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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C1 Psychiatrics Send Troops to King
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C1 Psychiatrics Send Troops to King

Early in the morning after the rain, deep within the Dreamcloud Mountains, fragrant flowers and birds chirped.

However, at the peak of the mountain, there was a hundred meter tall dilapidated white building that seemed to have been abandoned by the world. Not a single blade of grass grew near it, and even crows were unwilling to approach it.

On the red coloured signboard, there were a few large golden words that looked particularly dazzling.

"Unnormal Human Research Center!"

Not many people in China knew about this place. Even if they did, most of them kept it a secret and did not want to mention it.

Because this was not a hospital, but a special prison.

There were too many blood-stained schizophrenic people. The law couldn't punish them, and if they were released, they were afraid of endangering society. That was why this special place existed.

However, at this moment, the sound of reading could be heard from the building...

After a short jog, the dean tottered down to the basement, passed through the narrow and dark passageway, and stood tremblingly at the door of a room.

There was a pair of couplets on the door. The first half read: Mental patients have a wide range of thoughts. The second half read: brain-dead children are much happier.

There were no horizontal lines. There were only three crooked words carved on the roof: Hidden Essence Pavilion!

"Brother Tian, that... the higher-ups have a mission to attend to."

The dean knocked on the door. There was no movement for a long time. He tottered as he wiped the cold sweat off his head. Just as he was about to knock on the door again, the door opened with a creak.

The person who opened the door was a young man in pyjamas. His facial features were upright. His eyes were exceptionally bright on his blade-like cheeks. His handsome face was slightly pale, and his unkempt beard added a trace of vicissitude!


Ye Tian's eyes drooped, and he peeled a lollipop and put it in his mouth. He raised his eyebrows slightly and spat out two words from between his teeth.

"It seems to be... F class." The dean wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and smiled bitterly.

"F * ck, such a low level, I'm not going!"

Ye Tian's eyes widened. He raised his hand and prepared to close the door.

The dean seemed to have made a huge decision. He suddenly stretched out his hand to stop him.


Ye Tian showed a look of interest, but this glance made the dean feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave. His hair stood on end and his back was wet.

"Grandpa. The level of the mission did not match your identity, but you should at least see who posted it. Also, there is a sentence in the additional conditions of this mission. I wonder if I should say it? "

" If you have something to say, then hurry up and say it. I'm still busy. "

"The higher-ups said that if you refuse this mission, then tell someone about your presence here...!"

"F * ck, let me see!"

Before he could finish, Ye Tian snatched the mission sheet from the dean's hand and glanced at the poster. His expression instantly became interesting.

"This old man Tang is really a fraud!"

Ye Tian's eyes widened until they were round.

The dean's face turned pale. Only this person in front of him dared to call the Military District No. 1 Chief like that.

However, to make Ye Tian reveal such an expression, it could be said that one thing is inferior to the other.

"Wait outside!"

Ye Tian quickly closed the door and eagerly browsed through this F-level mission that he had not been interested in before.

"I endured it when I hid a female violent dragon in this lousy place. Now, you forced me to go out and protect a little girl. Old Tang, oh Old Tang, you're really amazing. I really can't do anything to you!"

Ye Tian flew into a rage in the room, but the dean outside was secretly praying. God, let this ancestor leave quickly!


With a loud bang, the alloy door was deformed by Ye Tian's kick, and it flew out of the door frame and smashed into the wall.

Ye Tian had changed into clean and tidy clothes and was carrying a backpack. He looked like a donkey.

Turning his head to look at the lifeless dean, Ye Tian suddenly smiled and said, "I have accepted the mission. But if you let a second person know about this matter today, I will strip you naked and feed you aphrodisiac and send you to Big Iron Bull's room."

The dean's face instantly turned deathly pale when he heard this. He could not help but tighten his anus.

Big Iron Bull had some special hobbies. The reason he came in was because he had eighteen strong men pick up soap for him for a month.

Along the way, the mental patients who saw Ye Tian were all quite frightened. They hurriedly washed their clothes, swept the floor, and swept the floor.

The group of patients who were reading earlier now looked more like primary school students who saw their form teacher. They held their books and read with all their might.

Seeing that the devil was really leaving, the dean's eyes were red from crying. It was not because he was reluctant, but because he was too excited.

"The tough days have finally come to an end! Inform all the patients to hang up banners to send them off. Also, inform the canteen to slaughter that old mother pig, we'll have an extra meal tonight! "

When the patients who were studying in the morning learned of this news, they hugged each other and cried. They wished they could burn the books in their hands right away.

"The good habits of reading in the morning continue to persist. I will come back often in the future."

Ye Tian carried his backpack and looked at the group of patients who "sent" him off. He actually felt a little reluctant to part with them.

"Please don't come back. Otherwise, I would rather jump down from the mountain!"

"Brother Tian, please spare us. I will burn paper and incense for you every year. We will meet again in the future... Bah, we'll meet again in the future!"

"Don't come back, I want to transfer... Wuwu. "

At the same time, in a big building in Jinghai City.

"Dad, why did you hire bodyguards again? I'm not that expensive to the extent that those people can ignore the law and kidnap me, right?"

In the office, a beautiful woman in OL uniform put down the coffee in her hand and slightly bent her arm. Her jade-like hand supported that beautiful face that could overturn all living things as she faced the phone and was speechless.

"Listen to dad. You are now a hot potato in the eyes of many people. This time, I spent a lot of money to poach Ye from your grandpa Tang. This is also the best way for me to protect you."

"Who knows if he is the same as those straw bags from before?"

"Alright, listen to me. My good daughter, look at his file first and you'll understand."

After hanging up the phone, Su Bingyu's gaze shifted to the old file bag on the table. Her eyes were filled with doubt.

Dialing the messy hair to the back of her head, her slender jade legs slightly closed and opened the file to browse. Her eyes could not help but narrow.

Ye Tian, enlisted at the age of fourteen, codenamed Mad Wolf. In the World Special Forces Competition, he represented China's outstanding heroes, and won the first place.

He killed the terrorists who threatened the safety of the citizens with human bombs, allowing thousands of citizens to escape danger.

He had once destroyed the underground nest with his own strength, rescued more than a hundred children from the human traffickers alone, and won the first prize.

After killing the three heads of the bloody wanted bandits, countless drug lords in and out of the world were terrified, and they became the captain of China's ace Wolf Fang Team in the same year.

According to these data, the title of Soldier King deserved its reputation.

Su Bingyu's face looked a little better, but when she turned to the second page, her expression became strange.

During the World Special Forces Competition, she was almost punished for teasing a beautiful judge.

He entered the female soldier's dormitory without permission and was arrested. He did a self-reflection in front of all the soldiers.

He was found when he peeked at a female soldier bathing. After being chased for a week, he disappeared three months ago...

"No, no, I can't let this pervert get close to me. I have to think of a way quickly."

Su Bingyu was deep in thought for a long time. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes lit up and the corner of her mouth curled up into a playful smile.

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