Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C7 Blue Silver Needle
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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C7 Blue Silver Needle
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C7 Blue Silver Needle

"This kid is finished!"

This was the only thought in everyone's mind.

Indeed, Yellow Hair's facial features were distorted, and he howled in pain as blood flowed all over the ground.

"Do you still want to fight?"

"I'm going to kill you... Black Dragon Sect won't let you go."

"Black Dragon Sect, what kind of stupid name is that? If you want revenge, just let them come. Who cares what kind of Black Dragon or White Dragon you are, they are all dead dragons in my eyes!"

Everyone gasped. Countless people were secretly thinking that newborn calves were not afraid of tigers. How dare he look down on the Black Dragon Sect? Could it be that this young man had something to rely on?

However, Ye Tian had completely lost interest. He looked towards a corner of the bar and said indifferently, "If you guys still don't come out to clean up the mess, I will help you clean up these scumbags!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a crisp sound of high heels hitting the ground was heard. A woman in a red qipao walked through the crowd and walked over leisurely.

She was tall and her breasts were proud. Her long hair was like a waterfall, and she had a sweet smile on her face.

The crowd was filled with the sound of saliva being swallowed.

She was definitely not even thirty years old, but the charm between her brows was definitely not something that those young girls could compare with.

A mature woman was even the type that was completely mature!

Ye Tian's eyes narrowed slightly. When they were fighting just now, this woman had been watching the show, and her calmness was terrifying.

If no one in such a big bar said anything about it, no one would believe it. Therefore, his sharp intuition told him that this woman was probably closely related to this place, and that she was not simple.

"Hehe, little brother's anger has made big sister's heart jump."

Liu Mei's gaze made many people swallow their saliva. They wished that they could pull this woman into their embrace and violently ravage her.

The mature body wrapped in the qipao moved up and down along with her movements, making people unable to move their eyes away.

A faint breath entered Ye Tian's nose, making his head buzz.

Ye Tian frowned slightly. It seemed like his guess was right. This woman's every move was subtly controlling one's mind. If one was not firm enough, one would become her subordinate.

A demoness!

"It seems like my guess is right. This woman is the inheritor!"

Ye Tian bit the tip of his tongue and his consciousness slowly became clear. He looked at the people around him and his face revealed a stunned and slow expression.

What a powerful woman!

Looking at the flame that flashed across Ye Tian's eyes, the woman's beautiful face was filled with surprise. She slightly bowed and her expression became serious.

"I think you won't take her commission for yourself, right? And the wine that was smashed in the fight before, he pays for it."

Ye Tian pointed at Yellow Hair, who was curled up on the ground, and said slowly, like a shrewd businessman.

The woman's expression did not change. She took out the wine like a magic trick. She handed a card to Ye Tian. She chuckled and said, "Of course we won't take it for ourselves. She will put everything she deserves into this card. Meeting her is fate. All of Little Brother's expenses today will be counted on me, Liu Mei."

"That's not necessary. I don't have the habit of owing others favors. I can still afford to pay for a cup of wine."

He waved his hand and the black gold card accurately landed on the bar counter.

Many people around with discerning eyes could not help but be shocked. Liu Mei's pupils also shrank slightly.

The black gold card of the Huaxia Bank not only represented wealth, but also status. In the entire Jinghai, there would not be more than ten bank cards like this.

Picking up the glass of blue demon girl and drinking it in one gulp, Ye Tian took the card and left indifferently.

"Sister Liu, what should we do with Yellow Hair?"

Watching Ye Tian leave, a man whispered in Liu Mei's ear.

"This kind of scum will naturally be dealt with in the same way as trash. Also, let him pay for tonight's losses first! "

"How will Leader Liu explain it if he asks?"

"Tell me the truth. I don't believe that he would dare to touch me because of this trash! Help me investigate the relationship between this little man and the Su Family. He has something I'm interested in!"

Liu Mei licked her bright red lips and revealed a smile that could overturn all living things. It made many men's eyes widen.

Yellow Hair would never have thought that not only would he lose money, he would also lose his life.

He had a sweet and soft jade in his arms, but Ye Tian had no desire to talk about it.

A cold wind blew, and Deng Qianqian's eyelashes fluttered slightly. She actually slowly woke up.

"What the heck! Can you bear with it?"

Ye Tian secretly scolded Yellow Hair for being shameless. Deng Qianqian immediately reacted when the effects of the medicine appeared.

Her body became hotter and hotter. A blush climbed onto her pretty face. When Ye Tian looked down, he could even see a touch of white on her chest.

Like a koala hanging on Ye Tian's body, Deng Qianqian's breathing gradually became hurried. A trace of delicate fragrance seeped into Ye Tian's nostrils. Although it was not as charming as Liu Mei's, it still made one's heart itch.

What was even worse was that the girl's eyes were blurred. She actually kissed Ye Tian's face.

"Damn, I was actually forcefully kissed! If it wasn't for the fact that you're just a little girl, I would definitely show you something amazing!"

Ye Tian silently warned him not to look at him as he bit the tip of his tongue.

Even he himself had forgotten that his age was not much different from Deng Qianqian's.

"Master, find a hotel nearby."

Ye Tian got into a car and rented a car. Only then did he feel relieved.

The driver looked through the rearview mirror and saw the impatient look on the two people's faces. He thought to himself that the young man was really angry. Why was he still in the car...

Ye Tian wanted to cry but had no tears. It was not that he did not want to knock this girl out, but to cure her of the poison, he had to be conscious.

Under this kind of charming atmosphere, Ye Tian carried her into the hotel.

Seeing her dressed like this, he was afraid that she didn't have her identity card with her. He couldn't stay in the hotel anymore.

She threw her ID card and money at the front desk of the hotel and ran upstairs with the key.

The middle-aged woman at the front desk shook her head. It was her first time seeing someone so hungry after living for so long.

Ye Tian did not know about this. He only knew that if he did not expel the poison, the medicine would cause harm to Deng Qianqian's body.

After throwing her onto the bed, Ye Tian let out a sigh of relief.

In a daze, Deng Qianqian actually woke up.

"You... Uwah..."

"F * ck!"

Ye Tian was speechless. After a bumpy journey, she finally vomited. Looking at the dirty patch on his body, he wanted to cry but had no tears.

"It's not my fault. I did it to save you."

He quickly inserted needles and sealed the acupuncture points on Deng Qianqian's body. Then, he slowly took off the short skirt on her body.

A perfect figure.

The jade body in front of him that looked like a white sheep made Ye Tian's throat dry. His heart was in a mess.

He forced himself to turn his head away and injected another needle to expel the poison.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as the last few drops of liquid dripped through the gaps between Deng Qianqian's fingers. He quickly put away the needle and gasped for breath.

"As expected, two forces repel each other. Such a simple needle technique can produce resistance!"

Ye Tian muttered to himself. However, the moment he put away the needles, blue threads gathered on his left arm. The red threads on his right arm followed the same trajectory and moved violently at the same time!

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