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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C3 The President's Brilliant Plan
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C3 The President's Brilliant Plan

"This bastard, don't let me see you again."

In the waiting room, Su Bingyu answered the phone and rubbed her slightly painful butt.

"Sister, is it appropriate? If Dad finds out that you are the main culprit, I will be an accomplice. We will be finished."

Hearing that, she said with a serious expression, "We're twins. Who can tell us apart from those who are close to us?"

"You're a police officer, after all. If he dares to touch you, he'll arrest you on the spot and lock you up for ten or half years. That way, Dad will completely stop thinking about finding bodyguards for me. At most, I owe you a big favor."

"It's a deal, CEO Su. Hehe, I have to think about how I'm going to make you pay back."

From the other end of the phone came the laughter of her younger sister, Su Shilan, as if her plot had succeeded. Only then did she understand that she had fallen for it.

"Alright, stop being stingy. Quickly go to the company. Don't let others discover that something is wrong."

Su Bingyu hung up the phone and looked around. When she found that no one noticed her, she was completely relieved.

Jinghai was downtown.

A pure white Audi R8 drove into Su Group. Su Shilan, who was wearing an OL uniform, went straight upstairs and went straight to the office. For the sake of safety, she ignored anyone who greeted her along the way.

"Sister, I don't know what she is thinking. Doesn't it feel awkward to wear this kind of uniform to work all day long?"

Su Shilan only felt at ease when she sat in the office. If someone found out that she was a fake, then it would be fun.

"A man who can scare sister like that, who exactly is he?"

Su Shilan laid on the work chair. Her uniform accentuated her perfect figure. When she thought of her big sister running away in embarrassment, she could not help but laugh like a silver bell.

"President, there is a man called Ye Tian below. He said he is looking for you."

"Really? Let him in."

Su Shilan heard the secretary's voice and quickly put on a cold face. She tried her best to imitate her sister's usual behavior.

At the same time, in the building, Ye Tian was chatting happily with a few front desk sisters. From time to time, there would be the sound of a few girls spitting out words full of shame and anger, which made the security guards' eyes widen.

Cough, cough!

Secretary Sun coughed twice, scaring the girls so much that they quickly put away their smiling faces.

"Mr. Ye, the CEO asked me to invite you up."

Unexpectedly, Ye Tian arrogantly sat on the sofa, revealing two rows of white teeth. He suddenly smiled and said, "I'm not going up. Let her directly come here."

This little b * tch made me wait for so long. If I don't give her a little bit of intimidation, how can I stand up in the future?


Sunn Qian could not believe her ears. What was the identity of the president of Su Group? The people who wanted to meet her in Jinghai City were all from the Third Ring to the Fifth Ring. It was already a great favor to be able to meet you. You actually dare to let the CEO meet you? What a joke!

The few security guards were even more stunned. What happened today had already exceeded their imagination. It was simply too much of a psychological test.

"Mr. Ye, the CEO is busy with matters, I..."

"She is busy. Am I not busy? I don't know how many girls are waiting for me to save them, but you tell her if she is not willing to come, ask her to find someone else. I won't serve them anymore! "

Ye Tian's words were sonorous and forceful, making the security guards admire him.

This was a real man. Perhaps only this man in the entire Jinghai dared to do such a thing in the Su Group?

The front desk sisters covered their mouths and laughed lightly. They threw flirtatious glances at him, secretly sending him off.

Sunn Qian was somewhat helpless. She could not help but doubt in her heart. Could it be that this extremely ordinary looking man had something to rely on?

"Alright then... I will make a call."

Five minutes later, Ye Tian looked at the woman who was standing next to him. He could not help but spit out the green tea in his mouth.

"It's you!"

Ye Tian's eyes widened. Wasn't this the woman he met outside the airport?

"You... You bastard!"

The man in front of him was extremely ordinary. Su Shilan's expectations before coming were completely shattered. However, at this moment, looking at the large splash of water on her chest from the tea, she could not help but instinctively use a whip kick.

Halfway through her action, she realized that with her current identity, it was not appropriate. Furthermore, it did not seem convenient for her to wear a uniform.

Thus, at the moment when she hurriedly withdrew her action, her high heels suddenly twisted and her body involuntarily fell backwards.

Her heart was greatly alarmed. At this moment, she could only frantically grab in all directions. She did not care what she caught, and nervously closed her eyes.

"How long more are you planning to carry?"

Ye Tian's teasing voice rang in her ears. A strong male aura was spat into her ears, making her feel itchy.

Su Shilan's eyelashes fluttered uneasily. She slowly opened her eyes and found that she was in an embarrassing position. She was only holding Ye Tian's waist. The two of them were like a couple.

Seeing this guy's teasing smile, Su Shilan finally understood why her elder sister was so secretive about this person. This was an out-and-out bastard, a hooligan.

The sound of continuously swallowing saliva came from the surroundings, making her neck turn red to her ears.

"That's right! I'm the older sister now, it doesn't matter. In any case, she'll be the scapegoat."

Su Shilan struggled out of Ye Tian's arms like a rabbit. She coughed twice and pretended to be calm. "You, come to my office."

After saying that, she pretended to be fine and limped away. Ye Tian rubbed his head and followed her.

When everyone looked at Ye Tian again, their eyes lit up. In their hearts, this person had already become a god. Was this still the CEO of the ice mountain who didn't give a damn about men? Why did she become a wife who had been wronged in the hands of this man?

In the CEO's office.


Su Shilan's face turned red. Ye Tian's undisguised gaze made her feel somewhat uncomfortable and puzzled in her heart. It seemed that not only did her elder sister know him, but she had also been violated by him?

Thinking of this, she was even more determined to catch this guy. Thinking of the camera in the office that had been set up long ago, she could not help but have a wonderful idea.

"Today, I must expose your face and handcuff you."

As if seeing Ye Tian hugging the iron window in embarrassment, she decided to be bold. She locked the door and slowly walked towards Ye Tian.

Her eyes were as charming as silk.

"Damn, what's going on?"

Ye Tian swallowed his saliva. This girl's expression was not right. Could it be that this girl was pretending to seduce him? So flirtatious?

Looking at the two rows of teeth marks on his arm, he instantly eliminated this idea.

"Beauty, I'm actually not that kind of person"

Facing the beauty that was right in front of him, Ye Tian said seriously.

Both of her eyes were about to burst into flames. Su Shiyu lowered her head and looked at the big hand that had covered her holy maiden Peak and made a fuss. She shouted, "Pervert, let's see how you are going to quibble this time!"

Just as she was about to flare up, Ye Tian's expression suddenly changed. Something unexpected happened!

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