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No matter what she was doing now, she had to get a background. She was getting worried.

He didn't know if those people would take too long to deal with her. They didn't like her.

Aiya, let's forget about it for now. It's natural to be straightforward when the boat arrives at the bridge. Let's talk about it when we meet in the future!

He believed that there was no obstacle. If he really didn't want her to leave, then so be it.

If not, then she would hide in space.

As long as there was space, her safety was not a problem.

At most, she would lose some vegetables, but even so, she couldn't afford to lose them.

Her items were all for sale. Vegetables and the like were all grown by her.

After returning home, Wei Lihua couldn't care less about counting the money since she was exhausted today.

In the past, even at home, she hadn't been this tired.

This afternoon, she had been collecting money to take the dishes and weigh them, even if the Lady Boss next to her gave her a hand.

She also felt that she was so tired that she couldn't even lift her fingers. It was worth noting that she would be able to catch up to the workload of the day at the construction site.

When she finally had enough in bed, she took out the money from the afternoon and slowly counted it.

It took her three counts to believe that she had earned three thousand dollars this afternoon.

He really couldn't believe it. He never would have thought that he would earn 4,000 yuan in a single day.

When she was working part-time, even if she worked part-time every day, she didn't have as much money as she currently had.

Especially when she heard that she went to the company for an internship after graduation, she was able to reach 2-3 thousand yuan in a month.

At most, she would only be able to work for 4-5 thousand yuan a day. She never thought that she would be able to earn a month's salary for others.

Seeing so much money, Wei Lihua felt full of motivation.

Eat, eat and continue growing vegetables in the space. You have to know, if the vegetables in the space don't grow vegetables, then it means that there's no need to grow vegetables in the space.

The ones that she grew would be gone after selling for at most three or four days. She was unwilling to part with the money in front of her.

After a few hours of toil, Wei Lihua had planted all the dishes she had plucked today.

However, Wei Lihua was still a bit depressed, because she only thought about buying vegetables back then.

He didn't think that he would be able to buy a shelf. Now, it was the time for the cucumber, beans and tomatoes to be placed on the shelf.

But she didn't even have a stick in her hand, let alone a shelf.

He could only allow those cucumber and bean sprouts to climb on the ground. After he pulled out this batch, they could only be planted on the shelf again.

It seemed like space was really magical. In just a day's time, the cucumbers in the space had bloomed.

The cucumber would probably be picked the day after tomorrow, and at that time, the variety of vegetables in her stall would be even more numerous.

Wei Lihua didn't know if those people would get even more jealous because she felt that her dishes were more expensive.

She shouldn't have too much of a conflict with the vegetable dealers, even if she sold a lot of dishes.

But most people still wouldn't choose her dishes, even if her vegetables tasted good.

This was because many people were unwilling to part with their money. They just didn't know whether these things could be understood by those people or not.

Actually, Wei Lihua also knew that if she didn't earn money that way, she would probably be jealous if she saw others earning money.

However, jealousy was jealousy. She wouldn't do anything to harm others.

She didn't plan to stay here for too long anyway.

The next day, Wei Lihua sold vegetables as usual. Every time she entered the market, she would be surrounded by a lot of people.

At the beginning, the hawkers still had some objections.

But as time went on, they also discovered that Wei Lihua didn't sell many kinds of vegetables.

However, even though this was the case, they were still a bit envious.

Some of them wanted to beat up Wei Lihua, but she was always careful.

Even if they had the guts, they wouldn't dare to act against Wei Lihua in broad daylight.

Wei Lihua also knew what those people were thinking. Although she was worried, she was more prepared.

She had always prepared a dagger. Furthermore, it wouldn't be too late for her to sell vegetables. She would definitely return home before nightfall.

Wei Lihua's caution made those people grind their teeth in hatred.

Today, Wei Lihua was still selling vegetables. She found out that her little stall had a very clean person standing there.

Wei Lihua also felt that man was not simple, but she didn't hear him speak nor did she see him buy groceries. She just kept her guard up and didn't do anything to panic.

Besides, there were so many people in front of her right now, so Wei Lihua didn't feel any danger from that man.

She no longer paid attention to him. She was too busy.

There were more and more people buying vegetables now, especially her dishes. It was simply unable to meet the demand.

When she had finished selling the morning's food, she noticed that the man still hadn't left.

"Little girl, I would like to inquire, where did you buy your dishes?"

In the end, this man in his forties was not as calm as Wei Lihua.

"I'm sorry, Uncle. I can't tell you about this matter. As you know, it's a trade secret!"

It was impossible to find out the origin of the dishes, not to mention that all of her dishes were grown by herself.

Just based on the taste of the dishes, ordinary people wouldn't tell anyone else about this.

"Don't misunderstand, I'm the manager of Glorious Hotel. I want to ask if your dishes can be provided to our hotel!"

Looking at Wei Lihua's guarded expression, he smiled helplessly. He also knew that what he said just now was a bit too much.

Although he wanted to know how a little girl like Wei Lihua managed to get her hands on the dish.

However, he was also very clear that even he would probably be on his guard against this matter.

Especially after investigating for two days, he still could not find any way for Wei Lihua to serve the dishes.

"I'm sorry, I only have so many dishes. The most I can get every day is not many, and there are only a few types of dishes, so I didn't prepare anything for the hotel."

It wasn't that Wei Lihua didn't want to sell the dishes to the hotel, but rather, she didn't want to get involved with any influential people.

After all, she would be home in a few days. If she were to serve food to the hotel, it would normally be on a contract.

She did not want to leave the city.

What's more, everything she said was a lie. If someone investigated carefully, they would definitely detect something.

She didn't want to take the risk. Her secret was too magical, you know, and she couldn't afford to gamble.

"It's fine, we don't mind the variety. We want to work with you in the long run. How about that, I guarantee that we will sell for a higher price than you."

The people these days were all here for the money, so they believed that no one would be able to push the money out from their hands.

In this aspect, the manager of this hotel was very experienced. Let alone others, he was the same as well.

"I'm sorry!"

Wei Lihua thought about it for a moment and decided to reject the offer. Let's not talk about the source of the vegetables first and just say that she was going home later on, so she couldn't agree to this matter.

"My friend doesn't grow many dishes. I can only supply them for a short period of time. After a while, there won't be any left. Even if I want to sell some food, I won't have any more ingredients!"

Stretching out her hands, Wei Lihua expressed her helplessness.

Wei Lihua knew that if she did not explain clearly, she would be in for a lot of trouble. If she really got targeted, it would be even more so.

It seemed like she shouldn't continue selling here. She would go backstage for another two days and pack up her things to go home.

In any case, she had quite a bit of money on her hands. In just a few days of hard work, she already had tens of thousands of dollars on her hands.

If it really didn't work out, she could just go home and resume her old job.

"So it's like that. Then how much more does your friend think she can sell?"

He didn't know if Wei Lihua's words were true or not. With regards to the dishes, he could still persist for a few days.

"I'm sorry, but she called me yesterday and said that she can sell her dishes for two more days. After I'm done, I'll stop selling my dishes!"

The reason she said all this was because she wanted people who had been scheming all day to stop staring at her.

She couldn't afford to offend him, could she even hide away? She could just leave, since she was only here to earn money, at most, she would just go home.

As long as the food was good, she believed that no matter where it was, her food would always be so easy to sell.

"Then, can you send us the remaining two days' worth of dishes to our hotel? Besides, how about I give you six yuan for the one catty, five yuan?"

The hotel manager believed that Wei Lihua would not reject this price. Besides, she was working so hard to sell the dishes here, so she might as well just sell them to them!

"I'll think about it. You know that I've been here for quite a while and many people like my dishes. If I don't sell my dishes, I'll have to tell them!"

Actually, the main reason Wei Lihua didn't want to sell them the dishes was because she couldn't deliver them to the hotel.

If it was here, she could definitely sell them one by one, but if it was a hotel, she would definitely sell them all at once.

Renting a warehouse was not worthwhile, so she didn't want to go through all that trouble.

"How about this, you'll still be here tomorrow, and I'll come back tomorrow to pick up the goods."

The hotel manager could tell that Wei Lihua didn't want to sell it to the hotel.


She couldn't refuse again. If she refused again, Wei Lihua wouldn't be able to find a reason.

However, she should be thinking about how to deliver the food here without anyone noticing.

He only had one tricycle, so how many dishes could he get? If he gave it to the hotel, he could sell it to them as a snack.

Wasn't that purely a joke? It seemed that after returning home, she had thought of a way.

"Alright, we've agreed. I'll come back tomorrow to retrieve the goods. You have to give me at least 300 kilograms each."

Regardless of how many vegetables Wei Lihua had in her possession, what he was thinking about now was how much he could get his hands on.

Three hundred catties was not a lot, but it was quite a lot compared to the amount Wei Lihua sold every day.

Actually, the owner of the hotel didn't know that Wei Lihua's dishes were not only famous in the market.

She would occasionally take some out from the space and add up the bits and pieces together.

Plus, the tricycle didn't look like much, but it could fit five or six baskets, plus the ones she had secretly taken out.

She sold at least 500 catties of food a day. Of course, these things weren't something that outsiders could know about.

"Alright, I'll leave it for you when the time comes. Come and get it tomorrow morning!"

Three hundred catties was equivalent to eight catties of a thousand catties. There were only three or four types of vegetables.

"Then I won't delay your return home. I'll be waiting for you here in the morning."

After saying that, the hotel manager left. Actually, he had also noticed that Wei Lihua had been looking at the time. From the looks of it, she seemed to be in a hurry.

Regardless of how long they ate from Wei Lihua, even if it was just for two days, he would still be happy.

In the beginning, he did not think about what the purchasing manager had said.

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