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C7 Let Go of Me

Gao Fei opened his eyes when he heard the scream.

Then he saw two long white legs. In the middle of the long legs, there was a small black lace inside.

"Hey, what's going on?"

Gao Fei was stunned. He quickly sat up straight. His sleepy eyes suddenly became bright, as if he wanted to see through the inside of the lace!

"What are you looking at, rogue!"

Just as Gao Fei was staring at the corner and enjoying himself, he felt his vision blur. With a shout, a white light suddenly swept toward his face!

Not good, there's a situation!

Gao Fei cried in his heart. Subconsciously, he raised his hand and grabbed the white light!

This white light was a foot wearing a pair of mercury diamond high heels. Gao Fei held the ankle firmly in his hand. No matter how hard its owner struggled, it could not move at all!

"Let me go, you dirty hooligan! Let me go!"

The owner of this foot was a girl wearing a blue knitted dress.

She was lying on the ground with her hands supporting her body. Her right leg was bent under her body, but her left leg was grabbed by Gao Fei. She pulled back with all her strength, her beautiful face was extremely beautiful. With embarrassment and anger, she was so red that she almost bled, but her beautiful eyes were filled with anger!


When Shen Yinbing walked down the heavenly bridge, she saw that there was a person sleeping on the lowest step of the flight of stairs.

But she did not care because there were often migrant workers or beggars sitting here to rest.

But just as she walked down the last step of the bridge, the guy who was sleeping next to her suddenly stretched out his left leg and tripped her on the ground.

After landing solidly on the ground, Shen Yinbing's knee and elbow must have been broken by the hard road. It hurt so much that she saw stars. When she struggled to get up, She found that the guy was staring at her legs fiercely...


Oh my god, I'm wearing a skirt, okay?

If he looked over like this, wouldn't he be able to see what kind of underwear I am wearing? After suddenly realizing this serious problem, Shen Yinbing did not hesitate at all. She lifted her left leg and kicked towards that guy's face.

Shen Yinbing's kick did not have the slightest bit of mercy. She swore that she would kick that ugly face into a pig's head!

But that guy reached out and grabbed her ankle in time. No matter how she struggled, she could not shrink back.

Under Shen Yinbing's embarrassment and anger, tears flowed out.


After Shen Yinbing was so embarrassed and angry that tears started to flow out, Mr. Gao finally understood what was going on. Just now, it was me who extended my legs and tripped her.

However, he definitely had to pretend that he did not know anything. He just let go of her ankle and stood up with an innocent face. He glared and shouted: " Hey, ladies, are you sick? I didn't provoke you, so why did you kick me? And you call me a hooligan?"

"You dirty hooligan, you dirty hooligan! Who told you to trip me and peek at me?"

Shen Yinbing quickly retracted her left leg and wiped away her tears. She grabbed the railing of the bridge and stood up.

But just as her left foot landed on the ground, she squatted down and covered her ankle with her hand. Her originally red face turned pale in an instant.

"You stinky hooligan, you stinky hooligan. Who told you to trip and fall on my leg to let me see? Did you twist your leg? Serves you right, I let you make a scene!"

Gao Fei put one hand on his waist, shook his head, and squeezed his throat. He imitated Shen Yinbing's voice and turned around to leave.

Although it was a pity that he had not seen enough of a certain place, he should stop when he saw a good thing. A person could be shameless, but he could not go too far.

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