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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C18 He Saw the Inheritor Again
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C18 He Saw the Inheritor Again

It was said that gossiping was a woman's nature, and Sunn Qian was no exception.

Before Ye Tian came, she had never even seen Su Bingyu get angry with anyone before her face turned red. But when this guy came, why did the CEO seem to have changed into a different person?

She could not help but take a few more glances at Ye Tian who was driving.

In the end, she could not hold it in and asked, "Ye Tian, what is your relationship with the CEO? Are you really her boyfriend?"

"Why? Doesn't look like it?"

Ye Tian wrinkled his nose and smiled.

"That's not what I meant. I'm just curious that CEO has never been shy with men before. There has never been a man who can be as intimate with her as you. To be honest, are you from some family's rich second generation? Coming to the company to experience life and so on?"

" You've read too many novels, haven't you? Have you ever seen a rich second generation drive a car for someone else?"

Ye Tian could not help but laugh. Why was this woman like a flood when she got involved in gossip?


"It seems like it."

Sunn Qian was already pretty to begin with, and her smile was like a blooming flower. Ye Tian couldn't help but look at her a few more times.

Her curvaceous body, which was wrapped in her business suit, was moving and curvaceous.

No wonder so many people squeezed their brains out and wanted to come to Su Group. This place was simply a Womanland, and any one of them was so beautiful.

"What are you looking at?" Sunn Qian said angrily.

"Looking at a beauty."

"I think the CEO is right to ask you to deal with those gangsters because you are the biggest gangster." Sunn Qian spat.

They sped all the way.

They got out of the car and were stopped by two security guards at the door before they could enter.

"Stop, what are you doing?"

"Su Group, collect the debt."

Ye Tian had no interest in talking nonsense with these people.

"How dare the Su send someone here? Weren't they taught a lesson a few times before? But if they pity this beautiful girl, they will probably be taught a lesson by Fatty Tang... Hehe."

The two security guards looked at each other and suddenly laughed maliciously.

"En, you guys can go in."

Sunn Qian was frightened by the two people's eyes. She looked at Ye Tian but this guy did not feel nervous at all.

"In a while, stand behind me. If anyone dares to touch you, slap them!"

Ye Tian pulled Sunn Qian into the building and instructed her.

The scale of the Feihong Corporation was definitely one of the best in Jinghai. Otherwise, it would not have become a partner of Su.

It was a pity that it was not as good as before. At least, it had its face in the past.

A few gangsters with dyed hair were sitting in the hall, smoking and playing with lighters in their hands.

One of the hoodlums even reached his hand into the front desk lady's clothes. Not only did this woman not resist, she even had a look of enjoyment on her face, full of lust. From time to time, she would throw flirtatious glances at the men around her.

Sunn Qian frowned slightly when she saw this. What kind of people were these?

A fat man in a suit coughed and greeted them with a smile. The gangsters immediately withdrew their hands like frightened rats.

"Is it Assistant Sun? Welcome, I apologize for not welcoming you from afar. I apologize for not welcoming you from afar. "

When the man smiled, his face was full of wrinkles, and his eyes could barely be seen.

A hooligan was a hooligan, yet he still pretended to be gentle. Ye Tian could not wait to kick him when he saw this.

"No need, Manager Tang, you should know the reason why we came this time. If you still don't pay back your group's debt, then we can only see you in court."

Sunn Qian clearly disliked this man and directly pointed out the reason for his visit.

"This... Assistant Sun, do you think the law is useful to us?"

Fatty Tang's eyes flashed with a light. Is the law useful in front of strength? Being polite is giving you face, but I won't return it. What can you do?

The surrounding gangsters laughed as if they had heard the best joke in the world.

"But we are citizens of China, since we are citizens, how can we not abide by the law? After all, it is only right and proper to pay back debts. "

Sunn Qian looked at Ye Tian, turned around and spoke again.

"Pui, you really think you are a green onion? I'm not abiding by the law. Bite me. Now that the Feihong Corporation is the property of Black Dragon Sect, if you have the ability, go and ask Brother Hao for it. But if you accompany me tonight, I can help you beg him."

Fatty Tang's face was full of lascivious light. As he spoke, he was about to touch Sunn Qian's body. Obviously, from the beginning until now, he had been treating Ye Tian as non-existent!

How could he tolerate it?


Fatty Tang's body, which weighed more than three hundred kilograms, was sent flying with a kick.

Crack, crack, crack!

More than a dozen hoodlums surrounded Fatty Tang with their melon knives in their hands.

"Ye Tian, you are too impulsive. What should we do now?"

Sunn Qian complained. Ye Tian had asked her to say those words just now. She did not expect it to have the opposite effect. These people were fierce and fierce. How could he beat them?

Fatty Tang only got up from the ground after a long time. He spat out the dirty blood in his mouth. He pointed at Ye Tian and scolded, "Kill him!"

With a wave of his hand, a dozen gangsters swung their swords and chopped.

Sunn Qian nervously closed her eyes. She had never seen such a scene before.

However, Ye Tian raised his eyebrows in disdain.

A bunch of motley crew.

With a flip of his wrist, the throwing knife shot out with a flick of his wrist. The sound of metal clanging could be heard without an end.

The watermelon knife was knocked down to the ground. A few ruffians even had their pants belt cut off by the throwing knife, and their pants fell off.

If it went down a little bit more, it would be fun.

Everyone had an expression as if they had seen a ghost. Who would dare to go forward? In their eyes, this was simply a demonic technique!

Fatty Tang was even more frightened.

Sunn Qian was dumbstruck. She hurriedly covered her face and cursed the hooligan in her heart. Her beautiful eyes could not help but look towards Ye Tian. This... was all done by him?

"Whoever doesn't want any parts on their body, just come."

A faint voice was heard, and the hoodlums couldn't help but retreat.

"Take me to see that Brother Hao or whatever."

Ye Tian glanced at Fatty Tang indifferently, and he was so scared that he staggered.

He did not want a part of his body to be destroyed, so he quickly went forward to lead the way.

The elevator stopped at the top floor. Fatty Tang led them to the door of a room.

"We... We're here. Brother Hao is in the office inside."

"Get lost!"

Ye Tian shouted coldly.

"Brother Hao is the chief general of the Black Dragon Sect's Leader Liu. You must be careful."

Sunn Qian still had a lingering fear in her heart. She pulled Ye Tian's sleeve and reminded him.

She gave her a reassuring look and indicated for Sunn Qian to wait outside.

Ye Tian pushed open the huge office door and turned around to enter the suite. He kicked the door of the room hard.

With a loud bang, the solid wood door shattered.

He would be able to suppress violence when dealing with this group of people!

The man had his back to Ye Tian as he shook the goblet in his hand. Looking at the screen playing the video, it was the video of Ye Tian subduing the hoodlums in the lobby downstairs.

"You are very powerful, but these useless people are not even worth mentioning. Do you have any interest in fighting with me?"

Luo Hao slowly turned his head around.

Only now did Ye Tian see the scar on his face. It extended from his forehead to his eyes, and combined with his ferocious body, it was incomparably ferocious.

His pupils shrank because Ye Tian saw a faint white light flash across his eyes.


Ye Tian was a little surprised.

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