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Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C2 I'm Not Here to Sell
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C2 I'm Not Here to Sell

To be honest, after being caught by a girl, Gao Fei felt very comfortable.

But he knew very well that there was a price to pay for this kind of comfort. He quickly leaned back and put away his smile. With a face full of righteousness, he said, "Miss, please take care of yourself. I am here for an interview, not to sell myself!"

Gao Fei's reaction clearly stunned the girl. In this month, she had interviewed more than 30 handsome men, but no one could remain calm after she sat in her arms and grabbed her little brother.

"Pretending, he must be pretending! Let's see how long you can pretend!"

The girl sneered in her heart, but the smile on her face became more and more charming. She twisted her waist with all her strength, and her chest suddenly shook with waves." Oh, Brother Gao, what are you talking about? I really like you, okay? "Only..."

If you can satisfy me with your skills in bed, you can sign a long-term contract now. Your monthly salary is 16,000 yuan, and you can eat and stay here. "

"Damn it, if you really are a worthy CEO, not to mention a monthly salary of 16,000 yuan, even if it's just food and accommodation, I can satisfy you right now. Unfortunately, you are just a cover!"

Gao Fei secretly curled his lips and reached out to hold the girl's pair of weapons that were about to fall out. Pushing it out slightly, he stood up from the chair. He turned around and walked to the door. "I'm sorry, I don't think I need this job anymore."

Seeing Gao Fei ignore her and turn to leave, the girl was slightly stunned. Then she became angry out of embarrassment and stomped her foot slightly. She screamed, "Gao Fei, you want to leave after eating my tofu?!"

Gao Fei turned around and asked with a smile, "Then what do you want?"

"What do you want? Humph!"

The girl sneered as she attacked with both hands. "Naturally, I have to save some money for my touching!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the door was kicked open from the outside. Three burly men in flowery shirts barged in.

"What's going on!?"

After the three burly men barged in, they glared at Gao Fei at the same time.

The girl's face immediately showed the grievance of a dead husband. "Mr. Guang, while I was interviewing him, he saw that I was beautiful, so he had bad intentions and tried to touch me. Wuuuu, I don't want to live anymore!"

The bald man in the lead was furious when he heard that. He pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and grabbed at Gao Fei. "Good boy. Since you dare to have such dirty thoughts, I think you must be tired of living!"

Gao Fei quickly took a step back and avoided Mr. Guang's hand. He said with a smile, "Brothers, I think this is a misunderstanding. It is definitely a misunderstanding. Can you listen to my explanation first?"

"What kind of explanation? You and my fist can go and explain!"

Mr. Guang's companion cursed and rolled up his sleeves. He was about to rush forward but was stopped by him. "Kid, say it. I want to see what kind of bird you can explain."

"Calm down, calm down, brothers."

Gao Fei took another step back and waved his hands. "Listen to me first. I was recommended by a friend and came here to apply for a job. But after I came here, I realized something was wrong, so..."

After briefly explaining the situation, Gao Fei spread his hands. Helplessly, he said, "Okay, this is how things are. Brother, I really didn't do anything that would harm the heavens. But this lady insisted on asking me for some money to take advantage of her. "

Mr. Guang sneered and asked, "She is sitting on your lap, right?"

Gao Fei nodded. "Yes."

Mr. Guang asked again, "Is she holding your little brother?"

Gao Fei smiled shyly. "Actually, I don't want to be caught by her. It's so itchy and uncomfortable."

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