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C18 Ghost Dance

Actually, Gao Fei is still the same guy, wearing only a pantyhose all over his body.

However, at this moment, his body exuded an indescribable temperament, especially his deep gaze, as if he was the king of the world.

Gao Fei gently placed his hands on the keyboard, closed his eyes, and began typing on the website.

Very quickly, Gao Fei logged into a website platform: OF International Assassin Platform.

OF International Assassin Platform was the largest international assassin platform. Every year, about ten thousand names of assassins were hung on the platform, attracting the attention of assassins and mercenaries from all over the world.

It was said that the highest reward offered by the OF Assassin Platform had once reached a terrifying one hundred and ten million USD.

However, Gao Fei was still in the country at that time, so he had never encountered such a good thing.

For every transaction, the OF platform would charge 5% of the reward as the service fee.

Gao Fei slowly scrolled the mouse and began to search for the mission with the highest reward.

Most of the valuable targets on the Assassin platform were basically from Europe or Africa. In Asia, other than the Middle East, there were very few targets with a large bounty.

"Three hundred thousand dollars, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, two hundred thousand dollars..."

Gao Fei's mouse slowly moved up from the bottom and muttered, "Why is the OF platform getting more and more fucked up now? A few hundred thousand dollars mission is also hung on it. Eh, there's a big fish, three million dollars!"

When the mouse slid to the top of the first page, in the last line of the table, Gao Fei's eyes finally lit up. He found a target that was worth him making a move on.

Then, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes. This target worth three million dollars was actually a Huaxia person!

Moreover, the target lived in the same city as him!

Su Beishan!

"Su Beishan, male, currently 61 years old, 1.78 meters tall. Weight: 75 kg, current in Ji Nan, chairman of the Beishan Group, loves to listen to the beautiful Beijing opera. Eating dog and ignoring steamed buns... Hehe, Su Beishan, so you're the boss of the Beishan Group. Now, I won't have any psychological burden to kill you."

Gao Fei stared at the detailed information of Su Beishan on the computer and read it at least seven or eight times. After a few minutes of silence, he slowly clicked Confirm.

Very quickly, the page changed and requested to fill in part of the applicant's information.

Gao Fei let out a breath, his hands like flying, typing a line of English on the keyboard.

Appraiser: Ghost Dance!

Contact: 1588491

Quest deadline: December 31

Bank account: LLL-SNB 5612234525

After confirming three times that the information was correct, Gao Fei entered the verification code.

Soon, the page changed again, and a square appeared. A few lines of English appeared on it, and below it was an OK.

This indicated that the information Gao Fei had just filled in was correct. The other side had already confirmed that he had the qualifications to carry out this task. As long as he pressed this OK button, this mission with three million USD would... From today onwards, it would belong to him within a month. No matter how capable others are, they can't steal his business during this period of time. This was the most basic principle of the platform.

"Sweep Old Su. You are my first target for coming back after I quit killing you for two years. I'm really sorry. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame society for being too cruel. It's my fault that I can't even find a decent job. It's my fault that I was rejected when I went to your company to apply for a job. I just don't have an undergraduate diploma, right?"

Gao Fei laughed silently. Without any hesitation, he pressed the OK button.

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