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C13 The Germinal Organization of Love

"No need, no need. I believe Elder Brother Ye isn't that kind of person. This is the second time Elder Brother Ye has saved me. I shouldn't have doubted it."

Deng Qianqian also could not understand why there was a slight sense of loss in her heart.

Her innocence was still there. Wasn't it what she hoped for?

Could it be that deep in her heart, she still hoped that something would happen between her and Elder Brother Ye?

"Deng Qianqian, what are you thinking about? You and him are simply impossible. Elder Brother Ye only saved you conveniently, just like how he saved a starving wild dog by the roadside."

Shaking her head, she looked at the clothes that the boss of the hotel lent her and couldn't help but lower her head even more.

She was not worthy of Elder Brother Ye.

"What are you thinking about? Right, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to win so much money this time, so I should give you half of the money."

Deng Qianqian did not have the time to stop him, but she was shocked by the text message from the successful transfer on her phone.

A total of one million had suddenly appeared in her card. This sum of money was absolutely an astronomical figure to her.

If it wasn't for Ye Tian, she was afraid that she would never have seen so much money in her entire life, not to mention that this money was in her hands right now.

"Elder Brother Ye, I absolutely can't take this money. You have already saved me twice. If I take your money back, it would be too inappropriate. I can't... No..."

" Since you don't want it, then throw it away. In any case, I won't take back the things I gave you. "

Ye Tian suddenly put on a stern face, thinking that the father and daughter were really different. The father loved money as much as his life, even willing to sacrifice his own daughter for money.

However, his daughter knew how to repay kindness. Although she was poor, she was not greedy. Her stubbornness was heartbreaking.

"Elder Brother Ye... How can this be? I really feel bad for you. "

" If you refuse again, you can pretend that I don't know you in the future. Besides, if I tear your clothes, I'll treat it as compensation. Take it! "

Ye Tian said it with decisiveness and decisiveness. He didn't hesitate at all.

A piece of torn clothes could be worth one million? But Ye Tian was so persistent that Deng Qianqian could only stop pushing him. The hand that held the bank card was full of cold sweat. Until now, everything that happened made her feel that it was not real.

"And these, these are the commission you got from selling the wine last night. Now it is also yours."

Ye Tian took out the two stacks of soft sister coins and said with a smile.

"Elder Brother Ye... I definitely can't accept this!"

"Don't be in such a hurry to say no, I have a request for these. I want you to do me a small favor. "

"Tell me. As long as it's within my ability, I will definitely help you do it."

Deng Qianqian had a determined look on her face.

"Help me find a similar house nearby. To tell you the truth, I don't have a place to live yet."

She rubbed her head helplessly. Until now, she still did not have the time to find a place to stay. Now that she mentioned it, it was a good way to give Deng Qianqian a way to thank her.

Otherwise, with this girl's character, she would not know how much guilt she felt in her heart.

"Okay, no problem!"

"Then take these as the deposit. You helped me, so you can consider it as repaying Elder Brother Ye's favor, alright? You can't refuse. "

"En, Elder Brother Ye, there is a rented house near our school. I can definitely help you find a good place."

Deng Qianqian also knew that he wanted to give her a way out, but even so, as long as he could help her, it still made her cheer in her heart.

"Alright. Where are you going now? I will send you."

"That person is at home. I don't want to go back. Please trouble Elder Brother Ye to send me back to Jinghai University. I can stay in the dormitory with my roommates during this period of time. "

Deng Qianqian thought for a moment and said.

Audi R8 was speeding along the road, but Deng Qianqian was mentally exhausted. She fell into a deep sleep amidst her wild thoughts and leaned on Ye Tian's shoulder like a little cat.

"I'm sorry, Elder Brother Ye. I accidentally fell asleep."

Deng Qianqian playfully stuck out her tongue and said shyly.

That moment of warmth just now made her feel as if she had found someone she could rely on in her heart.

"It's fine. Go ahead. If you are tired, then rest well."

Ye Tian said gently.

"By the way, Elder Brother Ye, what kind of work do you do?"

Deng Qianqian suddenly thought of a serious problem. She did not seem to understand this man in front of her.

"Can't you tell? I am a driver. I drive for our boss."

Ye Tian spread his hands and looked very natural. Only then did he realize that it had been a while. Su Bingyu, this little girl, must have been impatient from waiting, right?

"Oh? But Elder Brother Ye really did not look like a driver. He looked more like a boss. Hehe, I'll call you when I find a place. When the time comes, I'll definitely use the money I earn to treat you to a big meal. Thank you very much."

"Then I'll wait for your good news."

Ye Tian suddenly reached out and rubbed Deng Qianqian's head. This girl was really stubborn to the point of making people's heart ache. It seemed that she would not be willing to spend the money that he gave unless it was a critical moment.

Obviously, she was shocked by Ye Tian's sudden intimacy, but her heart was full of sweetness.

Did Elder Brother Ye treat her like a little sister?

"My roommate called me. Bye, Elder Brother Ye."

Her nose was slightly sour. Although she was a little disappointed, a thing called happiness still stubbornly took root in her little heart. She suddenly mustered up her courage and raised her head to kiss Ye Tian's face like a dragonfly touching the water. Then she ran away like a frightened rabbit.

Needless to say, this girl's face was probably already completely red, right?

Ye Tian touched his face and the corner of his mouth could not help but raise a trace of a smile. He stepped on the accelerator and left as fast as lightning.

"What a good little girl. Drive an Audi R8. Which family's rich second generation is this? You really have no humanity in the opposite sex. I was wondering why you disappeared for so many days. So it turns out that you know how to love."

Behind her, Yu Xiaoyu, who was wearing a light blue chiffon skirt, spoke with a blaming tone.

In the entire school, she was one of the few girls who were willing to be friends with her, so Deng Qianqian especially cherished this friendship.

"Stupid girl, what nonsense are you talking about? Elder Brother Ye and I are innocent, I am not worthy of him."

Deng Qianqian's face darkened.

"Oh my God, Qianqian. If you are so beautiful and still don't have confidence, then what should we do with people like us? As long as you dress up a little, you'll definitely be able to charm a bunch of men. That Elder Brother Ye of yours, won't it be a piece of cake?"

" Really? "

"I'm puzzled. You have a beautiful face that makes people jealous. Why are you so shy and timid? "

Yu Xiaoyu said helplessly.

Deng Qianqian's eyes suddenly lit up. That's right, how can I be so timid?

That's right! If you like it, then say it bravely. I will help Elder Brother Ye find a house in the university town. Isn't it because I want to see him often? If he was still so shy, Elder Brother Ye was afraid that he could only treat himself as a weak little sister forever.

"Deng Qianqian, you can definitely do it!"

Clenching her small fists, she secretly made up her mind. Since she liked it, she should boldly pursue it!

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