Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C3 Slice Her Hard
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Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C3 Slice Her Hard
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C3 Slice Her Hard

After seeing Gao Fei's fearless look, Mr. Guang began to mutter in his heart, This kid must have realized that this is a trap, but why isn't he afraid? Could it be that he still has a backup plan?

However, Mr. Guang saw that Gao Fei's figure was not very tall and sturdy, and he also had two brothers on his side. He did not really care about it. He glared and cursed, "F * ck, I don't care if you get scratched until you itch or not. Just say your little brother.

Did she grab you? "

Gao Fei quickly nodded. "That's true, but I was forced to."

"I was forced to take advantage of you, so you have to pay the money for taking advantage of me."

Mr. Guang looked impatient and reached out his hand. "Give it to me!"

Gao Fei was stunned. "What do you want?"

"The money for taking advantage of others!"

"How much is it?"

"Five thousand!"

"I, if I had five thousand, even if it was five hundred, would I come to this place to find a job? "



"There really isn't?"

Mr. Guang started laughing.

Gao Fei continued to retreat, shaking his head nervously. "Really not. What, what are you doing..."

"What are you doing? Hehe, if you don't have enough money, the meat will come to you. Don't you understand this principle? "

Mr. Guang grabbed the collar of the flying jacket and flung it backwards. He growled, "Brothers, cut him, cut him hard!"


The man with long hair on the left sneered. He raised his fist and aimed at Gao Fei's face. It was a fierce blow to the sky!

"F * ck, Four, your punch is so cool!"

The girl standing at the back clenched her fists and put them by her mouth. Her face was full of excitement and desire to see the red color. She even fantasized about Gao Fei getting beaten up so badly that his face was full of flowers.

However, just when the girl thought that Gao Fei was going to scream and fall out, She saw him twist his body and dodge Four's right fist that was rushing over. He raised his hand and grabbed his hair. At the same time, he pressed down hard. His right knee was quickly lifted and with a bang, it hit his stomach!

"Ah!" Four screamed and fell to the ground with her arms around her stomach. Her curled up body was like a big shrimp.

The situation on the field changed. Gao Fei thought he would be beaten up, but in the blink of an eye, he put Four on the ground. His friends were all shocked.

Especially the one with the buzz cut. When he saw Gao Fei walk over, he raised his hand to wipe his eyes in disbelief and muttered, "How... How is this possible? Four will be beaten down by him?"

"Brother, congratulations. Your eyes are very useful."

After saying this, Gao Fei twisted his body and flew up with his right leg. He whipped heavily on the right side of the buzz cut's face.

Then, the brother flew out of the door while screaming.

"Even someone at this level has the nerve to come out and blackmail others. This is really unreasonable."

Gao Fei calmly clapped his hands, turned around and looked at the dumbfounded Mr. Guang. "Brother, it is you now. Do you want to use your head to hit the wall, or do you want me to do it?"

"I... I want to hit your mother's wall!"

Mr. Guang suddenly woke up with a fierce look in his eyes. He took out a knife from his back and thrust it at Gao Fei's chest.

"Ah, Mr. Guang, don't touch this guy. Don't you know that this is an act..."

The girl was shocked when she saw Mr. Guang pull out the knife.

Before the girl's scream died down, she felt her vision blur. Gao Fei had already grabbed Mr. Guang's wrist and quickly bent his left elbow. With a bang, he hit ___'s chin and then pressed his left hand against ___'s chest. He leaned against the floor and leaned against the south wall. His left hand grabbed ___'s neck. His right hand grabbed his knife and stabbed into his head. As fast as lightning!

"Ah, no!"

The girl screamed as she covered her eyes.

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