Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C11 Saving Him at the Cost of His Life
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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C11 Saving Him at the Cost of His Life
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C11 Saving Him at the Cost of His Life

Deng Qianqian could not believe her eyes. Was it this person who took away her most precious thing?

She would never forget that smiling face in her life.

As she curled up in his embrace, she suddenly seemed to be not afraid anymore. But why was her heart beating so fast?

His face was so red that it felt like it was going to drip blood. He should have hated him, but why couldn't he?

While his heart was in a mess, he heard Ye Tian suddenly say to Cripple Wang, "Why don't I bet with you?"

"Little prick, who do you think you are?"

As soon as one of his subordinates finished speaking, he felt his arm go numb. He was surprised to find that his entire arm seemed to have lost all feeling.

Cripple Wang's pupils suddenly shrank. He did not think that this was a supernatural event.

"Next time I lose consciousness, it will not be just my arm!"

Ye Tian's cold voice slowly came out. Cripple Wang was surprised to find that his back was wet.

He did not even see ___ make a move. Was this young man a monster?

He forced himself to swallow his saliva. Cripple Wang put down the contempt in his heart and pretended to be calm. "How do you want to bet?"

"Simple, just play poker. If we win, he will write off all the debts he owes you, and I will take everyone away. If you lose, you can choose whatever you want. "

" Why should I believe that you can afford the bet I want? If you lose... "

Cripple Wang's smile suddenly froze on his face because Ye Tian was holding a small black gold card in his hand.

"Isn't it just money? You should know this thing. Do you think I can afford the bet you want now?"

"If I can afford it, I can. Little brother naturally has the ability."

Cripple Wang's heart skipped a beat. He had never seen a pig run before he had never eaten pork. Even his boss did not have a black gold card in the bank of Huaxia. It was said that if one wanted this thing, not only did one need to deposit ten million in one go, one also needed to have sufficient status.

Hence, every year, the cards would be split among the various major powers. Those who could take it were either rich or noble. He could not help but feel excited. Could it be that this kid had an extraordinary background?

Deng Qianqian also had a surprised expression on her face. How could the black card in Ye Tian's hand scare Cripple Wang to such an extent?

On the gambling table, Cripple Wang gave his subordinate a look and called a dealer over.

"Issue the cards!"

Everyone stared at the cards on the table, their hearts in their throats.

Deng Qianqian nervously gripped the corner of her clothes, but she saw that Ye Tian did not look nervous at all. He even peeled a lollipop and put it in his mouth, as if he did not take this gamble seriously.

Looking at the first trump card, Cripple Wang revealed a happy expression.

"Additional bet, one hundred thousand!"


Ye Tian's sudden words made his face stiffen. Could it be that this kid also had a good card?

He gave the dealer a look and knocked on the table, adding in the bet.

The second one, the third one...

Among Ye Tian's four cards, the biggest one was the Heart-K. On Cripple Wang's side, there were already four nine cards of different colors.

The overall situation had been decided.

And the bet had already been raised to five hundred thousand!

The dealer gave Cripple Wang a look without anyone noticing, and only then did his heart completely relax.

"Hehe, I think the victor has already been decided. Although your four straight lines are the same color, even if your trump card is also an A, it's still not bigger than my four nine!"

Cripple Wang opened his trump card. A look of ecstasy appeared on his face. He had struck it this time.

However, Ye Tian said disdainfully, "How do you know that my last card can't be called HeartA, and that I can't get a smoothie? How about adding another 500,000 to the bet? "

"Kid, do you think you have that kind of luck to be able to meet a HeartA? Forget 500,000, even adding another 1 million is fine. I'll be here today to see how you're going to lose! "

Cripple Wang and the dealer exchanged glances. This silly kid actually could not tell that the HeartA had long been secretly substituted by him!

A trace of disappointment also appeared on Deng Qianqian's face. Thinking about how she implicated Ye Tian this time, she felt unhappy in her heart.

Deng Qinghai, who was on the ground, felt a lot of regret in his heart. He thought that if he was asked to bet this round, the result might not be like this.

"Boss Wang is straightforward. Then, we will add another one million according to what you said!"

Ye Tian gave him a thumbs up and praised.

If the other members of the Wolf Fang team were here, they would have been mourning for Cripple Wang in their hearts. One should know that back in Las Vegas, Ghost Hand, who claimed to have never lost, had lost more than ten times in his hands.

In the end, this old guy lost so badly that his face turned green, and he almost kowtowed on the spot to acknowledge ___ as his master.

In terms of thousands of skills, Ye Tian was definitely at the level of ancestor.

Sure enough, the moment he revealed his trump card, everyone's expressions froze on their faces.


It was a synergy!

He won!

"This is absolutely impossible! The heart A is clearly here. How is it possible for you to obtain it?"

Cripple Wang was so angry that his heart was pounding. He actually threw the switched card on the table fiercely, but in the next moment, his expression changed. It was actually the heart A!

"Tsk tsk, it seems like your dealer is not only poor in skills, but also unable to differentiate the HeartA from the Hearts. Why do you think you should keep him?"

The dealer widened his eyes. He had personally taken out the card. Why did it suddenly change color?

Ye Tian smiled faintly. He had only used a little trick and had already fooled these two people.

"Boss Wang, you are definitely the first one to be able to do something so self-righteous in your own casino!"


Cripple Wang was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He felt pain in his heart. In such a short period of time, he had lost a whole million!

"Damn, what's the use of having you?"

He kicked the dealer to the ground. Cripple Wang's face suddenly became gloomy. Since he had already made it clear, he might as well leave this kid here.

"Looks like you are going to break the contract? What, you want to keep me here with just these two crooked dates? You think too highly of yourself, don't you?"

Ye Tian's hand behind his back moved slightly, and a few silver needles with a dim light appeared between his fingers.

These silver needles had Genuine Qi attached to them. The previous hoodlum's acupuncture point had been pierced by ___'s silver needles, and he had lost half of his arm.

"That may not be the case."

Cripple Wang suddenly waved his hand. The hoodlums behind him had long been waiting for an opportunity to make their move. At this moment, they even picked up chairs to greet Ye Tian's head.

"You are courting death!"

He frowned slightly and instantly attacked.


The silver needles were so fast that the naked eye could not even find their trajectory. In just an instant, the gangsters were surprised to find that they were unable to move.

Their bodies fell down uncontrollably.

"Elder Brother Ye, be careful!"

Deng Qianqian cried out in alarm. A black pistol had appeared in Cripple Wang's hand at some point in time.

Ye Tian was surprised to find that Deng Qianqian's first move was to... block in front of him.

"Does she want to sacrifice herself to protect me?"

The softest part of his heart was touched. At this moment, he had a faint heartache. Cripple Wang had a crazy look on his face and could pull the trigger at any time!

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