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C5 The Twin Sisters

In the abandoned construction site in the suburbs, a man in black lit a cigarette and took out his phone.

Beside him, the Barrett heavy sniper rifle slightly refracted a dark light that was breathtaking.

"I failed. Su Shouye found an expert to protect his daughter."

The man's voice was hoarse and his tone was filled with unwillingness.

When he heard his words, the other end of the phone was filled with disbelief.

"Even Sand Eagle, ranked seventh on the international assassin list, failed? Hearing these two words from your mouth really surprises me." There was no joy or anger in his voice.

"I will wait for an opportunity to act again. If I fail again this time, I think I won't have my name on the Assassin Leaderboard in the future."

"Hmph, take care of yourself. Boss means that even if I can't bring back the corpse, and we can't leave this woman in China. Remember! If you lose again, not only will your honor as an assassin be erased. Including your life!"

The voice on the other end of the phone was firm and decisive, without any hesitation.

At this moment, a dramatic scene was playing out in the villa of Su Family.

Su Bingyu never would have thought that the bodyguard that her father found for her was actually that bastard who took advantage of her at the airport.

"Uncle Su, what's going on?"

The two of them stared at each other and looked at the girl who looked exactly the same as Su Shilan. Ye Tian was confused. He never would have thought that Su Shouye actually had two daughters, and these two girls were twins?

Su Shouye awkwardly explained the relationship between Su Bingyu and Su Shilan, as well as the details of Su Bingyu's playful thoughts to Ye Tian.

Ye Tian could not help but grin. He did not think that he would be tricked by a girl.

"Miss Su is an outstanding beauty. Nice to meet you."

"You are also a talented person. Thanks to you saving my sister this time, I still don't know how to thank you."

Ye Tian stretched out his hand and shook Su Bingyu's hand. If people who didn't know the situation saw this scene, they would think that these two were old friends who hadn't seen each other for many years.

Su Bingyu looked at the "enemy" in front of her and showed a threatening look. Clearly, she was saying, "If you dare to tell my dad about what happened before, you will be finished!"

Ye Tian naturally did not want to be outdone. He scratched her delicate palm and looked at her butt. The meaning was obvious.

"Haha, young people like you get to know each other more. Bingyu, this girl, has a stubborn temper. Ye, you have to bear with it."

Su Shouye patted Ye Tian's shoulder. These two people did not reject each other. It was naturally the result he wanted to see the most.

"Dad! Why are you helping outsiders?"

Su Bingyu did not pull out her hand for a long time. Her eyes were burning with anger. This man was bullying her. Did her father not see it?

"I'll ask Mother Wang to arrange a room. Ye, you can stay here from now on."

"This definitely won't do!"

"It's not up to you. I haven't settled the score with you for this matter. If you continue to cause trouble without reason, then I'll ban you. "

Su Shouye shouted, scaring Su Bingyu so much that she instantly became like an eggplant that had been frosted. Her eyes turned red.

Thinking that her father had actually gotten angry because of this man in front of her, she could not help but blame her anger on Ye Tian.

"Uncle Su, actually I also feel that it is not appropriate. I should go and live outside."

Ye Tian's sudden words stunned both of them.

"Ye, how can this be?"

"No need to persuade me, Uncle Su. Tonight I will thoroughly inspect the villa. I will ensure Bingyu's absolute safety. These assassins are not simple. I hope that they can arrange a job for me in the Su Group. Therefore... Easy. For Bingyu's personal protection."

"No problem. I'll tell them to arrange a position for you to be the vice president. You can go to work tomorrow."

"Don't... Uncle Su, I am not that kind of person. I just need to arrange a casual job."

Ye Tian waved his hand and said.

"Since you insist, then leave this matter to Bingyu and let her arrange it."

"Don't worry, Dad. Leave this matter to me."

Su Bingyu's expression finally became slightly better. Her beautiful eyes were circulating and no one knew what she was thinking. The corner of her mouth faintly revealed a trace of a smile.

"Alright, you young people's matters will be handled by yourselves. Sure enough, I did not misjudge the person. This time, I can also peacefully hand this girl over to you. You guys chat. I will go and take a look at Shilan."

Su Shouye's words made Su Bingyu feel uneasy. Just as she wanted to ask something, Su Shouye turned a blind eye to her gaze and turned his head to leave.

"Is there something that my dad is hiding from me? Let me tell you, don't think that you can offset the crime of taking advantage of me just because you saved my sister this time. I advise you not to have any ideas about me, or else you will be finished... "

Su Bingyu waved her fist and threatened.

"Oh? Don't worry, you are far worse than your sister. Even if I am blind, I will not take a fancy to you!"

"Tsk, do you know who we are?"

Su Bingyu had a proud look on her face. When she thought about how she had played him in circles this time, there was no need to mention how excited she was in her heart.

Ye Tian looked at her with disdain. He stretched his neck to her ear and whispered something to her. It made Su Bingyu's neck turn red from her neck to her ears. She was so angry that she trembled.

"You bastard. How dare you say that my chest is small? I will kill you!"

Looking at Ye Tian again, there was no trace of him.

After thoroughly inspecting the Su Family villa, Ye Tian was forcefully dragged to dinner by Su Shouye.

When he thought of Su Bingyu's unhappy expression at the dinner table, he couldn't help but laugh. He thought that this mission wasn't as boring as he had imagined.

After rejecting Su Shouye, Ye Tian left the Su Family.

"Damn that old man Tang. This time, I have been completely tricked by him. How can such a dangerous mission be F grade? Even an ordinary S class mission would not necessarily encounter so many experienced killers. I wonder what is so strange about Su Bingyu that she could attract such a bunch of criminals?"

His figure went into the darkness and jumped onto a building. As he muttered to himself, his brain spun rapidly.

He then took out his phone and opened the video call.

"Little Wolf, it's me."

The snowflakes on the screen flickered for a moment, and then a beautiful girl wearing a camouflage T-shirt and a ponytail appeared.

In the room filled with all kinds of data, her excited voice suddenly sounded as if she had been injected with stimulants. "Boss, I missed you so much! Where are you now?"

"Don't ask so many questions first. Help me take a look at this thing."

Ye Tian took out a strange skull pendant from his pocket. This thing was obtained from the killer. The gaps were full of dried blood.

After a series of keyboard cracking sounds, the girl revealed a trace of joy on her face.

"It's the Blood Skull mercenary group controlled by the foreign consortiums!"

"Hm? So it's those people who almost assassinated the head of state of Nihon. It looks like they have already forgotten that China has been a graveyard for mercenaries since ancient times."

"Oh right, Boss. Sister Bai Lang is looking for you. Do you want to tell her about you..."

"Aunt, please don't..."

Ye Tian's face darkened and his heart skipped a beat. When he thought of that terrifying female T-rex, he couldn't help but feel his scalp tingle.

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