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He really couldn't lower the price, otherwise he wouldn't be able to raise the price when the time came.

"Sure, give me a small bundle too."

The old lady also knew that these dishes were indeed not bad, otherwise she would have left long ago.

At their age, who wouldn't know what good dishes were!


Wei Lihua straightforwardly ordered dishes for the old lady. It was already $4.50, but luckily, it was a free trade.

Otherwise, she would definitely suffer a loss, especially when facing these old men with such strong battle prowess.

"Auntie, the total is five catties, six taels, twenty-five dollars. Please give me twenty-five catties!"

Wei Lihua also knew that her dishes were too few in number.

However, as long as it opened, there would be no problems in the future.


The old lady straightforwardly gave the money to Wei Lihua.

She didn't suffer any losses today, and from the looks of it, it seemed as though she had struck it rich.

I just don't know if she'll come back tomorrow.

"Are you coming back tomorrow?"


Wei Lihua replied to the old lady's question, but her hands weren't idle either. She placed the money in her purse and prepared to continue selling her vegetables.

One had to know that there were quite a few people surrounding them.

"That's good. If it's delicious, I'll come back tomorrow."

In any case, their family wasn't short of money. What's more, how much money could they save from their mouths?

As long as he was well, he would be able to make a lot of money!

"Sure, please come back tomorrow!"

After Wei Lihua sent the old lady away, she heard the people around her talking.

"Give me some cabbage and spinach."

"Give me one too!"

Just like that, Wei Lihua was still paying for the dishes.

Although the Lady Boss beside her was a little envious, she also knew that her dishes weren't as good as his.

However, there were only two types of stalls in Wei Lihua's restaurant.

Her dishes were also sold quite a bit.

"Alright, you guys wait a moment. Slow down and be careful of pulling. If the pulling is broken, then I'll die."

said Willy, looking at the pickers.

By the time she sold all the food on the tricycle, Wei Lihua was already exhausted.

She had never known that selling vegetables was so tiring, especially since there were so many people buying vegetables today.

There was no time to waste, but he should be able to earn a lot of money with a cart full of dishes.

"Is there anything else? If there is, we'll just wait a bit."

Those who didn't get any food asked when they saw Wei Lihua's empty tricycle.

"No, I'll be early tomorrow!"

Actually, Wei Lihua wanted to go and pull another cart over, but after thinking for a moment, she decided not to.

Today was just a test of water, especially since she wasn't planning to sell for too long.

It was still tomorrow, so they had to prepare more dishes. If the world were to make a few more baskets like today, no one would notice how many dishes they had.

"We watched so many people buy it. Why don't you come back in the afternoon?"

The people who bought the food also didn't know what Wei Lihua's dishes were, but there were so many people who bought them.

I believe that the taste should not be bad.

"Sure, I'll come back after lunch!"

The morning wasn't good, but while she was selling vegetables, she took some out of the space while she was at it.

She was worried that the amount she had taken out would be discovered by others, so as long as she was well-prepared, she believed that she would earn more in the afternoon than in the morning.

"Fine, we'll wait for you here in the afternoon. If your food is really delicious, then we'll buy your food from now on!"

Everyone loved to follow the trend. Besides, the Wei Lihua family's dishes were also not bad.

"Fine, I'll come back in the afternoon. If you don't come, then I'll sell it to someone else!"

Even if it couldn't be sold, it could be taken back to the storage space.

After working so hard for such a long time, Wei Lihua also felt hungry. She was prepared to properly eat a meal to reward herself.

However, the most important thing now was to clearly count the amount of money he had today, and whether the seeds would still be enough when the time came.

If he didn't have enough, he would have to buy some seeds. However, he might be able to harvest some of the seeds in this space.

If he bought the seeds often, it would be very troublesome.

Especially after he returned home. If he wanted to buy seeds, he would have to use the internet.

If he bought it himself, it would be very troublesome. He would also have to run to the city.

In a place like theirs, all the seeds were basically harvested after growing vegetables in their own home.

There were very few people who bought the seeds, at most, it was your family who wanted to change the seeds.

Otherwise, if you went to someone else's house and wanted to buy some, they wouldn't have any seeds.

If there were people selling seeds, they would probably be those common seeds.

Sigh, it's so hard to earn some money. I really hope that the RMB can fall from the sky.

Forget it, she decided to fill her stomach first. However, if she were to eat, the food in the space would be so delicious.

Could she still eat the food outside, if she made it herself?

The food outside wasn't that good either, there were only a few green leafy dishes in the space.

Sigh, forget it. She might as well eat some noodles. When the time comes, she would put in some cabbages and some eggs. Then, she could make do with a meal!

It would be fine after a period of time. In the future, he didn't care what she wanted to eat as long as it was planted.

Furthermore, the food in the space was so delicious, so he would have to eat the food in the space in the future.

As for meat, he might as well eat it after he gets home!

Wei Lihua was no longer interested in the outside world at all.

When they got home, Wei Lihua stopped cooking and took out the money from her purse first.

Although the money was only $10 or $20, it was still too much to bear. When Wei Lihua finished counting all the money on the bed.

She was stunned. Eight hundred and seventy-nine. She had not expected to earn so much money in the morning.

It seemed like there was still a market for vegetables, but she was now one of those rootless duckweed.

He could not stay here for too long, otherwise, some influential people would lift their fingers.

There was no one behind her, and if they suspected, her vegetable supply would be in trouble.

It was normal for someone to disappear here.

Eat, the world is big, not as big as her belly.

After Wei Lihua finished her lunch, she rested for a while.

He was going to resume his business in the afternoon. In any case, he might as well take advantage of the fact that he wasn't paying attention to her and earn some money before doing anything else.

By the time someone noticed, she had already left.

As a result, the danger was much lower.

By the time those people found out about her, some of her secrets would have been set up.

In this way, those people would definitely not be able to find anything.

In the afternoon, Wei Lihua was spotted by those sharp-eyed people before she even reached her booth.

"Little girl, why did you come here so late? I've been waiting for you for such a long time!"

The first old lady to buy vegetables from Wei Lihua said to her passionately.

Wei Lihua felt a little dizzy. It seemed like she didn't have that many customers when she sold vegetables in the morning.

"Aunt, it's you. Did you finish your morning meal?"

Although Wei Lihua knew that her dishes were delicious, this old lady had bought quite a lot this morning.

"Don't mention it, all the morning dishes are gone. My grandson still needs to eat in the afternoon. I can't do anything but come here to try my luck."

The old lady paused before continuing.

"I didn't expect to hear from them that you would be back this afternoon. Furthermore, my grandson was picky with his food. I didn't expect that he would eat an extra bowl of rice from this morning's meal! "

At this point, the old lady was in a good mood.

There were only a few children nowadays, so she was happy that the children ate so much today.

"That's right, my daughter is the same. She ate a lot of white vegetables this morning and has always said that they were delicious. You have to know, my daughter never ate white vegetables before."

At this time, a middle-aged woman who was buying vegetables in the morning said.

"That's right, the dishes from this morning are really delicious!"

Many people were discussing the dishes in the morning.

"Alright, let's not stay here anymore. Don't you guys want to buy more food? Why aren't you letting this young lady come?"

At this time, an old man clearly wanted to buy vegetables. However, he decisively said as he looked at the people around Wei Lihua.

"That's true. Girl, hurry up and set up your stall. We are still waiting to buy some. If it's not enough, go back and pull some more!"

After saying that, the person who bought the food told Wei Lihua to go over. Otherwise, if they were all here, Wei Lihua really wouldn't be able to go over.

Actually, Wei Lihua was also in a good mood. With so many customers buying vegetables, it was clear that she had made a lot of money.

If she kept on like this, she would earn quite a bit of money when she returned home.

"Okay, wait a moment everyone. If it's not enough, I will go back and take a look. But please line up, otherwise I will be too busy myself."

Actually, when they saw how good Wei Lihua's business was, the gazes of many of the food dealers were off.

They had set up stalls here for a long time, you know, but their business was not too slow.

He didn't expect a little girl like her to have such good business.

"Alright, we'll wait here when the time comes!"

Everyone wanted to buy food, and it was so delicious.

Even if he spent more money, he would still feel comfortable.

Furthermore, the taste of the vegetables was not bad. Furthermore, they were organic vegetables, as Wei Lihua had said.

Why don't you take advantage of the situation to buy more? Don't know when he stopped selling!

"Alright, can everyone tell me what you want to buy?"

Actually, Wei Lihua's tricycle only had a few dishes, such as cabbage, lettuce and spinach.

There weren't many items that could be bought, so they could only purchase a few of them.

"Sure, give me two bundles of cabbage, two bundles of spinach, and one bung of lettuce."


Wei Lihua weighed the dishes and looked for money at the same time.

Even though she was a bit too busy, Wei Lihua was still quite happy.

Because being busy meant that she had a lot of money. If she wasn't busy, then she should be worried!

During the afternoon, Wei Lihua had tried to buy dishes three times, but in the end, no one was able to buy any.

Wei Lihua felt that it was getting late, so she didn't continue.

Furthermore, she also saw that many of the vegetable dealers' faces had turned ugly.

She didn't want to take the risk. No matter what, she was still a girl.

If those people had evil intentions, even if she had the space, she would be unable to guard against them.

There were few varieties of vegetables nowadays, but if there were more in the future, who knew what those people would do!

She hoped that when those people were doing something, she had already left this place.

Otherwise, as a poor student from a foreign land, even if something were to happen to her, she would still blame her bad luck.

"Alright, if everyone wants to buy food, then come back tomorrow. I'll continue setting up stalls here tomorrow!"

After saying that, she picked up her basket, placed it on the tricycle, and left the market.

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