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C2 I Don't Know This Chewing Gum

"It's better in the city, pretty girl. Would you dare to wear less?"

Ye Tian was dazzled by what he saw. If it were anyone else who had stayed with a group of mental patients for three months, they would feel that the sow was beautiful.

What's more, he was now in the Jinghai City, which had the number and quality of beautiful girls and was one of the best in the country.

He sat on the flight of stairs at the airport without any image. Ye Tian looked at his white thighs with a smile.

"Hey, speak."

Ye Tian chewed his chewing gum and took out his phone. He looked at the number on the phone that had been encrypted and reluctantly pressed the answer button.

"My trump card, hehe, how's the scenery in Jinghai?"

"Tsk, old man Tang, have you ever seen a trump card that was chased by a woman and hid everywhere? Stop mocking me and tell me the details of the mission. I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you."

After the strand of hair on the phone let out a helpless chuckle, his tone slowly became serious.

"Mad Wolf, this time you only have one mission target, and that is the young lady of Su Group, Su Bingyu."

"I know, isn't it just to be a bodyguard? I have experience with this."

"Hehe, you guessed wrong this time. It's not a bodyguard, but... a boyfriend!"

The tone on the other end of the phone sounded like a cunning old fox who had gotten his way. As if he had thought of Ye Tian's interesting expression at this moment, the old man chuckled. He did not have the dignity of a military chief at all.

"F * ck! Old man, you cheated me again. I still don't know what this Su Bingyu looks like. If she was a dinosaur, wouldn't the rest of my life be completely ruined?"

"Don't worry. It's just in name. It's convenient for you to protect her. This girl's bloodline is extremely special. She must not fall into the hands of some organization."

" Oh? Could it be that she also has some sort of inheritance? "

Ye Tian's tone became serious. If it was related to the bloodline, it wouldn't be that simple.

"You have to rely on yourself to explore. Anyway, you have accepted this mission. You know the rules. If you dare to retreat halfway, I will give Bai Lang a leave of absence and let this girl find you!"

"Old Tang, you are ruthless..."

Ye Tian's head was full of black lines. Just as he was about to say something, there was only the busy tone on the other end of the phone.

He helplessly shook his head and accurately spat out the chewing gum in his mouth into a rubbish bin a few meters away.

The chewing gum drew a perfect arc in the air, but he did not expect that there would be a Cheng Ya Jin in the middle of the road. Coincidentally, it landed on a pretty girl who was passing by. Her perky butt.


The girl angrily took off her sunglasses. At this moment, her eyes were completely focused on Ye Tian. Her face was filled with killing intent. This man actually did such a disgusting thing to her!

Ye Tian's eyes were slightly dull. Even though she had seen countless girls, the girl in front of him still made his eyes light up.

What is a natural beauty? She was the kind of woman that would make a man's eyes turn bloodshot at first sight. She was the kind of woman that would make his eyes pop out and stick to her body.

Because her figure was too hot and eye-catching.

The woman looked to be less than twenty years old. She wore a wine-red shoulder exposing T-shirt on her upper body. It was sweet and lovely. Under her towering chest, her small belly button was faintly visible, and her white hot pants showed the perfect curve of her buttocks, making one's blood boil. Her pair of flawless snow white jade legs were even more eye-catching.

All the men who came and went looked at her a few more times, but unfortunately, she did not even have the interest to pay attention to these people.

That chewing gum was very sticky. Even if she shook her body, she couldn't shake it off her body.

However, following her movements, the two lumps of soft flesh on her chest rose and fell. Ye Tian could not help swallowing his saliva and could not move his eyes away.

Ye Tian's undisguised gaze made Su Bingyu involuntarily feel disgust in her heart.

If it was not for him secretly running out of the house this time, would she have suffered such injustice?

"You... Quickly come over and get rid of this thing for this lady!"

"I don't know this chewing gum at all. If you don't believe me, you can ask it."

Ye Tian said seriously.

"Stop pretending! Hurry up, I'm in a hurry."

"Little girl, you delivered it yourself."

"Beauty, don't you think this chewing gum is a gift from heaven?"

"Bah, what do you mean by fate or not? I only know that if you don't quickly take this thing down, you'll be in trouble today!"

Su Bingyu shouted, but when Ye Tian's sneaky hand approached, she still felt something strange. It was indeed inappropriate for everyone in the hall to do this. It was also his fault that he had been knocked out just now. If this man took the opportunity to take advantage of her, wouldn't the loss outweigh the gain?

"Forget it, I..."

His tone finally weakened.

However, before she could finish, she felt a big hand not only covering her butt, but also continuously kneading it.

"It's a little sticky, wait a moment."

Ye Tian felt the elastic meat in his hand and exclaimed in satisfaction.

Su Bingyu could only endure her embarrassment and anger and let him do whatever he wanted.

"I will endure it. I will deal with you after you are done with it."

After all, she was indeed unwilling to let her deal with this thing. It was only when she saw the chewing gum that had fallen to the ground that she understood that she had been tricked.

"You... have you touched enough?"

"Not yet..."

Ye Tian's tone froze. Only then did he realize that Su Bingyu's dark face had a slap full of shame and anger towards him.


Su Bingyu was about to go crazy from anger. She was embarrassed and angry. When had she ever let other men take advantage of her in that place?

"You... You bastard! Let me go."

Her wrist was firmly locked by Ye Tian and she could not break free. Su Bingyu was anxious and angry.

" Little girl, I am helping you. How can you repay kindness with ingratitude? "

Ye Tian said and slapped her again. Su Bingyu's face was almost bleeding. Her body was soft and her neck was also full of pink.

Suddenly, she looked at the few Black-clothed Man in the distance and thought that it was not good.

If they caught him, their escape plan this time would be completely messed up.

"Let go!"

There was a hint of coldness in her voice.

"I won't let go!"

Ye Tian smiled slyly.

"Don't regret it!"

"I will regret it... Sigh, how can you bite me!"

Ye Tian was shocked. Who would have thought that this woman would bite his left arm when she saw that he was not letting go?

Looking at Su Bingyu who had broken free, and then looking at the line of small Bei teeth marks on his arm, Ye Tian could not help but angrily say, "Crazy woman, you belong to the dog category!"

Su Bingyu shouted at Ye Tian in a threatening manner, "I will not argue with you if there is something that I need to do. I will settle it with you next time!"

After saying that, she ran away.

"What an interesting little girl. Tsk tsk, the feeling is really not bad."

There was still some warmth left in his hand. Ye Tian rubbed his chin and quickly walked into the crowd.

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