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C9 You Carry Me

Your feet hurt?

Serves him right!

Who told you to be unreasonable?

You still expect me to care about your feet and hands hurting? You're not my biological mother, not my biological wife!

Gao Fei sneered in his heart. Just as he was about to say that he deserved it, he was stopped by Shen Yinbing's words. "I can pay!"

Gao Fei's eyes immediately lit up. "Pay? Tsk, a true man cannot be bent by force and cannot be licentious with money. If I help you to the parking lot over there, how much will you pay?"

Shen Yinbing very elegantly extended a middle finger. Just before Gao Fei retorted, she extended another index finger. Two white fingers, like the green and white, swayed in front of his eyes twice.

"Damn it, a beauty is a beauty. Even a finger is so alluring. I really want to take a bite!"

Gao Fei cursed in his heart. His eyes widened. "What?! Twenty dollars, and you want me to help you walk that far?!"

Shen Yinbing stammered, "Yes, it's two hundred dollars."

" Two hundred? Ha, this silly girl must be crazy, or she must be rich. "

Gao Fei was overjoyed, but on the surface, he was indifferent, "Pay first. Add another 50. "

" Oh."

Shen Yinbing nodded obediently and took out her wallet from her small bag. She found two 100-RMB notes and a 50-RMB note and handed it to Gao Fei.

"You took the money so quickly. It can't be fake, right?"

Gao Fei looked at the money and put it in his pocket. Then he reached out his hand to help.

Shen Yinbing lightly bit her lips and held Gao Fei's arm with both hands. She lifted her left foot and slowly stood up.

Because Shen Yinbing tightly hugged Gao Fei's right arm, it made him clearly feel a very bouncy plump mass. His heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly said, Collect money from people, and help people eliminate disaster. Don't delude yourself, just in case you get struck by lightning. After that, he looked up to the east and looked to the east.

The parking lot is over there, right? It's so far away, it's so cheap to charge you 250 yuan. "

Gao Fei kept talking, but he felt his right arm sink. He looked down and saw Shen Yinbing squatting on the ground again. He asked unhappily, "What's wrong now?"

Shen Yinbing's voice carried a sobbing tone, "My... my leg hurts so much that I can't walk."

"Is that so? Then why don't I feel any pain?"

Gao Fei said something cool and looked at her right foot. That foot was wearing mercury high heels, and her ankle was clearly swollen. It seemed that it was dislocated. It was so painful that her whole body was trembling.

"It's just dislocated. Is it that exaggerated?"

Gao Fei frowned. "Why don't you give me some more massage fees and I'll help you recover your position?"

Gao Fei dared to pat his chest and swear. This dislocation was a piece of cake for him. It could be done in seconds.

However, Shen Yinbing decisively refused. "I, I don't need you!"

"No need, forget it. Do you think I still want to touch your stinky feet?"

Gao Fei knew that she did not believe that he could restore her position, so he did not insist. Anyway, it was not him who was in pain. He just curled his lips and asked, "Then tell me, what should I do?"

"I want to see a doctor!"

"How? You can't walk."

"You, you..."

Shen Yinbing bit her lips and looked around. She said in a low voice, "You, you carry me to the parking lot."

Gao Fei stared and cried out in surprise, "What, you want me to carry you there? Are you mistaken? I can carry you there, but you have to add another 200. Otherwise, there is no need to talk! "

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