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"Dad, mom, I'm taking the two kids to bed first. It's about time for the two kids to go to bed as well!"

Zhao Xiangxiu didn't want to know what her sister-in-law and parents-in-law were discussing. Anyway, her husband was here!

I'm sure her husband won't let her down. Anyway, they still have two children to take care of.

"Alright, you can go back now. I'll go back later as well!"

Wei Jun felt that he would have to wait here until his sister told him about it.

If his parents were too angry, he could still stop them.

However, he was a little worried. If his parents were too angry, what would happen if it involved him?

"Mom and Dad!"

When Wei Lihua saw her sister-in-law leave with her two children, she opened her mouth.

"What is it?"

Although usually, Zhang Xiali was the head of the family, most of the decisions were made by Wei Changshan.

He knew something was up as soon as he saw his daughter absent-minded all night.

I just don't know what my daughter wants to say. Is it about Zhao Yi?

They had already settled the Zhao Family's matter long ago. They had already made the matter clear to the Zhao Family.

The engagement between the two families had been resolved, but she hadn't told her daughter about it. Could it be this?

"Dad, mom, I don't think I can develop further in the village!"

She died early and was reincarnated early. Wei Lihua forced her eyes open and revealed her plan.


Before Wei Changshan could say anything, Zhang Xiali stood up and pointed at Wei Lihua's nose.

"I don't agree!"

"Mom, I've thought it through. Otherwise, I wouldn't have discussed it with you!"

In fact, if she didn't have the space, she wouldn't even think about going home to farm.


Wei Changshan knew that his daughter was not a rash person. He felt that his daughter probably had her own plans.

"When I first started, I wanted to find a job at the school, but after I broke up with Zero, I didn't like it much!"

Actually, Wei Lihua didn't know what kind of excuse to come up with, so she pulled Zero out to take the blame.

He believed that even if Zero knew, he wouldn't be able to do anything to her.

"I don't believe you. Even if this is the case, you can still go to the city and look for a job. Isn't it better to farm in the city than at home?"

Wei Changshan was prepared to have a good talk with Wei Lihua. He wanted to know why his daughter would want to go home and farm.

Dad, I know that even if you work in the city for a lifetime, you still won't need to start your own business. Our environment is good here, and we're not far from the city, so if you plan carefully, we can make fun of our family and stuff like that. Although we can sell a lot of stuff on the mountain to the city, but if we develop well, we can just put it online and sell it all over the country.

When Willy told her of her plans, her eyes could be said to be shining.

Other than space, this was what she actually thought.

There were so many good things on the mountain, they could easily sell them all. She didn't want her parents to be so tired all day.

"Have you made up your mind? Even if you want to manage the family, you know where your money will come from? We don't have any, so what are you going to do about it?"

Actually, after Wei Changshan heard his daughter's words, he seriously considered his daughter's thoughts. He felt that there shouldn't be any problems with his daughter's thoughts.

However, the biggest problem now was money. No matter what, this family couldn't do anything.

"I have money, you can rest assured, I want to contract with our family's Nanshan, this way, I can plant fruit trees on the mountain, at that time I can organize people to pick fruit, and I can also sell them to those fruit wholesalers, if it's near, I can completely sell it online to nearby places!"

Actually, when she was preparing to go home, she had already thought of a lot of things.

She already had a rough idea of what she was going to do. What's more, didn't she still have a shield to back it up?

"Then do you know how much it would cost to take over our family's Nanshan?"

Wei Changshan did not know how much money his daughter had, but he felt that it would not be enough if he contracted with Nanshan.

What's more, your daughter's idea was huge. If it was one hundred and twenty thousand yuan, then it definitely wouldn't be what she said.

"I have two hundred thousand yuan with me. It's not a problem to contract with Nanshan, but what I'm worried about is, what about my fruit tree sapling?"

Actually, Wei Lihua also knew that her father poked her in the foot, but she didn't deny that her father was talking about something.

This was something that Willy had known for a long time.

However, other than the space being unable to tell his family, the rest could be said.

"Dad, I plan to grow some dishes and sell them at home. Let's see if we can accept organic vegetables as we can make a lot of money in the cities outside of organic vegetables!"

"What are organic vegetables?"

Actually, Zhang Xiu-li didn't agree with her daughter's plan, but seeing that her husband didn't object, she didn't say anything more.

However, hearing her daughter talk about organic vegetables, she was still more curious about what organic vegetables were.

"Mom, organic vegetables are not medicated and cannot be used as fertilizer. When the time comes, use organic fertilizer directly!"

Actually, as soon as Wei Lihua explained, Zhang Xiu-li knew that they had come. But how could they not apply the medicine if they were organic vegetables?

"Will it all be eaten by bugs?"

Zhang Xiu-li was worried about him now, even though she didn't prescribe medicine for the dishes she ate.

Otherwise, all the food would have been eaten by the bugs.

"I'll ask my friend then. In the past, I relied on my friend to earn so much money!"

Actually, Wei Lihua felt that if there really were bugs, she would have to figure it out on her own.

If he couldn't do it, he could only try to catch him. Otherwise, the medicine would be wasted.

She believed that even if she had the space, the spring water in the space was more magical.

However, spring water was not omnipotent. Although there were no bugs in the space, there were definitely bugs outside.

"If there really are bugs, I can only think of a way, but it's absolutely impossible to use medicine!"

Wei Lihua remembered that someone had said that aphids could use wood ash to kill insects.

If it was any other bug, he would have to capture them himself, but if that was the case, the cost would be much higher.

"Although there were bugs in the past, they weren't that powerful, so we basically didn't take any medicine then. But now that we don't, I believe we won't be able to keep the food at home."

Wei Changshan knew that dishes without medicine were expensive, but without medicine, it was impossible.

"Then what should we do?"

Wei Lihua felt that she was thinking too simply, but she wasn't willing to give it a try.

Actually, she wanted to test the effects of the Spatial Springs even more, even though she knew that the Spring Water could help plants grow faster.

However, she didn't know if there was any other use for it.

"Let's start with a small scale experiment, but first we'll start with the simplest. If possible, we can slowly increase the area!"

Wei Changshan had no choice but to help his daughter think of a way out. Actually, he also knew that his daughter was the kind of person who would not turn back until she crashed into a wall.

If he didn't let her try, she probably wouldn't be willing to give up.

"Alright, then I'll go to Nanshan for a bit tomorrow. Let's try it out first!"

Currently, Nanshan was basically abandoned. There were too few people in the family, and even if they were planted there, they would not be able to handle it.

"Fine, you decide for yourself. But if you want to contract with Nanshan, after you're done experimenting, I'll ask for you!"

Even if he did not support his daughter's decision, Wei Changshan knew that his daughter had made up her mind when he saw the determination in her eyes.

"Dad, you can help me ask first. Even if I can't plant the fruit tree, I can still contract it and start cleaning up. Otherwise, I don't have enough time!"


Seeing his daughter so anxious, he planned to ask about it tomorrow, but now he was worried about his daughter's money.

It had to be known that no matter when it was time to contract land, money was needed. Without money, there was no need to talk about anything else.

Although no one wanted to go there, it was not a problem to ask for money.

The society now was different from before. In the past, if he wanted to farm, he just had to create his own wasteland.

However, he couldn't afford it now. If he wanted to plant things on top of the barren mountain, he would need money.

Furthermore, Wei Changshan felt that his daughter was somewhat naive. If he did not prescribe any fruits and vegetables, then he was worried that his daughter would lose everything.

"Thanks dad, I love you the most!"

Wei Lihua said as she kissed the neck of the tower lord Wei Changshan, who had just achieved her goal.

"Little girl, how old are you already?!"

Wei Changshan was a bit embarrassed. His daughter was already in her twenties, how could she still kiss him like that!

"Dad, what's there to be embarrassed about? You're my dad, and you're not like anyone else. I'm showing my love for you!"

Actually, it was the same for rural people. They obviously liked it, but they weren't used to saying it out loud.

"Alright, you've achieved your goal. Don't let your dad drink the muddled soup!"

Zhang Xiali felt uncomfortable. She didn't know what to do with her daughter, but her husband was also messing around with his daughter.

"Mom, I love you too!"

Wei Lihua clearly knew what her mother meant, so she misinterpreted it. Actually, Wei Lihua also knew that she was being a bit willful in doing so.

However, she couldn't tell her family why she was so persistent. At most, she would let them feel that she was injured because of Zero.

"You, as long as you don't anger me, I won't force you to do the rest!"

Zhang Xiu-li could not bear to part with her daughter, so she could only mutter a few words under her breath.

"Mom, I'm so obedient, how could I make you angry!"

Wei Lihua also knew that her parents were worried about her.

"Alright, if there's nothing else, then think about how to do it yourself. As for the other things, there's your dad and I!"

Zhang Xiali didn't want to talk about her daughter anymore. She already had her own plans now that her daughter was old.

However, she didn't support this in her heart, but since her daughter was insistent, she could only do her best to help.

"Is there anything I can help you with? If you can't handle it in the future, I'll resign and go back home to help you!"

Wei Jun also wanted to help his sister.

"No need. You and my sister-in-law can just go back to work. I'll just have my parents at home. If they really earn money in the future, you can come back!"

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