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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C10 It's Better to Grieve than to Die in His Heart
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C10 It's Better to Grieve than to Die in His Heart

Although she hated this pervert, Su Bingyu had to admit that his driving skills were not bad. At least his driving was very stable.

"Tell me, where are you going?"

"Let's go to the mall first. You are my bodyguard now. How can you dress like this?"

Su Bingyu looked at Ye Tian from head to toe. She was afraid that not a single piece of his body was more than 100 yuan. Not to mention a bodyguard, even if he said that he was her driver, no one would believe him.

He twitched his mouth. If he went, he would go. Anyway, he did not need to spend money.

Ten minutes later, in the shopping mall's clothing area.

Ye Tian, dressed in formal attire, just came out of the fitting room. Su Bingyu's eyebrows immediately raised.

His slender and straight figure was like a javelin. Although his face was not considered handsome, there was still a trace of perseverance like chopping with a knife and chopping with an axe. He was full of manly taste.

The expensive black suit on his body gave this trace of resoluteness and dignity.

Although she was unwilling to admit it, Su Bingyu could not help but take a few more glances.

Ye Tian touched the stubble on his chin and teased, "Seeing that you are unwilling to move your eyes away, do you... like me?"

A sentence completely shattered the favorable impression she had just had. Su Bingyu immediately put on a cold face and shouted, "Tsk, you are really thick-skinned."

"The two of you are really lovey-dovey. I have to say that this dress looks very elegant on your boyfriend."

The shop assistant saw the situation and said.

"We are not..."

The two of them said at the same time. The atmosphere was a little awkward and when they heard the clerk whispering, they laughed.

"The more you draw, the darker it gets. Pay the bill."

Su Bingyu slapped her forehead and said speechlessly.

"This time, it is a total of 98,000 yuan. After the discount, it is 86,000 yuan. Do you think we need to give this gentleman another membership card? We can enjoy discounts in the future."

"Yes, give me your ID."

Ye Tian was secretly surprised by the price. When he heard Su Bingyu's reminder, he touched his pocket and his expression instantly became interesting.

He actually forgot about this.

"Hurry up..."

"I didn't bring it with me."

He smiled helplessly. He couldn't possibly tell her that he had left his room at the hotel last night, right?

"I'm really impressed. Forget it. Use mine first."

Su Bingyu reproached him.

Large bags left the shopping mall and went straight to the First-Rated House. This place was considered a very high class club in Jinghai. It was indeed a good choice to talk business here.

The car stopped at the door and Ye Tian suddenly said, "I still have some things to deal with. Lend me your car. When the time comes, call me and I will pick you up."

"What!? Bastard, you are my full-time driver. How could you let the boss wait for the driver? Do you believe I won't deduct your bonus? "

As soon as she finished speaking, she cursed herself for being stupid. How could this guy get any bonus on his first day of work?

"As you wish, CEO Su. I've also sent the person. See you later."

The car disappeared without a trace, leaving only Su Bingyu standing at the door.

"Who made our Big Miss Su so angry? Do you want Big Sister to help you teach her a lesson?"

Hearing the words of the red dressed lady who was slowly walking over from behind, Su Bingyu's face instantly changed into an excited smile as she jumped into her arms.

"Big Sister Meng, you are finally willing to return to the country."

In the noisy underground casino, Cripple Wang's face was full of smiles as he stared at the girl in front of him who was dressed in ordinary clothing.

"The money is here. Where is my dad?"

Deng Qianqian tightly gripped the stacks of soft sister bills in her hands. With these, she should be able to save her father, right?

"Bring him up!"

Cripple Wang waved his hand and a few of his subordinates immediately carried a haggard middle-aged man out.


Deng Qianqian's eyes sparkled with tears. She had not seen her father for a few days. How did his father become like this?

"These are all for you. I want to take him away!"

"Hey, don't worry."

Cripple Wang suddenly stood in front of her and smiled as he pushed the money Deng Qianqian handed over. He squatted down and asked Deng Qinghai, "Tell your daughter how much do you owe me?"

"Fifty... fifty thousand."


Deng Qianqian felt as if she was struck by lightning. Last night, it was still twenty thousand. Why did it double in one night?

"Girl, get some more money for Dad. He was unlucky yesterday, so I can definitely turn the tables today."

Deng Qinghai suddenly grabbed his daughter's leg. His eyes were full of unwillingness to be defeated. He was like a gambler who would give up his life for money!

"You still want to bet! You actually want to bet! What do you think I am? Since my mother passed away, take a look at what you have become. Drinking and gambling, in order to raise money for you, I work three times. I even go to the bar to sell alcohol, but how can you..."

He thought about how he had even lost his most precious thing as a girl because he was raising money, and now this man in front of him actually told him that all of his efforts and sacrifices were for nothing!

"You are not worthy to be... a father!"

Deng Qianqian could not bear it anymore. She broke free of Deng Qinghai's hand and curled up to the side, crying helplessly.

"From the sound of it, you are not going to return the money?"

Cripple Wang's face suddenly revealed a treacherous expression as if he had succeeded in his scheme. He looked at Deng Qinghai. I broke my leg because I did not pay off my gambling debt," he said. I swear. If anyone dares to owe me money, I will not only break his leg, but also his leg. I would also break his hand! Beat him into powder piece by piece."

Clearly frightened by Cripple Wang's threat, Deng Qinghai's facial features suddenly distorted. He roared at his daughter," You b * tch, just like your mother, you are an ingrate. I have worked so hard to raise you up, it is only natural for me to pay back my debts to my daughter. If you don't help me pay my debts today, I'll sell you to do some flesh business!"

" Raising you up like a dog, you deserve to call yourself a father! You don't have the right to talk about my mother."

Deng Qianqian's face instantly turned pale and her heart was completely disappointed with him. He was simply a mad dog that bit people.

"Tsk tsk, you scolded me well. Deng Qinghai, your shamelessness really makes me blush with shame. However, I, Boss Wang, have a good heart. Let your daughter accompany me for a night. The money you owe me will be written off."

"Hehe, Boss, when you're done playing, let our brothers have a good time too."

The subordinates beside her rubbed their hands and sized Deng Qianqian up. They were like looking at the goods and bargaining.

Her heart was already in despair.

Hearing this, Deng Qinghai's eyes lit up and revealed an excited expression. "Boss Wang, you really have good taste. I won't hide it from you. Although this person was beautiful, in reality, he was still a fledgling that had not sprouted a bud. Letting her serve all the bosses is her fortune. As long as you can let me take another gamble... She's yours!"

"Put your nose on your face. F * ck you, you still want to f * cking bet!"

Cripple Wang used all his strength to spit at him. He kicked Deng Qinghai in the stomach. Deng Qinghai knelt on the ground and howled in pain.

Seeing the few hoodlums approach her with lewd expressions, Deng Qianqian's eyes revealed a trace of determination. She suddenly rushed towards the pillar at the door without caring about anything!

Her head suddenly hurt. She looked up in surprise and found that Ye Tian was looking at her with an evil smile.

"You really like to hit me in my arms?"

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