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C6 Deng Qianqian

The Blue Tone Bar was one of the top three places in the entire Jinghai City. It wasn't because of how good the service here was, but because it had a master that no one dared to provoke.

At night, to some people, this place was heaven. The customers who came and went to buy wine were endless. The lights were red and the flowers were green. They were addicted to money and paper.

The men and women on the dance floor twisted their bodies recklessly. Wild electronic music made the atmosphere rise to the peak again and again.

"I really can't drink anymore."

"Oh? Isn't it just asking for money? Drink all of these and I'll buy another bottle! "

The hoodlum who dyed Yellow Hair was surrounded by a few delinquents. He stared at the girl whose face was flushed red and who was already drunk.

The girl was only 18 or 19 years old. Although the immaturity on her face had not faded, her figure had already begun to take shape.

Her figure, which was wrapped in a waiter's short skirt, was curvaceous and curvy. Her jade legs were even more fair and slender under the light. However, it was obvious that she was not used to this kind of clothing and was still wearing safety pants.

The table was filled with empty wine glasses. No one knew how much she had drunk.

The drunk redness made her pretty face under her hair look even more charming and moving. A lascivious light flashed in Yellow Hair's eyes as he gulped. It caused the few delinquents beside him to be dissatisfied.

Damn it, this is so seductive! I can't take it anymore!

"Aren't you just selling wine? Serve your brother well tonight, I'll buy all of these!"

Yellow Hair narrowed his eyes and sprinkled some powder into the cup without leaving a trace. He raised the wine cup and handed it over with a smile.

The girl waved her hand repeatedly, and a trace of panic flashed across her eyes.

Thinking that a good cabbage was going to be eaten by this pig, many people around revealed a look of pity, but no one came forward to stop her.

What a joke! Although Yellow Hair was a local ruffian, everyone knew that he belonged to the Black Dragon Sect. For the sake of a poor girl, he had offended a major power in the Jinghai. These people didn't have the courage to do so.

No one stopped him, which further increased Yellow Hair's arrogance. A few delinquents suddenly grabbed Deng Qianqian's hair and wanted to force her to drink.

The girl showed a struggling look in her eyes, and she instantly woke up from the alcohol. Unfortunately, struggling was useless. Yellow Hair slapped her to the ground.

"Damn it, you b * tch! It's your fortune that daddy has taken a fancy to you. If you want to save that damn dad of yours, then drink it obediently!"

As soon as these words came out, Deng Qianqian's face instantly lost all color, and her eyes turned ashen.

At the same time, Ye Tian touched the black bank card that Su Shouye had given him before he left and walked into the bar.

"A glass of blue witch."

His slender fingers tapped on the bar counter. Ye Tian's eyes glanced around and noticed the previous scene.

The two coquettish women seemed to have found their prey and leaned over. One pretended to talk to Ye Tian, while the other quietly moved her hand to his thigh.

Before the blade could cut through her pocket, the woman quickly pulled her hand back. She looked at the hand Ye Tian had placed on her neck, and her whole body trembled.

"You dare to be a thief?"

The blood flying knife was stuck between her fingers. It seemed to be resting on their necks, but the dark light that was emitting from it was telling them that this thing could kill them at any time!

"Speak, what happened over there?"

Hearing what Yellow Hair said, it was obvious that he knew that his father owed money to someone, or it could be said that everything was a trap that had been set in advance.

But it was all because of that gambling addict's father who owed tens of thousands to someone else. He had said that if he did not pay it back tomorrow, he would break one of his legs.

However, ever since his mother died when he was three years old, his father seemed to have changed into a different person. Not only did he drink all day, but he had also gotten addicted to gambling.

His young shoulders carried the burden of adding up his family, but even if he worked several jobs a day, he could only barely feed himself and the alcoholic's father, let alone pay off his huge gambling debt.

Since young, Deng Qianqian had always been the obedient girl in everyone's eyes. If she had not been forced into a corner, she would definitely not have chosen to come here to sell wine.

She did not hate anyone, she was just sad for herself.

Which girl did not yearn for Prince Charming's fairy tales? However, reality had already made her understand that people could not live in fairy tales. Miss Gray's story was just a story.

"Carry her into the car, the campus belle of Jinghai University, tsk tsk. Tonight, I want to have fun with this girl."

The impudent laughter was extremely ear-piercing. Yellow Hair waved his hand and his subordinates behind him were just about to make a move when Deng Qianqian, who was already drunk and unconscious, suddenly struggled and crashed towards the bar as if she did not want to live!

She would rather die than let this pig sully her!

"Damn it, stop her!"

Yellow Hair was shocked. He did not expect that she could still maintain her consciousness under the strong aphrodisiac.

However, there was someone who was a step faster than them.

In front of the bar counter, Deng Qianqian's body tilted and crashed into Ye Tian's arms. She completely fainted.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Grandsons, I don't even know grandfather anymore?"

Ye Tian revealed two rows of white teeth, but his laughter was filled with coldness. The determination of the girl in his arms made him admire her, but he still felt pity for her.

"You're courting death, country bumpkin, learn from others to save the damsel in distress. Go!"

Yellow Hair smashed the glass cup in his hand onto the ground. He was burning with anger.

The bar was in chaos. Everyone shook their heads at this reckless kid who dared to provoke Yellow Hair.


A bottle of expensive red wine bloomed on the head of a gangster. The blood mixed with the unique smell of alcohol quickly spread out.

He lifted his leg and sent another one flying. He directly smashed it on the table and smashed the broken wine bottles all over the floor.

Yellow Hair found a baseball bat out of nowhere and called Ye Tian's head from behind.

However, as if there were eyes behind his head, a blade shot out from Ye Tian's hand, brushing past Yellow Hair's neck and nailing him into the wall.

The baseball bat in Yellow Hair's hand was suspended in the air, and his neck felt cold.

"This time, it's just a warning!"

The intimidating aura quickly dissipated from Ye Tian's body. The shocking coldness made Yellow Hair unconsciously retreat two steps, and the baseball bat in his hand fell to the ground.

On the ground, there were hooligans who covered their stomachs and howled in pain.

Absolute silence!

"Big brother, I was wrong. Let me go, this girl belongs to you!"

Yellow Hair trembled, clutching his neck that was bleeding non-stop as he begged. He was no longer as arrogant and domineering as before.

"I never hit women..."

Ye Tian's sudden words caused the two delinquents who had been violent to tremble. Yellow Hair rolled his eyes and instantly understood what Ye Tian meant.

He went up and slapped them twice, venting his anger on them.

The surrounding people gasped. When they looked at this young man in ordinary clothes again, there was no longer the disdain from before.

Only then did Ye Tian nod his head in satisfaction. Just as he was about to leave with Deng Qianqian, something unexpected happened!

With a ferocious expression, Yellow Hair grabbed a bottle of wine and suddenly threw it at him from behind.

"You don't know the difference between life and death!"

The faint voice reached Yellow Hair's ears, like the judgment of the god of death, making him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave in an instant!

Fresh blood spurted out. Yellow Hair only felt a chill under his body, as if some part of his body... had left him forever.

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