled down from the corner of Gao Fei's mouth. Sister Lin fell from the sky.

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