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Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C15 His Character Exploded
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C15 His Character Exploded

After seeing this woman, these words and a beautiful picture popped up in Gao Fei's mind.

He was hugging this woman and gently loving her on a big bed. Every whisper of hers was like a cat's spring. It stirred up every nerve in his body, making him want to use his firmness. He pierced through this woman, kneaded her into pieces, and then ate her into his stomach.

Seeing Gao Fei's eyes constantly shining on her face, chest, and legs, the woman pouted slightly. She made a reproachful look and placed the small bag in her hand on the table. Holding the skirt with both hands, she slowly sat opposite him. He asked again, "Sir, I'm sitting here. You have no objections, right?"

"Could it be that my character has erupted, and only God sent such a beautiful woman?"

Gao Fei smacked his lips and then smiled warmly. "Haha, of course. It's my great honor to have a beautiful lady like you sitting with me!"

"Oh, Sir, your mouth is so sweet."

The woman took out a makeup box from her bag with a charming smile. She took out lipstick from the box and started to rub her lips in the mirror.

Looking at the woman's sexy red lips, Gao Fei had an impulse to stuff a part of his body into it.

Of course, no matter how impulsive he was, he would never forget a saying: There is no free lunch in the world.

Gao Fei was sure that with the condition of this beautiful woman, if she wanted to find a man to have fun with for the whole night, the man who cried and called for the registration would at least be able to line up from the Quancheng Square to the west bus stop!

Furthermore, she could sleep with any man she wanted!

But why would she find Gao Fei?

Was it because he was the prettiest pig in the bar?

No, that was not right. The gigolo sitting at the door, the bearded man at the southwest corner, and the middle-aged man who was applauding for the piano girl seemed to be in no way inferior to Gao Fei. His clothes were even more tasteful.

Then, why did she look for him alone?

Just as Gao Fei was staring at the woman and thinking about these questions with a smile, the woman put away the makeup box and said coyly, "Sir, can you buy me a drink?"

"Drink? Okay, Little Four!"

Gao Fei had just raised his hand and had yet to snap his fingers when the waiter, who had received his one hundred yuan tip, quickly walked over.

Gao Fei smiled in satisfaction and instructed, "Give this lady an angel's kiss."

Angel's Kiss was made from half of brown cocoa wine and half of 1OZ cream. It was known as a woman's favorite. When Gao Fei was overseas, he had often ordered this kind of wine for women.

The woman stuck out the tip of her tongue and unintentionally made an alluring action of licking her lips. She giggled and said, What?" Oh, it seems like you often treat women to drinks."

Gao Fei did not deny it. "Occasionally, but even if I were to treat, I would only treat a woman with good taste like you."

"I like to hear that."

The woman rested her left elbow on the table and extended her fair little hand forward. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Yem Hong. The color of my face is red."

"Gao Fei, he is flying high and far."

When Gao Fei held that little hand, he clearly felt Yem Hong's little finger on his palm. Choshunior Susukino quickly appeared in his eyes.

Gao Fei's heart skipped a beat. He quickly let go of her hand and thought to himself, 'Everyone says that if there is nothing to be done, it is either a traitor or a thief.' Although I am not a rich person, but this woman took the initiative to seduce me, who knows what she is planning?

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