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"Look at your dad and Li Hua. Didn't I just say a few words? Both of you have left!"

Zhang Xiu-li couldn't catch her husband and Wei Lihua, so she had to talk to her son and daughter-in-law.

"Mom, you don't have to worry. Since little sister can make money, then she definitely decided to go home after thinking about it. Since that's the case, what are you worried about?"

Actually, Wei Jun was also a bit worried. Contracting Nanshan wasn't a small matter.

It would have cost at least a hundred or two hundred thousand yuan to buy it. It was fine if he made money, but if he didn't, then the money would have gone to waste.

Thinking about it, he felt a bit of heartache. Hundreds of thousands of dollars was not a small number, but he couldn't say a word about this.

He was only Wei Lihua's big brother, he couldn't decide for his sister. It was her own decision, she had already grown up.

All Wei Jun could do was help his sister if she was in trouble in the future.

"Fine, I don't care. I want to see if she can earn money. If she can't, I'll kick her out!"

Zhang Xiu-li had made up her mind. If her daughter couldn't earn any money in a year, she would kick her out.

"Mom, little sister has her own thoughts, don't worry!"

Although Zhao Xiangxiu was a little worried, she knew that this matter wasn't something that a daughter-in-law like her could participate in.

"Fine, I don't care. From now on, I'll just watch over the children for all of you. As for the matter with Lihua, whatever she does, she'll do it!"

Zhang Xiu-li knew that this was a foregone conclusion, even if she was grumbling at home, it would be useless.

Wei Lihua didn't know that her mother had decided to ignore her. She was currently in her own garden.

After seeing the cucumber beans, Wei Lihua suddenly thought of the possibility of her taking out the spring water from the space.

She wondered what would happen to her own garden. She wanted to test it out.

If the vegetables in the garden were not bad, then she would spend a long time experimenting with them.

Wei Lihua wanted to see if the spring water in space had the ability to resist bugs, but she felt that it wasn't very likely.

However, if she didn't try it out, she wouldn't be willing to give up.

Wei Lihua immediately sprinkled the water on the dishes at home.

She knew how amazing her Spatial Springs were, so she didn't take out too much.

However, Wei Lihua did not expect to see the withered leaves become much more energetic as soon as she finished watering the water.

Although Wei Lihua was mentally prepared for this, she was still shocked when she saw the scene unfolding before her.

It seemed that even if he wanted to use Spatial Springs in the future, he wouldn't be able to do so so directly.

It seemed like the small stream in the space was also useful. If it was not possible in the future, he would use the water in the small stream.

At most, he would use Spatial Springs when no one was paying attention to him.

Otherwise, if they used too much spring water, it would be more troublesome if someone found out.

One had to know that the villagers were all old people who had been together with the land and crops for their entire lives.

Their eyes definitely wouldn't be too bad, and Wei Lihua didn't want to take the risk.

However, if one didn't use Spatial Springs, the taste of the vegetables wouldn't be any better than those that used Spatial Springs.

However, she still needed to think carefully about what to do. If it really wasn't possible, then she could only use it a little bit more.

Seeing that it worked, she didn't need to use it.

Furthermore, there weren't any fruit trees in the village, so she could use more of them when the time came.

Actually, the most profitable thing would be the fruits. The freshness of the fruits would last for a long time.

Many fruits can be preserved for a year as long as they are preserved.

If her fruit was good, it would be much better than growing vegetables.

But the most important question now is how land can be contracted at the lowest price.

Otherwise, since she didn't have that much money, she might as well take a walk around the city sometime tomorrow.

The vegetables in her space were all cooked, although they wouldn't grow old if they were grown on top of her.

However, Wei Lihua felt a bit of heartache as she continued to occupy this place. After all, those were all money.

Forget it, it was better not to think about it for now. She might as well pick cucumbers now.

However, the cucumbers in the space were so delicious, she could change the cucumbers in the house or the cucumbers in the space.

However, he didn't use too many pickled cucumbers. In the end, Wei Lihua came back with a basket full of cucumbers.

When he came back, Weiwei started to boil the soy sauce and prepare all the ingredients.

Wei Lihua slowly made the soup and washed the cucumbers before marinating them with salt for a while.

When the cucumber came out of the water, she took it outside to dry for a while, then waited until there was no more water on the cucumber.

Wei Lihua put away the cucumber and waited until the soup was ready. Then she put the cucumber into the soup after the soup was ready.

She could eat it the day after tomorrow. Although she could eat it the day after, Wei Lihua thought about the nitrite that was mentioned online.

She felt that she should put it aside for another two days. Although the soup had its own spring water, Wei Lihua did not dare to take the risk.

"Why do I smell that the pickled cucumber you obtained is better than the ones I made? But the taste is also better!"

While Wei Lihua was pickling the cucumber, Zhang Xiali had been watching by the side. She waited for Wei Lihua to finish cooking it before she spoke.

"Isn't it all the same?"

Although Wei Lihua knew that her mother was on the other side, the spring water could flow out from the space between her fingers.

Therefore, when the soup was being stewed, Zhang Xiali did not notice.

"It's different. My way of doing things was the same as yours, but your taste is better than mine."

Zhang Xiu-li was happy with her daughter's ability.

"I can't do that, but I feel like I'm a natural born beauty. There's nothing I can do about it!"

Wei Lihua praised herself without any hesitation.

He couldn't say that it was because of the space. Since he couldn't say it, he could only say that he had the ability.

Looking at her daughter's proud look, Zhang Xiu-li was suddenly at a loss for words.

"That's enough, I'm not going to talk to you anymore. Just pack the pickled cucumbers you made for your brothers!"

After saying that, Zhang Xiu-li turned around and went inside to talk to her son's daughter-in-law.

Wei Lihua saw her mother turn around and leave. She shrugged her shoulders and went to pack cucumbers.

After the act, Wei Lihua thought of Nanshan. It had been a long time since she had gone there.

He wanted to go out and take a look, but he didn't know if his father had explained everything clearly.

But no matter what, Wei Lihua wanted to take a field look.

Although she was quite familiar with Nanshan, she still went there to take a look.

"Mom, I'm going to the South Mountain to take a look."

With that, Wei Lihua left without taking anything.

After hearing what Wei Lihua had said, Zhang Xiali only said a few words.

"You want to come back when you're eating. Be careful, there are snakes on the mountain now!"

Knowing that her daughter was afraid of snakes, she instructed her daughter.

It was summer and there was no hibernation for snakes. It was not strange to see snakes on the mountains.

This was especially true for them, as they also had quite a few poisonous snakes.

"Got it!"

Wei Lihua walked up to the door and answered her mother's instructions.

However, after leaving the main gate, Wei Lihua felt a little embarrassed.

Currently, most of the people in the village who didn't go out to work were old people. Since the land wasn't busy right now, a lot of people liked to chat near their home.

When she saw them, she had to greet them.

"Great sir, you are playing here!"

When she saw the men chatting, Wei Lihua greeted them with a smile.

"Yeah, where is Lihua going?"

"I want to go to the South Mountain to have a look!"

Currently, the news that she wanted to contract South Mountain had yet to spread, so if she were to go up the mountain now, they would probably be very curious.

"What's the matter with the mountain now?"

The one talking to Wei Lihua was their neighbor, Qian Yongguang, not far away. In the countryside, everything was worth a lot of money, just like land.

Most families had a big yard, in which they grew vegetables and raised cattle, and so on. They all lived in their own yard.

"Uncle Qian, I'm fine now. I want to go out and take a look!"

Wei Lihua didn't want to talk about her contract with Nanshan yet, but she did know that there was some news in the village.

In a little while, almost everyone in the village would know.

"Go, be careful, there are snakes on the mountain!"

"Mm. Thank you, Uncle Qian. I'll be leaving first then."

Wei Lihua patted herself on the chest as she walked away. She really wasn't used to dealing with other people.

"What do you think that girl went up the mountain for? Didn't she already graduate? Didn't you say she was looking for a job in the city? Why did she come home now?"

Don't say that men don't gossip, this is not right, the village's Henderson said to Qian Yongguang.

"How would I know? If you're curious, go ask Wei Changshan tonight!"

Actually, Qian Yongguang had heard a piece of news a while ago. It was that the man who was engaged to Wei Lihua seemed to have separated from that girl.

From the looks of it, that little girl came home to hide. When the two children were getting engaged, it was when they were going to university.

At that time, the two of them were both university students. At that time, the two of them were both university students.

Now that the girl from the Wei family had returned, but the kid from the Zhao family had not returned. It seemed that the news was true.

However, as long as the Wei family did not speak of this matter, he would not tell anyone in the village.

He could probably not hide this news for long, even though the kid from the Zhao Family was not from the same village as them.

However, there were quite a lot of in-laws between the two villages. It was just that they had no idea why they had separated.

On this side, Wei Lihua did not know that she had created gossip for those people in the village. She was currently inspecting the approximate area of the South Mountain.

One had to know that only after knowing the general face of Nanshan would she know how much money she needed.

Actually, in the rural areas, if one were to contract with a barren mountain, the amount of money spent would probably not be much.

However, in the rural areas, the approximate price for contracting the Desolate Mountain would be several dozen, but the size of the Southern Mountains was not small.

If all of them were to be contracted, then an estimated two hundred thousand wouldn't be enough. It seemed like she could only go to the city tomorrow to take a look.

He could dispose of the vegetables in the space and sell the corn in the space as well.

She remembered that there was a lot of corn growing in her space, and now she could sell some young corn.

Right now, the young corn was very valuable, especially the corn in her space. It tasted so good.

She believed that she wouldn't be unable to sell it, but if she wanted to sell it, she couldn't just sell it for one day.

Furthermore, she had to be careful not to meet any acquaintances, or else the villagers would know as well.

This was not the time for young corn, and besides, her family would know if she sold them.

At that time, she wouldn't be able to explain the source of the items. Since that was the case, she could only modify it.

Sigh, that was really troublesome. She couldn't tell her family about the space, but if she didn't tell them, there would be a lot of things that would be difficult for her to do.

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