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Even though Wei Lihua knew those people were going to buy vegetables, she didn't expect them to be preparing to buy vegetables one by one.

"Give me the same bundle!"

"Here, let me give you some food!"

Wei Lihua continued to be busy even when she was too busy to drink, but even if she was busy to death.

However, the number of people queuing up did not decrease at all. He wondered if those people would queue up for the second time.

However, Wei Lihua had already put all these thoughts aside in the blink of an eye. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to open up eight arms for herself.

"Little girl, do we still have more dishes in our hotel today?"

At this moment, the manager of the hotel came in front of Wei Lihua and asked worriedly.

If he had known earlier that he would encounter such a situation, he would not have mentioned the fact that Wei Lihua was selling the dishes today.

Otherwise, he might not be able to get any food from the restaurant today. The food from yesterday was sold out by the hotel in a single day.

That was only within the limitations of the situation. In the beginning, he had thought that Wei Lihua's dishes were delicious.

However, as for the situation yesterday, he still hadn't thought of it.

"I don't know. If everyone doesn't want to buy it, I can provide it to you. If you're done selling it, then I'm sorry!"

Although Wei Lihua wanted to sell it to him, she was more worried about exposing her secret.

"Little girl, didn't we agree to provide vegetables for our hotel for two days?"

The hotel manager's face was as pale as a bitter gourd. He never thought that the fellow would actually hit his own foot with a rock.

Why did he speak so shamelessly back then? If only he hadn't mentioned the fact that Wei Lihua didn't sell vegetables yesterday.

It would be more convenient for him to buy vegetables today. After all, a lot of people had agreed with him yesterday.

He was going to eat at his hotel today, especially with the vegetables from the Wei Lihua family.

Those people were not people that a mere hotel manager like him could offend.

"But I didn't expect so many people to be buying vegetables today."

The meaning behind Wei Lihua's tone was obvious. If it wasn't for the fact that he said yesterday that she didn't sell vegetables, it would have been obvious.

Would something like this happen today? Wei Lihua felt that the manager of the hotel deserved this.

"Little girl, no matter what, I'll give you a price. Can you give me three hundred Jin?"

The hotel manager could only admit his defeat. What else could he do?

If Wei Lihua was still selling vegetables here in the future, he wasn't worried. At most, he would tell his subordinates to come over.

But today was the last day that Wei Lihua was selling vegetables, no one knew where she came from.

Where was her friend's home? Otherwise, they would have already gone to negotiate with her friend. Was there even a need to be humble here!

"Sorry, I still don't know. You also know that although I restricted the amount bought by one person, there are twice as many people today as yesterday. What can I do?"

Although Wei Lihua and the hotel manager had been talking, she did not stop her actions even for a moment.

Besides, yesterday she felt that there would be a lot of people here.

She had already prepared everything last night, and she had already prepared all the dishes for today.

The number was the same. Most people wanted three dishes, one bag at a time.

Thus, Wei Lihua didn't need to calculate the amount of money. She could save a lot of trouble.

The person who bought the dish also knew that Wei Lihua was busy, so they didn't ask for any more weights.

This was because they all knew that the dishes Wei Lihua gave them shouldn't be small, especially those that everyone wanted to buy.

No one would care even if she was a little less, but Wei Lihua would never do something like that.

Lass, you also know that our business is not that easy. Yesterday, many people already informed me that if I went back to eat today, I would definitely be out of luck without your food. Perhaps my current position will be ruined as well, it won't be easy for me to climb up there at my age.

If he didn't have a request from Wei Lihua, the manager wouldn't have said so much.

Actually, she was also indirectly showing her weakness. No matter what Wei Lihua said, she was still a fresh university student who had just stepped out of the school.

Besides, Wei Lihua had a lot of experience, she always had a kind of tolerant heart towards people.

Actually, even if the hotel manager didn't say those words of 'show of weakness', Wei Lihua still planned to give him some dishes at the very end.

However, she also had a bottom line.

"Alright, we'll talk about it when the time comes. I need to get busy now. Wait a moment, I've been selling today until the morning and I've already prepared my dishes. When I'm done, I'll bring them over for you."

Wei Lihua didn't say anything behind those people who bought the food, but those people understood her well.

In any case, Willy had promised the hotel manager.

"I promised you that I would try my best to do it, but 300 jins isn't as much as I promised you. At most, I can only give you 150 jins!"

"Alright, as long as you have it, then it's fine. It's better to have less!"

The hotel manager also knew that this was her bottom line. After what he did yesterday, she was already grateful that she could still provide him with food.

"Then you just wait and see. I'm probably done selling. I'll get it for you after I sell it!"

After saying that, Wei Lihua didn't bother with the hotel manager anymore. She was going home soon anyway.

After returning home, who would have known that she had sold some vegetables here? Furthermore, she had only recently sold some for herself.

Even though everyone felt that she was more ordinary the first time they laid eyes on her.

In the future, even if she met these people who bought the food, those people might not be able to recognize her. That was why Wei Lihua was so at ease.

Wei Lihua was indeed an ordinary girl without the water in the space.

Of course she wouldn't be beautiful, but she still had the jade from her little family.

However, after drinking the water in the space, Wei Lihua's words were like a transformation.

Her appearance had become a lot more exquisite, and her skin was also especially exquisite.

Wei Lihua had covered her face when she first met Zhao Yi.

But the woman had blended in, she had only covered her own skin.

However, at that time, all of Zhao Yi's energy was focused on the matter of breaking up, so she didn't pay much attention to the change in Willow.

Therefore, Wei Lihua had also managed to indirectly escape the calamity. Otherwise, if not, her appearance would have changed so quickly.

Zhao Yi was also very familiar with her, so how could he not be curious after seeing the changes in Wei Lihua?

"Girl, you're really not selling vegetables here?"

Finally, after Wei Lihua sold all the vegetables on the market, the first lady to buy vegetables from Wei Lihua asked with a depressed look on her face.

"Yea, I can't sell anymore. My friend's dishes are all sold out. I've already taken out half of the hotel's dishes today. Otherwise, I wouldn't have so many left. These would be the last ones!"

Wei Lihua decided that it was better for her to explain so that those people wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

Although she wasn't going to be in this business anymore, everyone helped her out quite a bit during the week she was here.

"Alright then, if your friends make you sell vegetables again in the future, why are you still here? If we see you then, we'll also show you our support!"

If there's a chance in the future, I will definitely come back. But the premise is that my friends will grow more vegetables in the future, otherwise, it would be useless for me to come again. I believe that even if everyone likes me, you can't beat me in cooking here!

When Wei Lihua said that last sentence, she humorously said it.

In fact, she used to be very disappointed with this city, but now she was slowly developing feelings for it.

No matter what, there were her memories here. Good and bad, memories didn't change.

"Alright, actually, we still like little girls like you very much. You know, our eyes aren't bad!"

After those people finished buying the dishes, they didn't rush home. Many people wanted to know if Wei Lihua would come back here again to sell vegetables.

They wanted to have a relationship with Wei Lihua. In fact, they hoped that Wei Lihua would come back here in the future.

And I hope it won't take too long, or they'll be very sad.

No matter who it was, after eating the delicacies of the mountain and sea, and then eating the green vegetables and tofu, their heart would not feel comfortable.

"Thank you everyone, I'm leaving now. If there's a chance, I'll come!"

After saying that, Wei Lihua took her things and left, even though those things weren't all that valuable.

But those were all recently bought by her, especially those big cooking baskets, which she could use in the future.

"We'll meet again if we have the chance in the future!"

When those people saw that Wei Lihua had left, they all let out a sigh at the same time.

"I'm done selling. Then where are the rest of the dishes? I'll go with you to get them!"

the manager of the hotel asked when he saw her riding her tricycle.

He had to be calm. It was getting late. If he was late today, he would not be able to make it to lunch.

"You wait here. I'll bring it to you in ten minutes. I'll leave it not too far away. You don't need to go over there. I can bring it myself!"

Wei Lihua didn't want the hotel manager to follow her. As for how much food she was going to give, she had already made up her mind.

She didn't plan to give him an extra four hundred and fifty catties.

It had been settled last night, he just needed to find a place with no people and bring it out.

She knew that there was an alleyway nearby. Usually, there was no one inside and there were no surveillance cameras monitoring the alleyway.


The hotel manager actually wanted to have a look at the dishes with Wei Lihua, but he still wanted to know the location of the dishes.

Actually, he was looking forward to seeing Wei Lihua even more. Wei Lihua might have met with her friend, and he also wanted to meet that vegetable growing friend of hers.

Of course, Willy didn't know all this, if she did.

At most, Wei Lihua would only chuckle twice. Perhaps, she might add that he was overthinking it.

After saying that, Wei Lihua ignored the manager of the hotel. She turned around and wobbled away on her tricycle.

As for the hotel manager, he wanted to follow her, but when he remembered the look in her eyes, he didn't follow her.

He was worried that if he didn't see that friend of his who grew the vegetables in Wei Lihua's place, he might not have any left for today's food.

He could not take the risk, especially since he had already said yesterday that selling vegetables this time might be his last.

Even though the owner of the hotel was complaining to him, and his rivals were trying to pull him down.

Thus, he didn't dare act rashly.

Although Wei Lihua didn't know if the hotel manager was following her, she still looked around when they arrived at the alleyway.

When she didn't see anyone suspicious, she went into the alley next to the tricycle and lifted her hand to place the vegetables she had prepared in the space on top of the tricycle.

As she wobbled out of the alley, she saw that no one was paying attention to her.

Only then did her heart drop. One had to know that she didn't have any background, so she had to be careful.

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