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Wei Lihua thought that she could use this time to buy some seeds that were not common in her family. When the time came, she could sell some of her seeds that were not common to her.

At that time, even if she were to work at home or something like that, she would have the ability to do so.

Wei Lihua was also very clear about the family's condition. When she was in school, her brother had just gotten married.

At that time, her family didn't have any money, and when she went to school, she spent a large amount of money on tuition and living expenses.

Her family wasn't poor in the village, but they spent a lot of money in the first place.

She owed some money to the outside world. Although she earned her tuition later on, she had to pay her debts later on.

If she really wanted to take over the mountain, then her family wouldn't be able to spend that much money.

If she could take out the money herself, then no matter what she did, she would not make things difficult for her parents.

Previously, Wei Lihua really didn't know the importance of money, but now she knew that money was not omnipotent, but it was absolutely impossible to not have money!

"Alright, mom will be waiting for you at home!"

The gentle voice instantly comforted Wei Lihua's wounded heart.

Zhang Xiu-li felt that her daughter was just having fun when she got home. She would probably go out and find a job after a while.

At most, her daughter was just looking for a job near home. She didn't expect that her daughter's plan was to work directly at home.

"Yes, I like the dumplings that mom cooks the most. When I go back, Mom will make dumplings for me to eat!"

It had been a year since she had come home, and the last time she had been home was last year's Spring Festival.

"Alright, how can there be a good home outside? If you are close to home, you can go home often. It's not like it's now!"

At this point, Zhang Xiu-Li's opinion of Zero grew even more.

When her daughter had been admitted to college, she had wanted her to go to college in a nearby city.

But because of that kid, her daughter went directly with him to his favorite university.

But now, he had actually dumped his daughter.

Thinking of this, Zhang Xiali really wanted to rush to Zhao Yi's house and teach them a lesson.

However, thinking about the fact that Zero was not at home, she decided to stop thinking about it.

But sooner or later, they were going to get to the bottom of this matter. They couldn't let the Zhao Family ruin their daughter's reputation.

In the countryside, no matter when, reputation was always important. Zhang Xiu-li dared not take the risk.

"Mother is the best!"

No matter when, home was always a place of comfort.

"Alright, stop acting like a spoiled child and come back quickly. Your dad is still worried about you, right?"

With regards to her daughter behaving like a spoiled child to her, Zhang Xiu-li was very happy.

However, his daughter was going home soon, so he decided not to waste the phone bill.


Wei Lihua also knew that her mother was worried about the phone bill. The two of them had talked for almost half an hour.

She didn't have much money left in her phone. She was going to change her phone number when she got home.

So save it now.

"Then I'm hanging up. I'll call you when I get home in two days."

"Mm, when we get home, let me know and I'll get your brother to take you there!"


After saying that, Wei Lihua hung up the phone. There had been quite a lot of things going on these past two days.

The afternoon of the day before yesterday got the space to break up with your boyfriend this morning.

With the ups and downs, she also felt tired.

Wei Lihua immediately laid down on the bed, closed her eyes and was about to calculate the money in her hands.

She didn't have a lot of money, just a few thousand pieces.

If it was left here, it would be nothing. If it was given to her family, it wouldn't last for three months.

However, if it was to develop space, there would be many seeds.

Plus, she was planning to take root at home, so when the time came, she would cover the mountains and plant the land.

The several thousand yuan he had left wouldn't even be enough to cover a single splash. He could only make up his mind to enter the Spaces.

Thinking of this, a thought entered Wei Lihua's mind.

The herbs in the space were still lush and verdant, there was nothing on the ground.

Looking at the barren space, Wei Lihua decided to tidy it up a bit.

No matter what, she was from the countryside, so she could still settle things like farming.

When she got the space, she didn't look at the things inside the space in detail.

His understanding of space was limited to knowing the use of spring water. As for anything else, he knew nothing at all.

However, the air in the space was really good, and he was breathing in the fresh air.

Wei Lihua felt much less depressed. No matter what, she wasn't going to come back here anymore.

At first, she was more curious about this city.

However, after seeing so many dark things, she gradually stopped liking staying here.

The real people here are cold, living on the other side of the door.

In the country, a village man, if you didn't know them, the old man in the village would say.

Even though she had been here for such a long time, she was still not used to the atmosphere here.

Thinking of this, Wei Lihua laughed at herself.

It seemed like the heavens didn't support her being here. Otherwise, how could she have gotten the space to have a boyfriend break with her on the third day?

'Forget it, I'll just take a good look at what's inside the space! '

Other than those empty spaces, there was also a small stream.

The stream's current was not very large, but the water was very clear.

But she did not know where the stream came from, because she did not see the source.

Forget it, if she didn't understand something, she better not think about it anymore.

Wherever the stream came from, anyway, as long as it worked.

What's more, the items in the space should be good.

Just like spring water, it was very powerful, so he believed that streams must also have their uses.

Even if the spring water wasn't as effective as the spring water, it was still better than the spring water outside.

However, she didn't find the source of the stream, but she saw that the stream eventually flowed into a pond.

There were some densely packed lotus flowers in the pond, but she didn't see any fish in the pond.

The pond wasn't very big, but there were a lot of lotus flowers.

When she saw the lotus flower, Wei Lihua suddenly felt that she was very greedy right now.

She wanted to try the taste of the lotus seeds in the lotus petals. She had also bought some lotus seeds before.

However, she always felt that there was something wrong with the taste of those lotus seeds.

She believed that the food in the space would definitely be delicious, so she reached out to pick a lotus flower bush by the side of the lotus pond.

He broke the lotus seed cap and put it in his mouth, even though it tasted slightly bitter.

However, the bitterness was accompanied by a mouthful of fragrance. It seemed that the space was really just as she had thought.

Everything in the space had a good taste.

If you eat for a long time, you might be able to recuperate.

It was better not to think about that. Her mind was filled with the taste of lotus seeds.

Only after she ate the lotus flowers on the ground did she realize that she seemed to have eaten too much.

Touching her bloated stomach, Wei Lihua felt like she had eaten a big meal.

However, the taste of the lotus seed was really good. She had never eaten such delicious lotus seed before.

It seemed like she had a higher chance of going home and developing, if she didn't have the capital at the beginning.

Did she consider selling the dishes? Since the lotus seeds were so delicious ?

I believe the food in the space shouldn't be bad. However, if she sells the food, can she take advantage of this time to try it out here?

The level of consumption here was better than at home. He just didn't know what the time in space was like.

However, she must have been in space for quite a while. She remembered that she came in after hanging up on her mother.

Then she might as well go out and check the time, if the amount of time left was too large.

She could take advantage of the time before she went home to make more money.

She couldn't possibly ask her family for more money when she was going home. When she was in school, she already spent quite a bit of money.

Furthermore, her big brother was also married. If she were to ask her parents for money frequently, she wouldn't be able to live with it in her heart.

Besides, if Big Bro finds out, he won't say anything. I just don't know if he'll be unhappy.

However, when Eldest Sis found out, she was always ugly.

After all, in the countryside, the parents' families all belonged to their sons.

A daughter didn't have a share. If she asked her parents for money frequently, even if her big brother didn't mind, her big sister-in-law wouldn't be willing.

She didn't want to see her sister-in-law's face. Besides, she wanted to make money by relying on her own abilities.

In any case, the money she earned was her own.

If she often asked her parents for money, even she wouldn't feel good about it.

With a quick thought, Wei Lihua left the space. After leaving the space, she was still lying on the bed.

She picked up the phone beside the bed and saw that only 10 minutes had passed.

After all, she had been in space for at least four hours.

It seemed like the time and outside of the space was 24: 1. This way, if she grew some vegetables that could be eaten in ten days, she would be able to eat them.

In the one day outside, there were already more than 20 days in the space.

It seemed like she shouldn't stay at home any longer. She should go out and buy some vegetable seeds.

The sooner she planted them, the sooner she would be able to make money.

When Wei Lihua thought of this, she did not care about anything else. She picked up her phone, picked up her wallet and left.

After leaving the rented room, she arrived at the bus stop.

Not far from the house she rented was the Flower Bird Market.

There should be a lot of flower seeds there as well as some vegetable seeds.

She was going there to see if she had enough money. She was going to buy some flower seeds.

If the flowers bloomed well, she would sell them directly. She didn't know anything about flowers anyway.

Spending it in her hands was just looking good. It would be better to sell it for money!

However, based on the several thousand yuan she had, she would probably need to buy some vegetables and seeds.

As for the expensive seeds, he still didn't know if they had enough money to buy them!

When she got out of the car, she saw the bustling flower and bird market.

She suddenly felt the excitement in her heart. If she could get something of value.

When the time came, she could come here and deal with it. No matter how she put it, there would be a lot of rich people in this city.

Wei Lihua patted her head. This was not the time to dream. She should go buy vegetable seeds first!

The vegetables that were not grown for a long time could only be lettuce or lettuce, if that was all.

He wouldn't be able to buy much money in the future, but he still had to buy things like tomatoes and radishes.

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