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No matter what, now was not the time to think about such things. Wei Lihua felt that she had thought too much into it, so she decided to hurry up and pull the dishes.

Otherwise, if it was too late, many of the people who bought the food would have already left.

When she finally finished packing up, she looked at the pile of vegetables in the open space.

Wei Lihua suddenly felt a little worried. She seemed to be the one who didn't have the tools to cook.

Furthermore, if she was going to sell vegetables, she couldn't go empty-handed.

Ye Ci decided to go out first. She still had time to deal with the ingredients needed to set the dishes after she finished eating.

Actually, as long as he found a tricycle, then he would sell the cabbage and spinach directly. He wouldn't need the electronic scale anymore.

However, she wanted to have a look at the price of vegetables, especially those that were so good.

Just by looking at them, one could tell that they were delicious.

If she sold it cheaply, then even if she lost money, no one would be willing to do so.

Especially since she didn't sell the dishes for too long, it wouldn't be good if there were some conflicts between the food dealers and the like.

She knew that a strong dragon wouldn't crush a snake on the ground, and there weren't that many simple food dealers.

After thinking about how much she had done, Wei Lihua sped up her pace of eating.

After the meal, Wei Lihua packed her things and prepared to leave.

She had so many things to do right now, but the most important thing was to buy an electronic scale first. As for the tricycle, that was about it.

Wei Lihua remembered that there was one in the Lady Boss's house downstairs. Could she rent one there for a while?

Forget it, she should ask first. If it was possible, she wouldn't need to go through so much trouble.

"Auntie, may I ask if your tricycle can be rented to me for two days?"

Wei Lihua knew that the Lady Boss's tricycle wasn't very useful.

When he had nothing to do, he would just stay there.

"Sure, just ride away!"

The Lady Boss indifferently told Wei Lihua.

The Lady Boss really liked Wei Lihua, not to mention her looks.

She didn't need to urge Wei Lihua to pay the rent, and her temper was good as well.

If there was something he wanted her to help him with, she wouldn't say anything and would just help him.

"Thank you Auntie, but I'll give you money. Thirty yuan a day, can I rent your car?"

If she was to use them for free, Wei Lihua would feel embarrassed. She might as well take out the money right from the start!

"It's not a big deal. You can just push it away. As for the money, we'll talk about it later!"

The Lady Boss didn't really care about the money. Besides, no one used her car there.

Unless it was used to buy something, and it was only used for nearby purchases.

Otherwise, they would normally leave it downstairs. Back then, they also used this tricycle for business.

After the demolition, their family made up a lot of money for themselves, and they bought a building like that.

Her husband was out on a shift, collecting rent all day.

It was true that the tricycle at home could not be used.

"Alright, we'll talk about money when I run out."

Wei Lihua also knew that this wasn't the time to talk about this, but she had to give the money.

"Alright, you can ride!"

The Lady Boss wasn't worried about the safety of her car. Her family's tricycle was on the main road, so she didn't steal it.

"Alright, thank you Auntie."

Wei Lihua did not hold back anymore. It was already getting late, and if she did not go to the market now, who knew if the dishes would be sold by then?

Although her dishes only cost a little time and some seeds, she still wanted to sell some more.

After Wei Lihua left, the Lady Boss continued watching TV.

Wei Lihua found a secluded place and placed the dishes she picked in the morning on the tricycle.

She took the clothes she hadn't been wearing and covered the tricycle with them.

Her dishes were the kind that couldn't be exposed to the public, and besides, there weren't many people around who knew her.

But it just so happened that someone saw it and it was too troublesome to explain.

When they arrived at the market, Wei Lihua spent 30 yuan to rent a temporary stall from the market manager.

Beside her was a stall selling tomatoes and cucumbers, and the owner of the stall was a woman in her thirties or forties.

"Big sister, can I put my tricycle here first? Can you help me look at it?"

Wei Lihua didn't know the price of her vegetables. She wanted to go to the market to see other people's prices.

"Sure, but big sis, what are you selling?"

The Lady Boss was a little curious. She looked at Wei Lihua's fair and tender appearance and didn't seem like a person who sold vegetables.

She wasn't sure what Wei Lihua was selling, especially since her tricycle was covered with clothes.

"I'm selling vegetables, just some cabbages and stuff. I don't know the approximate price, I want to go and have a look."

It wasn't something that couldn't be said. Besides, if she sold vegetables later on, wouldn't she be seen by others?

"Sure, go ahead!"

Although she was also a vegetable seller like her, the Lady Boss was rather cheerful.

"Thank you, Big Sis."

Wei Lihua also knew that her peers were enemies, but she would sell her dishes for more than the average person.

This way, he wouldn't have to compete with ordinary vegetable sellers like them.

"It's fine, I'm fine now. Besides, I'm just looking after your car for you."

"Thank you, I'll go first!"

With that said, Wei Lihua went to another grocery store to see the price of the dishes. After she went around the place, she found a few grocery bags in her hands.

There was also an electronic scale. He might as well buy it right now since he was going to use it sooner or later.

"Aiya, you're back?"

Seeing that Wei Lihua was back with the electronic scale, the Lady Boss warmly greeted her.

"That's right, Big Sis. Thank you for your help. Take these dishes and taste them for me."

Wei Lihua took out a handful of cabbages and a handful of spinach and gave them to the woman selling the dishes, even though she was also selling vegetables.

However, she sold some things like chili, tomatoes, cucumbers and the like. As for the cabbages, she didn't have any.

"Aiya, your dishes are pretty good. Where did you come in?"

Looking at the vegetables that Wei Lihua handed to her, the woman selling the vegetables was a little surprised.

One had to know that Wei Lihua's vegetables really didn't look good, especially the cabbage and spinach. Their lush green appearance made people like them.

"A classmate of mine grew it at home. She said it was some kind of organic vegetable and wanted me to sell it for her."

After all, they couldn't possibly talk about the things in their own space. Helpless, Wei Lihua could only come up with this kind of excuse.

"Your classmate is really capable!"

Even those who sold vegetables had sharp eyes, especially when it came to dishes that were so good.

Looking at her made people envious. They had no idea how this young girl managed to find such good dishes.

Although Wei Lihua had already told him that she was her classmate, the Lady Boss didn't really believe her.

"Of course, she has a good relationship with me. She gave me some dishes to sell and also wanted to see how the reaction would be!"

Wei Lihua could also hear the jealousy in the Lady Boss's tone. She didn't have the mind to care about that at the moment.

"Then how are you going to sell this dish? You must know that the price of organic vegetables is not low!"

Seeing that Wei Lihua didn't want to talk about the dishes anymore, the Lady Boss didn't insist on asking.

Besides, she also knew that the price of organic vegetables was different from her ordinary vegetables.

Perhaps those people saw it, the little girl's price was too high, it was also possible for her to buy her own dishes.

"5 RMB per catty for my dishes and vegetables, the same price for spinach. As for the rest, I want to sell them at the same price!"

The price of five yuan wasn't low even here, especially since her vegetables were organic.


The Lady Boss never thought that Wei Lihua would ask for such a high price.

Although their city's consumption level was not low, the price of a five yuan dish was already very high.

"Yeah, I'm preparing to give it a try in the next few days. If my classmates can give me a long time, I'm prepared to raise the price in two days!"

How much organic vegetables was, she did not know, but the price of five dollars of organic vegetables was not high.

Especially since her vegetables were so good, there were not many varieties left now. After a few days, as long as she had more varieties, anyone who had eaten would definitely come back to buy more.

"And raise the price?"

The Lady Boss was extremely surprised. One must know that the price of a five yuan dish was truly acceptable.

She hadn't thought that Wei Lihua would have so much confidence in her vegetables.

"Yeah, my classmate said to give me these for me to test. If I can sell them, then I'll raise the price. After all, my classmate didn't give them to me for nothing, right?"

Even if his own food was for sale, it couldn't be said that it was?

"They're selling vegetables. They're selling vegetables. They're selling fresh organic vegetables. Five yuan for a catty. They're all worth five yuan now!"

Watching the number of people gradually increasing in the market, Wei Lihua didn't have the time to chat with that Lady Boss anymore.

She began to shout and sell. Her sweet voice was quite attractive in the market. Besides, her face now was not worth much.

And sell early and make money early.

"Little girl, your dishes look so good. Did you take any ointment?"

Nowadays, the people who buy vegetables are all elderly people. They like to be meticulous.

Especially since Wei Lihua's dishes looked really good, it made people feel worried.

"Aunt, you are the first to ask for the price, I will give you more when the time comes. As for the question you asked, don't worry, this is my classmate's newest organic vegetable, you also know how valuable organic vegetables are in the supermarket. My five dollars aren't very expensive, after a while, my classmate said that if you sell it well, the price will increase."

Wei Lihua also knew what these elders were thinking. In fact, looking at cabbages was indeed a good thing.

"Even if the price were to rise, I wouldn't dare to buy it. Is this dish of yours too good to look at?"

The old lady who bought the dishes didn't care what Wei Lihua said, she was actually just looking at the cabbages.

She knew in her heart that these dishes should be pretty good. Moreover, they smelled like the dishes she grew in her own house.

"Auntie, you know that my dishes are pretty good. Otherwise, how could I sell them for so much? How about I taste them myself!"

Actually, the cabbage was something that could be eaten raw. However, most of the leafy green vegetables had a bitter taste to them.

After saying that, Wei Lihua broke off a cabbage leaf and put it in her mouth.

After she finished eating, she turned to the old lady in front of her and said.

"We don't have any pesticides in this dish. You saw it too. I ate it without washing up. If I were to use some medicine, would I dare to eat it like this?"

Wei Lihua also knew that the old lady wanted to bargain.

"Well, auntie, you're the first one to buy it, so I'll just treat it as opening. I'll give you four and a half yuan, and it can't be any less. The rest is five yuan, no matter who it is.

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