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C6 Your Wife Was Cheated

When Liang Ming mentioned it just now, Gao Fei thought that this guy was happy with him, so he casually smiled and scolded him, then agreed. After that, he forgot about it.

But this morning, Liang Ming, who was on a business trip abroad, called Gao Fei and told him to interview in Room B-2 on the 19th floor of a building at 2 PM.

On the phone, Liang Ming repeatedly told Gao Fei that he had to go. Otherwise, his wife would not be able to explain it to her superior.

Just like that, Gao Fei took the bus on a hot day and rushed to the city center from the rented place in the suburbs. However, the beautiful president did not see it and was almost beaten up.

As soon as Gao Fei picked up the phone, Liang Ming asked passionately, " How's the interview going? Did you see the beautiful CEO? Was she hired? "

Gao Fei had been holding back his anger over finding a job. Now that he heard him laughing happily, he opened his mouth and cursed, "What the hell, you're looking for a job for me, aren't you? Or are you asking me to send money there? F * ck, if it wasn't for Brother Fist

His footwork is amazing, he would definitely be beaten up!"

Liang Ming was stunned. "Hey, why do you say that? What's wrong? "

"What's wrong? What else could it be? This is the job that your wife was talking about that even the white-collar workers were envious of? What the f * ck..."

Gao Fei leaned against a French tree and recounted what he had just experienced.

After hearing Gao Fei's words, Liang Ming shouted in disbelief, "What?! You said this was a trap? F * ck, how is that possible? My wife contacted me. How could she lie to me? "

Gao Fei said weakly," Maybe it's not your wife who lied to me, but your wife. What I mean is that your wife's superior lied to her. It wasn't that she was cheated by another man. Alright, hang up.

I'll have to deduct at least a dozen yuan now. We'll talk about what happens when you come back, Bai Bai. "

Without waiting for Liang Ming to say anything, Gao Fei took off the phone and bought a bottle of beer. He raised his head and drank half a bottle in one go. He heaved a long sigh of relief. "Drinking beer in the hot weather is like hugging a woman in bed in the winter. It feels so good!"

Seeing that it was still early, Gao Fei did not want to go back to the rented place so early. He bought another bottle of beer and walked forward with the bottle in his hand.

When he came to the bottom of a bridge, Gao Fei opened his mouth and yawned.

It had been two years since he returned to the country. Gao Fei's small life had been very comfortable. After lunch, he would take a nap, whether it was spring, summer, autumn or winter.

He had been busy applying for the job today. He did not have an afternoon break, but he felt tired.

"Why don't we take a nap here before leaving?"

Gao Fei covered his mouth and yawned again. He decided to take a nap here first. No one knew him anyway. Even if he was treated as a beggar, he wouldn't lose face.

"Damn it, if anyone treats me as a beggar, they will be blind. Is there a handsome beggar like me?"

Gao Fei muttered. He picked up a colorful advertisement from the ground and threw himself on the lowest step of the Celestial Bridge. He crossed his arms and sat down. He leaned his head against the railing and snored evenly in the blink of an eye.

If it were someone else, it would be very difficult to sit here and sleep on the roadside where pedestrians passed by from time to time.

But for Gao Fei, it was very easy because he could still sleep in a place that was ten thousand times worse than this.

After sleeping for an unknown period of time, Gao Fei stretched his legs in his sleep.

Then, he felt something touch his left leg. Then he heard a woman screaming, What?!" Ouch!"

A tall girl wearing brown sunglasses fell to the ground in front of Gao Fei.

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