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C4 You Want to Bribe Me

The girl really didn't expect that Gao Fei's fear just now was just an act. So it turned out to be so cruel. Wouldn't that stab a hole in Mr. Guang's neck?

She was so scared that she hurriedly covered her eyes and prepared to hear a scream.

But she did not hear it for a moment. Only then did she slowly look out through the gaps between her fingers. She saw that the knife that Gao Fei stabbed at Mr. Guang was right next to his neck and stabbed into the wall.

Mr. Guang, who was as fierce as a god just now, was completely scared silly at this time. His legs were trembling, his face was ashen, his eyes were straight, and he said words that no one could understand.

"Brother, hey, brother."

Gao Fei raised his hand and slapped Mr. Guang's left cheek a few times. He was still smiling. "Wake up, it's snowing outside."

"Damn it, you scared me to death... Ah! "

Looking at Gao Fei who seemed to be fine, the girl slowly retreated. Afraid that he would come and clean her up, she did not see the chair behind her. She tripped and fell to the ground, letting out a cry of surprise. His legs were separated, revealing himself.

Under the short skirt was a black lace underwear.

Gao Fei turned around and glanced at her, ignoring her.

Mr. Gao still had a gentlemanly demeanor. He did not have to scare her just because she plotted against him. At most, he would just express the scene he had just seen. "Damn, there's quite a lot of hair there. Is it convenient to do things there?"

The sound of a girl falling to the ground woke Mr. Guang up. "Ah! Don't, don't kill me, good man, don't kill me!"

Gao Fei had never intended to do anything to Mr. Guang. He just wanted to teach them a lesson.


Now that he saw how scared Mr. Guang was, Gao Fei smiled. Just as he was about to let go of Mr. Guang's collar, his heart suddenly moved. He said slowly, "It's fine if I don't kill you. But, that..."

As he spoke, Gao Fei extended his right thumb and index finger and crushed them in front of Mr. Guang a few times.

Because the knife was still under his neck, Mr. Guang did not dare to nod his head. He only repeatedly said," Understood, brother understands! You want money, you want money, right? I'll give it, I'll give it!"

" It's comfortable to talk to smart people. "

Gao Fei took the knife away from his neck and casually spun it in his hand a few times, then a series of dazzling knife flowers appeared.

Mr. Guang shivered. He hurriedly took out his wallet from his pocket and handed it to Gao Fei with both hands.

Gao Fei opened it and frowned. "It's so little. It's at most a few hundred dollars, right?"

Mr. Guang replied with a stutter, "I... I only have this much. Do you want to go to the bank to withdraw it?"

"Forget it. It's so troublesome. If it's a little less, then so be it. I'll make do with it."

Gao Fei took out four big notes and threw the wallet into Mr. Guang's arms.

Mr. Guang quickly caught it and saw Gao Fei smiling and asking him, "Brother, don't worry. This money is what I borrowed from you. Tell me where you live. When I have money, I will pay you back with the bank interest."

Mr. Guang kept waving his hand. "No, I don't want it."

Gao Fei frowned. "You don't want it? What? Are you looking down on me? Are you trying to bribe me with candy shells?"

Looking at the knife in Gao Fei's hand, Mr. Guang did not know what to say. He stuttered even more. "No, no."

Gao Fei tilted his head and asked, "I will ask you again. You really don't want me to pay you back?"

Mr. Guang nodded vigorously.

"Sigh, in this current society, there are very few people with love like you."

Gao Fei sighed heavily and passed the knife to Mr. Guang. He patted Mr. Guang's shoulder with a lonely face and turned around to walk to the door.

Looking at Gao Fei's back, Mr. Guang's eyes flashed a trace of fierceness and he clenched the knife tightly.

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