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Beauty Chief's Close Expert/C5 A Man of the Highest Quality
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C5 A Man of the Highest Quality

I took the opportunity to throw myself at him and stab him in the face. He won't be able to dodge it, will he?

Mr. Guang clenched the knife tightly. Just as his mind moved, he saw Gao Fei stop and turn around again. He was so frightened that he hurriedly let go and tried to squeeze out a smile that was uglier than crying. "Brother, you still, still have something to do?"

Gao Fei put two fingers by his mouth and gestured. He said, "Do you have cigarettes? Smoking one to wake up."

"Yes, yes!"

Mr. Guang quickly took out his cigarette and lighter and handed them over.

After taking a puff of the cigarette very comfortably, Gao Fei naturally put the cigarette into his pocket. After mumbling to Mr. Guang, Good man, good man, ... After that, he slowly walked out of the door, leaving everyone with a lonely back view.

"F * ck, why is this person so good at pretending to be superior?"

Mr. Guang lightly sighed. Just as he slid down the wall and onto the ground, the room's door opened. A beautiful young woman in her thirties walked out slowly from inside.

The young woman was wearing a Korean version knitted shirt, which was bulging with two round and tall tops. She was wearing a very small red miniskirt, and her long white legs were not wearing stockings. She was wearing a pair of red crystal slipper shoes, which she was wearing all over her body.

She gave off a familiar seductive feeling.

Mr. Guang only glanced at the beautiful young woman and quickly looked away. He muttered, "Hong, Ms Hong."

The young woman ignored Mr. Guang and looked at the door. Her eyes were filled with admiration. "This person can resist Little Yan's temptation. It can be said that he is very restrained. Being able to put down the confusion in the blink of an eye proved that his fighting ability was quite outstanding. After finishing, he still wants to fight.

He didn't forget to ask for money, which means he's pretty thick-skinned. However, whether or not I can hire him in the end, I still need Ms Hong to personally go out and give it a try!"

Stars appeared in Mr. Guang's eyes." Ms Hong, you want to go out personally? "

The young woman smiled sweetly and gave a flirtatious glance. "Can't I?"


The weather in the middle of June could be described as a stove. Even the beggars hiding under the southern wall were gasping for breath with their tongues out.

However, there were benefits to the weather. As long as one stood on the streets, one wouldn't need to spend money to appreciate many beautiful legs.

If one was lucky, one could squat at the steps of the shopping mall and put on a pair of shoelaces. One could also see the color of the inner part of the skirt or simply not see the inner part of the skirt!

Of course, a gentleman like Gao Fei would not do such a boring thing. At most, he had done it seventeen or eighteen times by accident.

Gao Fei licked his dry lips. He had not drunk any water in order to apply for the job. He had seen the girl just now... It would be strange if she was not thirsty.

Seeing a cold drink stall not far ahead, Gao Fei quickened his pace. He had money today, so he had to buy a bottle of iced beer to enjoy himself.

Just as he walked to the cold drink stall, the phone in his pocket rang.

Taking out his phone and looking at the caller ID, Gao Fei felt even more thirsty. This was a reaction that would only occur when he was angry and angry.

The call was from Liang Ming.

Liang Ming, just like Gao Fei, came from the 'Hope Orphanage'.

He might be the most promising person since the establishment of the orphanage. He was currently in charge of a foreign company, and his monthly salary was as high as tens of thousands.

Two weeks ago, Liang Ming told Gao Fei about his wife's superior. He asked if there were any outstanding single young men around her. If there were, Would he be willing to be a shield for a beautiful CEO? Because of that beautiful president's long hair.

In her generation, she always wanted to let her start a family as soon as possible. Under endless annoyance, she came up with this idea and spent a lot of money to hire a 'boyfriend'.

Liang Ming said that once Gao Fei was hired, he would be able to step into the white-collar class. At that time, he would be able to eat and drink well. If he was lucky, he could even hook up with kind woman and play with her.

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