Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C8 Secret of Inheritance
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Beauty-protecting Soldier King/C8 Secret of Inheritance
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C8 Secret of Inheritance

What do you mean, ice and fire?

Ye Tian could clearly feel the extreme cold and the power of the Extreme Flame circulating in his left and right arms. Two obscure rune patterns appeared on his arms, and his eyes instantly turned blue and red!

A ball of blue flame and a ball of red flame burned in his eyes!

However, the changes in his body were even more obvious. The pendant on his neck suddenly burst out with green light, as if it was trying to harmonize the power of the two!

Ye Tian's face was already somewhat distorted, the pain piercing into his bone marrow!

The two patterns on his left and right arms suddenly collapsed, and then slowly moved upwards in a strange trajectory, converging towards his back.


The clothes on his body instantly shattered. Ye Tian's hair stood on end!

As if he could no longer withstand this force, a strange explosion sounded from his left and right arms, and blood flowed out along with his pores.

Finally, his blood vessels shattered, and flowed down along his arm...

The green light once again bloomed at this moment, wrapping around the blue and red radiance before slowly blending...

The blue threads and the blood colored threads intertwined with each other, forming a complex ancient text that flashed across his back. Only then did the green radiance conceal itself within the pendant.

Ye Tian's eyes suddenly opened. In his eyes, the blue flame wrapped around the red flame and burned.

His consciousness became clear again. Only then did Ye Tian see that his arms were covered in blood, and many of them had already fallen on the bed sheets.

He casually tore off a piece of clothing from his clothes that wrapped around his bleeding arm, covered Deng Qianqian with a blanket, and put the bank card that belonged to her on the bed. Ye Tian picked up the dirty clothes on the floor and smiled bitterly.

After casually washing himself, Ye Tian's consciousness moved slightly. The Genuine Qi in his body gushed out and dried his clothes in an instant.

"Looks like this accident has increased my strength by quite a bit."

The Genuine Qi in his body was still restless. He knew that he had to find a place to adjust quickly. Otherwise, it would cause a backlash that would not make up for the loss.

He jumped down from the window and instantly disappeared into the darkness.

When the first ray of sunlight shone through the window in the morning, the room was already a mess.

His clothes were torn into pieces.

The few drops of blood on the bed shattered her last bit of hope.

Her long hair fell down like a waterfall and she sobbed helplessly through the blanket. Seeing the bank card on the table, the grievance in Deng Qianqian's eyes deepened.

Thinking about how she had been ruined by Yellow Hair, her heart was dead. In her heart, she had already made up her mind. After saving her father, she would leave this world.

Until she passed by the Lady Boss like a walking corpse.

"This bunch of beasts have ruined another good girl."

The aunty suddenly stopped Deng Qianqian, picked up the identity card on the table and handed it over.

"Miss, this is the ID card of the person from last night. We are not afraid. Call the police and let the police arrest him!"

"What? Are you saying that the person... who booked a room with me last night was this person?"

Deng Qianqian's face instantly turned red. Ye Tian, who was on the ID card, had a naughty smile on his face. Although he was not handsome, he was much better than Yellow Hair. At least he did not make people hate him.

Fifteen years ago, that evil old man Tang picked Ye Tian and Bai Lang from the more than one thousand orphans in the country and brought them into the army.

At that time, Ye Tian was only five years old and Bai Lang was six years old.

Tang Dun taught them how to avoid danger and even taught them how to kill!

The rain of bullets continued until they were eighteen years old. That year, Ye Tian's body underwent a change.

It was as if something was slowly awakening in his right arm. Tang Dun told him that this was an inheritance, a power that came from the depths of his bloodline.

It was only until he joined the Wolf Fang Team, which was formed by Old Tang and could only accommodate inheritors.

His inheritance was fire, while Bai Lang was water. They were born to counter each other.

This world strictly abided by the laws of the pyramid.

The lowest level of ordinary people had the most numbers, and the top level ones were the inheritors, as well as a series of extraordinary people who knew all kinds of special abilities.

Although the cultivation of the Postnatal realm was important, without a vessel that could contain power, even if one cultivated, it would only be twice as effective.

And the inheritance was the vessel. Cultivation was the process of expanding the vessel.

Powerful clans from ancient times would pass down their bloodline power. After their descendants spread their branches and leaves, they would slowly grow thin and even fall into silence.

However, those who could awaken their own bloodline and return to their roots were the inheritors.

Every inheritor was a force that could not be ignored!

That was why Su Bingyu, who had shown all kinds of signs, was seen as so important, and even received Ye Tian's personal protection.

After obtaining the inheritance, there would be a pass to the powerful.

Apart from the inheritance of the five elements, there was also the inheritance of lightning, wind, and ice. Unfortunately, they were all too rare, but without a doubt, these rare inheritances were definitely much stronger than the Five Elements.

Even though inheritances came from bloodlines, other than in a specific environment, they did not follow the five elements' mutually reinforcing and restraining principles.

It was just like how although the shape of the container was different, the final thing it could contain was the same in essence.

As long as a powerful power was provided, each inheritance could unleash a jaw-dropping power.

Those who were able to awaken inheritances were at least Xiantian level experts, and when they were able to use the inheritance power, they had already reached a higher level and stepped into the yellow level.

The gap between the Fourth Level of the Yellow Profound World was like a natural chasm, and every First Rank was divided into the middle, middle, and third years. There was also a huge gap between each level.

Even though Ye Tian was known as the Soldier King, in the eyes of a true expert, he was not worthy of being called an expert. Because he didn't even know how to use the energy stored in the inheritance in his body. And the current him could definitely be said to have been reborn!

In an abandoned area in the outskirts of the city, Ye Tian slowly opened his eyes. The flames that had originally interweaved with blue and red in his eyes had completely dissipated.

He let out a long breath and stood up.

"I'm afraid even Old Tang doesn't know that when I was 18 years old, the blue energy in my left arm awakened along with the fire attribute inheritance in my right arm."

Ye Tian muttered to himself. Before, he had also wondered if he had awakened the water element inheritance at the same time. It was only when he accidentally saw Bai Lang practicing in the bathtub that he was sure that it was definitely not a water element inheritance.

"Now it seems that it can merge with my own fire attribute. Maybe it is an Ice Inheritance. And now that I've fused two attributes, my strength should have already stepped into the middle-stage of the yellow rank. In terms of strength, I can forcefully resist an ordinary late-stage yellow rank!"

Ye Tian clenched his fist fiercely, his entire body crackling like beans in a bamboo tube.

Power circulated within his body. The two energies that had never interacted with each other in his arms were now not only merging, but also circulating continuously within his arms.

His body's flexibility had increased by a lot compared to before.

"Oh no, it's already at this point."

Ye Tian just realized that it was already late in the morning. He had promised Su Bingyu that he would report today.

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