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A caf? in a city

The beautiful music slowly rang out in the coffee shop.


All of a sudden, a pleasant female voice came from the corner. Amidst the slow music, a high-pitched voice instantly rang out, causing all the customers in the coffee shop to look towards the couple in the corner at the same time.

In the couple in the corner, the girl's appearance could be said to be very exquisite.

With her long eyelashes, fair cheeks and slender figure, she gave off the desire to protect anyone who looked at her.

The girl looked at the man in front of her with an aggrieved expression. When the customers in the coffee shop saw this scene, they all thought of the word 'break-up' at the same time.

"No reason. The most important thing is that as long as I marry Man Yun, I'll be able to struggle less for many years. Although I like you, compared to my future, I'm nothing!"

The man spoke coldly with a distinct angular face, even though there was a trace of reluctance on his face.

But when he thought of his own future, the reluctance on his face quickly disappeared, and his expression changed to one of determination.

When the girl heard the man's cold words, she instantly retracted all her emotions and spoke calmly.

"I got it!"

The girl calmly accepted the man's reason without begging or denouncing him, as if the person who just lost control was not her.

In fact, the two of them could be said to be childhood friends. It was just that their family wasn't that good.

But she didn't expect that her childhood sweetheart's boyfriend would break up with her for the sake of her future.

"I'm sorry!"

The man pushed the glasses on his face with an apologetic tone.

"No need. You didn't let me down. I should be thanking you instead. If you didn't explain it to me clearly, I would still be in the dark!"

She took her purse out of her handbag, put down the cup of coffee, stood up and left.

When the man saw the girl's resolute attitude, he didn't say anything and only silently watched her leave.

He sat there for a long time before he got up and left.

What the man didn't know was that at the moment the girl turned around to leave, the tears in the girl's eyes finally flowed uncontrollably down.

The girl's name was Wei Lihua, and the man inside the coffee shop was childhood sweetheart.

They grew up together, and then both went to college at the same time.

Who would have thought that she would encounter this kind of situation when she was graduating?

Although Wei Lihua was not in a good mood, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Actually, Wei Lihua had already noticed something a long time ago.

Since the two of them had been together for so long, Wei Lihua chose to believe him.

Who would have thought that reality would slap her in her face like this? That man had abandoned her in order to save her 30 years of struggle.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Wei Lihua's face. So it turned out to be so cheap.

No matter what kind of feelings she had, they couldn't resist the temptation of money. Perhaps she really should think carefully about what she should do in the future.

Wei Lihua returned to the small house that she had rented for three years. During her first year of university, she came out to live for the sake of her part-time job.

Looking at the small room, Wei Lihua felt a sense of loss.

Although this small room of hers wasn't very big, it was meticulously arranged by Wei Lihua to be extremely warm.

The orange curtains and the small flowers on the computer table made Wei Lihua feel a sense of peace from the bottom of her heart.

Having lived in a small house for three years, Wei Lihua was indeed reluctant to part with it, but she had already decided to go home.

Even if he could not bear to leave, he would leave when the time was right.

At that moment, the phone in her bag rang.

Looking at the familiar number on the phone, Wei Lihua suddenly felt wronged.

Resisting the tears in her eyes, she answered the phone.

"Hey, mom, I've thought about it. I'll be going back home to develop after a while, so I won't be looking for a job here!"

All along, Wei Lihua's thoughts had always been to find a job here to accompany him.

Who would have thought that he would break up with her right after graduation?

"It's fine if you come back. Women have to get married no matter what. When you come back, you can marry Little Zhao!"

On the other side of the phone, Mrs Wei, Zhang Xiu-li, thought her daughter had come home with her boyfriend. She felt that women were always going to get married and have children.

The two of them could get married after returning home. Besides, both of them were university students, so they didn't have to worry about their lives after returning home.

"Mom, I'll go back by myself. I've broken up with Zero!"

Wei Lihua choked up when she said that.

Although she was very decisive, how could she let go of the feeling that she had felt for almost ten years?

"What happened? Didn't you say you were fine last time?"

When Zhang Xiali heard her daughter's words, she was shocked. They were fine a while back, but now, her daughter was going home by herself.

"He's fallen for someone else!"

Wei Lihua's words were full of sarcasm. No matter what, she had always liked Zhao Yi for almost ten years.

When they were in junior high school, they were classmates. Later on, they both entered high school together, so Wei Lihua would still save him some face in university.

"Is that so ?"

After hearing her daughter's explanation, Zhang Xiali felt relieved.

Although she knew that her daughter wasn't telling the truth, she also knew her daughter's character.

His daughter had a tough personality, but in simple terms, she would rather eat soft than hard. Her daughter must have done something wrong to her daughter to make her so angry.

Besides, breaking up now was better than getting married in the future.

In general, his daughter was not at a disadvantage, but she couldn't let that kid off so easily.

He was worried that he would first have to comfort his daughter.

"It's fine if we split up. You can also go home and have a good rest. We're not in a hurry to find a job!"

Although the Wei Lihua family's condition is not very good, but Wei Lihua's own ambition.

Except for the first year, he earned the rest of his college tuition by himself.

In this way, the family's condition would not be that bad.

"En, I will. Mom, don't worry!"

There was no obstacle, and she, Wei Lihua, was not a person that could not be let go.

Since Jun Mo Xie was being ruthless, then I will give up on him, and these words were not empty words.

"Be careful outside. We'll be waiting for you at home!"

Zhang Xiu-li was still a little worried about her daughter, but she knew that her daughter was outside. Even if her daughter was wronged, they wouldn't be able to help her.

It would be better if his daughter returned home, and when she had the chance, they could talk about it again!

As for Zhao Yi, although the two of them broke up, the two families weren't too far apart.

When the time came, there would be plenty of opportunities. Their Wei family would not be a family that could be easily bullied.

The two families had agreed that once they graduated from university, they would get married. In the rural areas, there was no difference between getting engaged and getting married.

It's just that the two engaged to each other don't live together, that's all.

Now that their daughter said that Zero had changed his mind, they had to get back at him no matter what.

Otherwise, the villagers would not know how to talk about their family!

Of course, he couldn't tell his daughter about all of this.

"Un, I will. I plan to return home in two days and settle the matters here first!"

Actually, Wei Lihua had already thought about it long ago. If she didn't have someone to rely on, she wouldn't even prepare to go back.

Speaking of her support, Wei Lihua felt like she was dreaming.

She remembered that the day before yesterday, she was preparing to return home after giving the last of her supplementary lessons to the students.

It was drizzling that day, and she was on the bus platform when she saw a small shiny rock on the side of the road.

She picked it up and put it in her pocket.

Unexpectedly, when she was cooking, she accidentally cut her finger. When she was taking out a tissue, she accidentally touched that rock.

He had not expected that the stone was actually a small space, even though the space was not very large.

However, there was basically nothing in the space. There were some medicinal herbs and even a piece of land about ten acres in size.

As she was shocked at the time, she didn't take a careful look at the spring water.

However, the spring water in the space was a good thing. She had tasted it out of curiosity, but she didn't expect her to have diarrhea right away.

A layer of dirt had also started to appear on her skin. Wei Lihua was worried that she had changed too quickly.

She had been noticed by others, so when she went out these past two days, she liked to put a layer of powder on her face.

"Lihua, don't worry, just take care of yourself. Don't think too much. It's not like our daughter can't get married off. We can't rely on someone like that, do you understand?"

Although Zhang Xiu-li knew her daughter's temper, the relationship between the two children was too deep.

She was a little worried that her daughter would not let go if she really wanted to redeem that relationship.

Even if they made up, his daughter would be looked down upon by the Zhao Family in the future.

"Mom, what are you thinking about? Am I that kind of person?"

Hearing her mother's words, Wei Lihua smiled helplessly. Just now, she had only thought of her own space.

Her mother could actually think of that. She really wanted to tell her mother that she had thought too much.

Although she wasn't a peerless beauty, with space, the spring water inside was magical.

Was it worth her to be that kind of man again? In fact, Wei Lihua never thought about telling Zero about their marriage in the beginning.

However, she felt that this matter was too miraculous. She was worried that Zero would harm her if he found out.

She still hadn't thought about whether she should tell Zero about the time, especially since she still wanted to go home and develop.

She didn't expect that Zero would break up with her before she could talk to him about going home.

"Lihua, Mom doesn't ask you to be so capable. As long as you're fine, it's fine. Mom is worried that you won't get over it!"

Zhang Xiu-li could hear the meaning behind her daughter's words. Seeing her daughter like this, she knew that she was fine.

"Mom, I'll be back in a while. Don't worry, I'm preparing to go home and develop. Don't think too much. I'll be living in front of your eyelids from now on."

Parents are always worried about their child's safety, plus she broke up with her boyfriend.

Wei Lihua also knew that breaking up was already a fact, so no matter how much you said it, it wouldn't be of any use, right?

Zhao Yi just saw that she didn't have as much money as his current girlfriend did, so she had the time now.

As long as she was able to arrange her own space, she would definitely be better than others in the future.

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