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"Here, I've brought it. You can weigh it, but I already weighed it last night. You can do it yourself!"

Wei Lihua also knew that even though she had already calculated the price, it was still a fair amount of money.

However, she still wanted the hotel manager to weigh the pros and cons. Otherwise, no one would be able to feel at ease, right?


The hotel manager readily agreed with Wei Lihua's request. He also wanted to know how much food Wei Lihua had given him.

It was much less than yesterday's. That was for sure, but he still wanted to look forward to it.

"Manager, four hundred and fifty-five catties!"

With an extra five catty, it looked like he had left a bad impression on Wei Lihua.

"Two thousand seven hundred and thirty!"

Wei Lihua didn't care that the hotel manager was thinking of code, she calculated the money and directly reported her results.

"Alright, here you go!"

The manager of the hotel directly gave him the money. Now that he had completed his mission, he would deal with it in the future!

"I'm looking for you seventy times!"

Wei Lihua found the money and left. She had a lot of things to do today.

She had to take a bus in the afternoon, especially since there were still some things that had not been packed up in her house.

She was going to pack up those things and put them in space on some pretext.

Otherwise, if she were to place herself in space directly, people would suspect her.

She had only just recalled this matter today. Last night, she had packed up all the items in her storage space. If it was a big deal, she would have to take them out.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain. When the time came, she could simply ride the tricycle and take those things around and put them away.

In case she was suspected, Wei Lihua felt like she was out of her mind.

When she got home, she packed everything up first, leaving the small items in the storage space.

As for the clothes, he would leave all of them in the storage space. As for those large items, he could leave them here for now.

However, looking at the huge pile of items, Wei Lihua suddenly felt that if she really did that, it would be too troublesome.

It looked like he didn't have the washing machines with him anymore, otherwise, he would just be making trouble for himself.

After all, it wasn't worth much money, but she still wasn't willing to give it to the landlord like that.

Wei Lihua felt that even if she became a millionaire in the future, she probably wouldn't be the kind of person who would become a spendthrift.

"Sigh ?"

She couldn't carry these things herself, and it would be too much trouble to get help.

Forget it, it was better to just deal with the two of them. When the time came, they could find a secluded alley and transfer them into the space!

This way, he wouldn't be found out and wouldn't have to worry about the pain in his heart.

Thinking of this, Wei Lihua continued to pack up, and took away most of the things she could take with her.

As for the things inside the house, she didn't take any of them.

However, she did not bring the chopsticks, bowls, or anything else with her.

When the time came, she could tell the landlord that she gave all her belongings to her boyfriend.

In any case, no one knew about the breakup between Zhao Yi and her.

"Auntie, I'll move my people later. I'm going home and won't be staying here anymore. I'll take all my things with me. You can look for a tenant later!"

Wei Lihua felt a little embarrassed. She didn't mention it a few days ago, but only today.

In fact, the most fundamental reason was that she had forgotten about this matter in order to make money.

"It's okay, why are you not living here? You want to go home? Don't tell me you want to marry your boyfriend?"

Actually, the landlord also knew that since Wei Lihua graduated, she might not stay here anymore.

Especially a while ago, she had often seen her boyfriend come to the house.

Although they didn't spend the night here, in the heart of the landlord, they were discussing matters for the future.

"No, I'm going home first. He can use some of my things, but the marriage isn't set yet. We can talk about it after we get home. I'll stay with him for a while!"

Actually, Wei Lihua didn't want to talk about Zero at all, but right now, she could only use him as an excuse.

"Alright, when the time comes, auntie will be waiting to eat your sweets!"

As for the matter of the tenant, she wasn't very worried. Her house was still very popular.

There was no problem just being safe, to say nothing of anything else.

Plus, the house was for one chef and one guard. If he lived alone, he could open fire and the rent was not expensive.

"Then I don't want the remaining month's rent, it's because you took care of me back then!"

Actually, Wei Lihua wasn't that short on money anymore. What's more, she didn't tell her beforehand.

That month's rent was compensated.

"Auntie, I'll use the tricycle for a while longer. I'll bring it to you when I'm done moving the items!"

Wei Lihua also knew that if she used the tricycle, the landlord wouldn't have any objections.

"Fine, I'll give it to you after you use it. Your boyfriend didn't come? Then why did you move those things down? I'll help you!"

Her house had an elevator, but no one could lift it down.

"Then thank you!"

There was no need for Wei Lihua to look for someone else. Those things could easily be taken care of by two women.

If you hire someone, it'll be troublesome.

"Why are you being so polite?"

Although the landlord was not a greedy person, but he had earned a month's rent for nothing.

Wei Lihua didn't care what the landlord thought. She made up her mind. After the landlord helped her, she would leave some vegetables for him.

Plus, she had so many vegetables in her space that she treated them as a reward.

When the washing machine and the refrigerator were brought down, the landlord wiped his sweat.

"Aiya, I didn't notice that the little girl's strength was quite strong!"

At the beginning, she was still a bit worried. It had to be known that this little girl didn't even have enough strength.

"Heh heh."

Wei Lihua laughed and said.

"When I was young, I often worked at home. My home was in the countryside."

He couldn't say that he was too strong because he drank the water in the space, so he could only say this.

"Then I'll send the items over first. After I pack my things, I'll give you what I need!"

Willy was going to take it away, and she would be able to leave the key behind in a moment.

As for other things, she had nothing.

After Wei Lihua had finished packing everything, she put the tricycle back to its original position.

Auntie, here's the key and some of the dishes I bought at the market. You can try it, it's quite tasty. I forgot to move, so I gave these dishes to you.

Actually, the dishes that Wei Lihua is carrying are all very delicious, it makes people want to eat them.

"How could you dislike them? Just look at your dishes!"

The landlord didn't say anything else and just took the vegetables from Wei Lihua.

"When you come back in the future, come here and take a look!"

"I will. If I come back, I will definitely come back to see you. You have helped me quite a bit."

Wei Lihua was truly grateful towards the landlord from the bottom of her heart.

At that time, she only had enough to live on, and she also had a part-time job.

The landlord had introduced her to a few part-time jobs, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to get through them so easily.

"Little girl!"

The landlord didn't actually treat everyone well, he was willing to help Wei Lihua back then.

That was purely because she liked the resolute look in Wei Lihua's eyes and would never admit defeat, so she got the landlord to help her.

Who would have thought that this girl would do so well, no matter what part-time job she introduced.

The little girl had never complained before, especially since she did a good job.

"Then auntie, I'm leaving first. I have to catch the train!"

Wei Lihua was carrying large and small bags of luggage, preparing to find a quiet place to put the bags.

As for her hands, she would just have to carry the lightest luggage.

"Let's go. Come back when you're free!"

Wei Lihua waved at the landlord and left with her stuff.

Not far from here was the bus stop, so the landlord didn't say he would drive her there.

Wei Lihua arrived at a quiet place and threw all her luggage into the space.

He only had a few small suitcases for food, but nothing else.

As for the gift his mother told him, although Wei Lihua didn't buy it here, it was still worth mentioning.

But she was going to buy it when she got back to town, mainly because she didn't have the time.

After Wei Lihua got on the train and found her bunk, she laid on top of her bunk bed.

He finally returned home. This time, he didn't need to come back, nor did he need to see that man.

Although she kept telling herself in her heart that such a man wasn't worth it.

However, ten years of love wasn't something that could be given up just like that.

Zhao Yi saw that she didn't have the ability, so now that she had the space, he believed that she would definitely make a name for herself in the future.

At that time, even if Zhao Yi begged her, she wouldn't be soft-hearted.

Now that she had money, she would no longer buy a ticket. In the past, she would always buy a ticket when she returned home.

Those tickets were rather cheap, but now that she had bought a sleeper, Wei Lihua felt comfortable.

It took her nearly ten hours to get to the station, where she got off with her luggage.

Looking at the familiar city, Wei Lihua felt like she found her roots.

It seemed that no matter how good it was outside, it would be better to stay at home.

Forget it, now was not the time to think about that. The most important thing was that she should be buying gifts for her hobby.

As for the luggage, as usual, he would find a place with no people and place them in the space first.

She had a lot of money in her hand now, though she was stingy.

He thought about how, when he returned home, he would take over the southern hill. That hill was part of the village.

After that, more and more workers were hired, and everyone gradually abandoned that place.

When she was young, her family lived on a lot of land in Nanshan, and at that time, the land was full of strawberries.

There were fewer people in the house now, and no more strawberries.

It was closer to home and more convenient to do whatever she wanted, so she was more familiar with the place.

Forget it, let's go home and discuss this with each other.

Besides, she still didn't know the opinions of her family!

No matter what, she was the only university student in the village. If she contracted land, then there would definitely be some rumors and rumors about her family.

Although she wouldn't mind it, if she were to burden her family, that wasn't what she wanted to see.

She remembered that there were two good specialty stores in the city.

It was better to buy something for her child. She did not lack money right now.

If he were to contract the land, then it could be divided into stages, and he believed that the villagers would also be willing to do so.

When she reached the store, Wei Lihua took a fancy to some nice clothes.

But those people seemed to see that the clothes on Wei Lihua's body didn't look like those of a rich person, and none of their waiters were able to entertain her.

"Waiter, I would like to ask, how much are these two sets of clothes?"

"Three hundred sets. If you want it, our shop won't accept any haggling!"

After saying that, she looked at the clothes on Wei Lihua's body.

The look of disdain in her eyes made Wei Lihua angry.

No matter what, she was here to spend. The feeling of being looked down upon was really too unbearable.

"Pack it up for me, I'll pay the bill!"

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