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C16 The Old Fox

After a while, she could not help but shout, "Bastard, are you done? I risked my life as bait, but you are taking advantage of my sister here!"

Su Bingyu escaped from Ye Tian's arms with a red face and glared at her sister.

Unexpectedly, she did not attack Ye Tian. She just glared at him and asked with confusion, "What is going on?"

"In the car, let's go back first. Uncle Su must be very anxious."

Su Shilan made a call. There were naturally people cleaning up the mess here. Sand Eagle's corpse was blasted beyond recognition and there was no way to investigate. It also reduced the trouble of explaining to Ye Tian.

He still had lingering fear when he thought of the shocking scene from before.

He didn't even dare to tell Su Shilan that he was gambling with the lives of two people!

If it wasn't because his strength had advanced to the intermediate stage of the yellow rank and his perception of Qi and danger was several times stronger than before, he wouldn't have dared to take such a risk.

He had specially found Su Shilan to exchange for the crown prince with the civet cat.

He had no idea where the Sand Eagle was hiding. He only sensed danger a second before he pulled the trigger. It was also because of the moment he stopped that the Sand Eagle's vital energy was leaking out of his body. Thus, he had locked onto the Sand Eagle.

The second person to appear at the muzzle of Sand Eagle's gun was Su Shilan, who had disguised herself as him!

Ye Tian knew that after experiencing the first hesitation, no matter how confident he was the second time, the Sand Eagle would quickly shoot.

And at this time, how much danger would Su Shilan, who was exposed to the muzzle of the gun, face?

This was a huge gamble, betting on Su Shilan's life and her trust in him!

The period of time between him disappearing and Su Shilan pretending to be him only lasted for two minutes. And the distance between them was a total of 2500 meters!

The best time for him to attack was when Su Shilan attracted the Sand Eagle's attention. It was also at that moment that Su Shilan was the closest to death.

A top sniper like the Sand Eagle only needed a few milliseconds to kill the person that appeared in his field of vision.

Unfortunately, Ye Tian's killing speed was one step faster than his.

After telling him everything about her being kidnapped in the car, Ye Tian felt both physically and mentally exhausted. He fell into a deep sleep just like that. He had to admit that the Genuine Qi consumption this time was indeed too much.

In the villa of Su Family.

Su Shouye wasn't a fool. He had his ways. Although his two daughters were hiding it from him, he still found out the whole story through various means.

He frowned slightly, but he didn't get angry.

"These bastards have provoked me repeatedly. Looks like I have to think of a way to settle this once and for all. You two come to my study room for a while. "

Ye Tian and Su Bingyu looked at each other and saw the doubt in each other's eyes.

Su Shilan did not suppress the curiosity in her heart and crouched at the door to listen to the movement inside.

"No, Dad, are you joking? This is your so-called method of settling everything once and for all?"

Su Bingyu's face was red. Seeing Ye Tian's prepared expression, it was obvious that he already knew about this.

"Did you know that my dad would make such arrangements?"

"The mission I received was to be your boyfriend. This was just a cover up identity. What's there to be surprised about?"

Ye Tian minded his own business and drank his tea, ignoring how furious Su Bingyu was.

"I don't agree! Dad, how can you be so childish?"

Su Bingyu muttered angrily, her face full of dissatisfaction.

He admitted that his impression of this guy had changed, but it suddenly rose to the level of love between a man and a woman. This was really unacceptable to her.


Su Shouye suddenly slammed the table.

"Bingyu, you can't always be so willful. If it wasn't for Ye this time, you would have died long ago! Dad is not omnipotent. He can't protect you at all times. But you have seen Ye's ability, I can totally give you to him. There's no room for rebuttal on this matter. Otherwise, I won't acknowledge you as my daughter!"

Su Shouye spoke with decisiveness, not giving Su Bingyu the chance to speak back.

Outside the house, Su Shilan covered her small mouth and exclaimed in her heart.

Father actually made this pervert his sister's boyfriend? Wasn't this inviting a wolf into the house?

However, even she herself did not notice that this time Ye Tian wanted her to be the bait. She completely agreed without any reason.

Even if she knew beforehand that this was a matter of life and death.

Among them was the blind trust she had in Ye Tian's strength when he saved her last time, as well as an indescribable feeling.

"What's wrong with me? It seems that after the last time, I have a strange... trust in him?"

Su Shilan shook her head and wrinkled her little nose as she muttered to herself in her heart.

However, what shocked her was still at the end.

"Next week when you two have time, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get the certificate."

Su Shouye's words were relentless.

What certificate? It was naturally a marriage certificate!

Ye Tian's head was full of black lines. This sudden move gave him a shock. Su Bingyu even raised her eyebrows.

Su Shouye seemed to have turned into an old fox. He had been in the business for so many years, and these small tricks could be easily used by him.

"This absolutely cannot be done. I don't agree!"

Su Bingyu was so angry that her teeth itched. She even wondered if she was her biological son, and he sold her just like that?

"Dad, your daughter's lifetime happiness is ruined for you just like that!"

"Compared to your happiness, I am more concerned about your safety. Besides, what part of Ye is not good enough for you? Young people need to have good looks. You need strength and strength, why don't you cherish it?"

Su Shouye tried his best to persuade him, which made Ye Tian's face turn red.

"Dad, I really wonder why you are so partial to him."

"You will understand from now on. From today onwards, Ye Tian will be your fiancé to outsiders. But with a certificate, you can be considered a legal husband and wife. This will make you lose a lot of flies. "

"Beating flies is his business. Otherwise, why would he keep a bodyguard like him?"

"It's better to avoid unnecessary trouble. It's not good for you to be so ostentatious. Ye, in the future, you have to mention her a little more. This girl is like her mother, stubborn."

A trace of pampering flashed across Su Shouye's eyes. Only then did his tightly furrowed brows relax a little. When he talked about his wife, a flash of sadness appeared on his face.

" Just think of it as your mother. Listen to your father once. Can't you? "

Su Shouye's tone was no longer as harsh as before. There was even a hint of begging, like an old man who was about to die.

Ye Tian smelled something special.

Sure enough, this move was very effective on Su Bingyu. She bit her lips and nodded with a hint of sobbing, "Can't I agree?"

Su Shouye smiled with satisfaction, like an old fox who had succeeded in his evil scheme. He did this purely to tie the two of them together, and also gave Ye Tian an identity to make everyone shut up.

Su Shilan's mouth opened into an O shape outside the study. She did not expect her father to be so decisive, completely blocking her sister's path of retreat.

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