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C17 I'll Wait for You for Five Minutes

Gao Fei was stunned.

Just now, he had thought that Ms Hong was such a beautiful woman. As long as she was willing, he believed that many men would fight to keep her, no matter how much money they spent!

But now, Ms Hong offered a high salary of two hundred thousand per month to keep him.

Not only could he get this little beauty, but he could also get a generous reward. It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone, a good thing that was hard to find even with lanterns!

Of course, a dignified seven-foot man being kept by a woman was indeed the most shameful thing in the world.

But how much was one jin of face?

It could resist the cold, or could it resist hunger?

Looks like my character today has really exploded. Otherwise, I wouldn't have encountered such a good thing. Gao Fei looked at Yem Hong and his mouth moved a few times, but he was unable to say the word 'okay'.

"What, you still want to take one?"

Seeing Gao Fei not agreeing after a long time, Yem Hong's face sank.

Taking one, Ji Nan's dialect meant that he wanted to pinch it.

Gao Fei still did not say anything.

Yem Hong was even more unhappy. She picked up the things on the table. She casually took out a stack of things and put them under the cup. She stood up, turned around, and left. "These are the money for the wine. I said I would treat you. I will wait outside for you for five minutes. I won't see you go out in five minutes. Then I will leave."

Wait. After Ms Hong gracefully walked out of the bar, Gao Fei asked for another glass of tequila.

Since she left so much money behind, it would not be necessary to drink another two glasses.

Half an hour later, Gao Fei, who had eaten his fill, slowly walked out of the bar.

Outside the bar, Ms Hong's shadow had long disappeared.

"Damn it. Actually, I should have left with her. What face do you want? I didn't expect that I would be so principled."

Gao Fei smiled and shrugged. He waved his hand and stopped a taxi.


When Gao Fei woke up the next day, it was already ten o'clock in the morning.

It was raining outside.

The rain fell on the glass, making a pleasant rustling sound.

After leaning on the bed and smoking a cigarette, Gao Fei slowly turned his head and looked inside the bed.

Inside the bed, there was a canvas bag.

In the past two years, Gao Fei had wanted to open this canvas bag countless times, especially when he only had a few cents on his body.

However, he had never opened it.

Maybe it was because of the stimulation from the woman called Yem Hong last night, or maybe it was because of the rain that made Gao Fei think of his past. He stared at the canvas bag for more than five minutes before slowly reaching out his hand.

Putting the bag on his stomach, Gao Fei gently caressed it with his right hand. His movements were gentle, like a girl touching her lover's chest.

After touching it for a while, Gao Fei suddenly gritted his teeth and put the bag back to its original place. Then he lifted his leg and got off the bed.

However, when he put on the slippers on his feet and felt the hard plastic and a wave of bad luck, he slowly put down the butt that he had just raised. Then, he quickly turned around and laid flat on the bed, pulling the canvas bag over.

He pulled with such force and determination.


Inside the canvas bag was a laptop wrapped in tattered clothes.

Gao Fei took out the laptop, connected it to the power, and turned it on.

With a pleasant ding sound, the laptop turned on.

After two years of silence, the computer's turning speed was not affected at all, and the monitor was still as clear as before.

Gao Fei took out a plastic bag from his bag and took out a wireless internet card from it. When Gao Fei was making this card, he immediately paid the internet fees for three years and was ready to go online at any time.

Seeing that the computer was connected to the Internet normally, Gao Fei took a deep breath. When he straightened his back again, his entire person seemed to have changed.

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