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"Good kids, Auntie is going home to buy new clothes for you guys. When your dad comes over, Auntie will bring the new clothes out for you guys, okay?"

Actually, Wei Lihua really doted on her little nephew and niece.

However, she didn't go home often, so even if she liked them, she didn't have much time to play with them.

"Alright, Aunt, I like you the most!"

Wei Xin raised his head and happily said something nice to Wei Lihua.

Their family's conditions were good now, but they didn't have the conditions to buy clothes for them often.

Adding on the children in the countryside, most of them would be buying two sets of clothes a year.

Their family also bought clothes for their children like that. The two children were currently at home. Usually, other than farming, their parents would only look after their children.

Wei Xin was already in the second grade, so his home wasn't too far away from a primary school.

Most of the children went to school there, and so did Willy when she was a child.


Wei Lihua nodded at Wei Xin's head and said in amusement.

How could she not know when her nephew could speak like that, even though she was happy to hear it?

However, she always felt that her little nephew said that for the sake of clothes and delicious dishes.


Wei You Ran timidly shouted at Wei Lihua. That soft and tender voice made Wei Lihua feel a little overwhelmed.

She held Wei You Ran up and kissed him on the cheek.

"Aiya, my little niece is indeed beautiful, even more beautiful than her aunt!"


Wei You Ran didn't know Wei Lihua well, but she was looking at her brother and talking to her.

Furthermore, Wei Lihua appeared to be very happy, so she shouted along with Wei Xin.

Who would have thought that she, who was called Aunt, would be so passionate? She had never been hugged by someone she didn't know before!

However, her aunt smelled really good, so she felt very comfortable on her.

This was also the reason why Wei Yiran didn't cry and let Wei Lihua hug him. Otherwise, Wei You Ran would have cried a long time ago.

"Lihua is back. Let's go inside the house and eat. Although it's not hot, it's not good for the stomach to eat if it's cold!"

Wei Lihua's elder sister-in-law, Zhao Xiangxiu, told Wei Lihua and his mother-in-law.

Today, she was at home because Wei Lihua hadn't been back for a long time. They took a leave of absence to stay for two days so that they could see her again.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law!"

Hugging Wei You Ran, Wei Lihua greeted Zhao Xiangxiu with a smile.

"It's good that you're back. Let's eat!"

Usually, Zhao Xiangxiu liked her sister-in-law more.

There weren't many things for her sister-in-law to do. She was usually quite diligent when she was at home, just that she didn't go home often.

"Let's just eat!"

Father Wei Changshan saw that his daughter had returned. He was a man who did not like to talk honestly.

Therefore, he saw that Wei Lihua did not say anything, but the joy on her face could not be concealed.

"Come, let's go eat!"

It was getting late. If they did not eat now, the two children would not be able to survive.


Wei Lihua really liked the atmosphere in the house. Besides, she didn't want to compete with her big brother for any family property.

The conflict with her elder sister-in-law was over. Besides, she earned her own money from college.

In this way, even Zhao Xiangxiu didn't have much of an opinion towards the Wei family's decision to send Wei Lihua to university back then.

Besides, Wei Lihua had already thought about it long ago. Even if she grew up at home, she would still be contracting out the barren hills and the land in the village.

As a result, she and Zhao Xiangxiu were even more at peace. Besides, she had plenty of money in her hands.

Now that she had the space, she was even less worried about the cost.

At that time, as long as she had land, she would be able to do what she wanted without the help of her family.

"Hurry up and eat. Everyone is waiting for you. Otherwise, we would have already eaten!"

After the family sat down, Wei Ma gave Wei Lihua a pair of chopsticks and said.

"En, you guys eat too!"

Although Wei Lihua had been holding her niece all this time, she still put the child on the brick bed during dinner and let the child sit down to eat.

"How long will Lihua stay at home this time?"

Although the Wei family was eating, the Wei family did not have the habit of not saying anything.

Zhao Xiangxiu was more curious about how long her sister-in-law would stay at home. Wei Lihua had not been at home in the past.

She felt that her sister-in-law wouldn't be home for long.

"I'm not going home this time. I'm going to do something at home!"

Wei Lihua didn't say that she wanted to contract with her family's Nanshan. Now was not the time to talk about this.

She hadn't told her parents yet, so she didn't want her sister-in-law to know about it.

"Oh, is that because you want to find a job in the city? You're a university student. If you're in the city, finding a job is very easy and profitable!"

Zhao Xiangxiu felt that Wei Lihua's words made her want to find a job in the city. She didn't think that Wei Lihua was going to develop in the countryside.

"We'll see when the time comes!"

Wei Lihua didn't say what she thought. She was just being casual. Now wasn't the time to say such words, if she said what she planned to say now.

She was afraid that tonight's dinner would be ruined. She didn't want to be lectured before dinner.

However, other people might not know what Wei Lihua meant, but how could Wei Jun not know?

He was worried that his sister would tell him what she wanted to do, but he was furious when he heard what she wanted to do.

They believed that as long as their parents and the others knew about it, they would get even angrier.

"Let's eat first and talk later. Besides, my sister just came back, so I'll stay at home for a few more days!"


Although Zhao Xiangxiu didn't know why her husband wouldn't let her ask, she was clear about Wei Jun's temper.

He didn't ask, nor did he ask. Anyway, his sister-in-law had to do with him!

"Alright, let's talk about it after dinner. Lihua might be able to find a job nearby and meet up more often when the time comes. I won't have to worry about her being unable to return home all day."

Actually, Zhang Xiali was gradually getting older. She also wanted Wei Lihua to get married early, so she had nothing better to do.

Besides, with a child by her side, she would be able to see him often.

If it was the same as before, she felt that it would be better to let Wei Lihua find a job at home!

"That's right, previously, Lihua didn't go home much and the chances of meeting her again have decreased. Besides, now that Lihua has graduated, even if she's in the city, it would be very convenient for her to go home."

When she heard her family talking about her, her face was almost buried in a bowl.

Now, she was even more afraid to say what she planned to do, and could only watch the heated discussion going on at home.

Wei Lihua felt that it would be better if she did not provoke her family.

When Wei Jun saw Wei Lihua's appearance, he felt helpless for a moment. Now that she had escaped, what should he do in the future?

If Wei Lihua had really made up her mind, conflict would break out sooner or later. However, he could not interfere in this matter.

He believed that as long as he intervened, he would not be able to escape.

Besides, he didn't want Wei Lihua to work in the countryside for the rest of her life.

It wouldn't be easy to grow orchards or anything like that.

He couldn't even live his days facing the sky while facing the earth, much less a girl like Wei Lihua.

"Eat, don't just eat!"

When Wei Jun saw how Wei Lihua was shoving food into her mouth, he laughed and gave her a bowl of dishes that Wei Lihua liked.

"En, thank you Big Brother!"

Wei Lihua said with a smile as she looked at Wei Jun with a fawning look.

"Eat, then go rest after eating. You must be exhausted after sitting in the car for such a long time. You should think about what you want to do in the future!"

The Wei family did not understand the meaning behind Wei Jun's words, but Wei Lihua understood it clearly.

Her brother was trying to beat her up, but she had already decided on the matter of contracting a mountain.

Since she still had Goldfinger, she had already made up her mind that this matter couldn't be changed.

When the time came, even if her family disagreed, she would still persevere.

"Dad, mom, let's eat first!"

Wei Jun felt that if he were to continue speaking, his sister would definitely reveal herself.


Zhang Xiali thought about her daughter and decided to take advantage of this time to make up for her daughter's illness.

She looked like her daughter had lost weight. Although her daughter looked pretty good now, she was still too skinny.

If Wei Lihua knew about Mother Wei's thoughts, she would definitely cry. Where did she get skinnier?

One had to know that her current figure was perfect. If she was able to make up for it, then she wouldn't be as beautiful as she was now.

However, Wei Lihua didn't know what her mother was thinking at the moment. All she could think about right now was how to start her own business at home.

Not to mention the environment here, even some of the more common mountain products here could be sold for a lot.

In the future, she would set up an online store at home, where she could sell some things on the mountain.

Plus, she would definitely have no big problems in the future with her fruits.

Even if she couldn't sell any more fruits in the future, she could still brew some fruits and wine to sell online.

She believed that as long as she worked hard, there wouldn't be any problem getting rich with her family.

I just don't know what her parents are thinking. Would they agree with me?

Furthermore, she couldn't talk about space with her parents. After all, her parents were the parents of two children and not her own.

Space was such a magical existence. If others knew about it, dissecting it would be a small matter. Whether or not the family would still be alive would be the biggest issue.

It had to be known that this world was always so realistic, and her space wasn't something that just anyone could have.

If they were found out, their whole family might not be able to survive.

When she thought of this, Wei Lihua frowned. Right now, she didn't have enough brains.

She didn't know who she should talk to about her family's matters. It was true that her brother didn't agree, but if her parents didn't agree ?

Even if she wanted to contract land in the village, the Village Head probably wouldn't agree.

After all, she was a girl, and even if she was an adult, she wouldn't have much of a say in the village.

It was not good to be in the countryside. If they were in a city, as long as they had money, they wouldn't do anything illegal. What would they do then?

"Eat, what are you thinking about?"

Zhang Xiali said as she looked at her daughter, who was holding a bowl in her hands. She knocked on Wei Lihua's door.


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