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C1 One

Quinn's POV

I woke up to my alarm blaring, I rolled over and turned it off. Groggily, I got up and made my way over to my closet. My fingers skimmed over the clothes on the hangers as I thought to myself, "I have nothing to wear!"

After trying on half of the items in my closet, I felt best in a white sweater and black jeans. Deciding to stick with the causal look, I tied my blonde hair up into a loose ponytail with a white scrunchie.

I headed downstairs for breakfast, where mh brother and sister waited for me. I grabbed a muffin and sat next to Morgan, my younger sister. At only 9, she was naturally beautiful, with thick brown curls and emerald eyes.

"Where's mom?" I asked. It wasn't unusual for my dad to be gone on business trips, but my mom was usually here in the mornings.

"She left early for work." Morgan replied. I nodded and began eating.

"Could you eat any slower?" Thomas asked impatiently. I glared at the blonde boy waiting impatiently by the door. For being my twin brother, we couldn't be any different.

"I just started eating, can you wait?" I snapped back at him. He rolled his eyes and walked out the car.

"Son of a bitch." I mumbled and grabbed my bag. "Come on, Morgan. We'll drop you off at school on our way." She grabbed her backpack and skipped out to the car, hopping in the backseat.

"Finally" Thomas grumbled as drove off. We rode in silence, per usual. When we arrived at Morgan's school, I quickly signed her in and kissed her goodbye.

Shortly after, we arrived at the high school, where I met up with my best friend, Ashley. She was dressed up per usual in an olive green dress and black combat boots.

She waved as she saw me approaching, slipping her phone into her pocket. She greeted me with a smile, before quickly averting her eyes to where Thomas walked behind me.

"Your brother looks hot. As usual." She winked. m

"Ew!" I slapped her arm, playfully. "Don't talk about him like that, he's gross!"

"To you, maybe, but that's because he's your brother. To everyone else, he's hot!" She laughed.

"Whatever. Let's go" I rolled my eyes as we walked together into the building.

Ashley and I struggled to make our way to class with the people crowding the hallway. As I turned the corner, I bumped into someone and fell backwards. I groaned rubbing my wrists that throbbed from the impact,

"Can't you watch where you're going?" I mumbled.

A tall figure stood in front of me. I heard a deep laugh and the figure kneeled down. A hand outstretched to me, and I took it. The hand was surprisingly soft, and warm.

As I was pulled up, I was pulled closer to this person. It was none other than Leo Chase. He had a reputation around school. He was popular, and nearly every girl in the school was head-over-heels in love with him.

I shared a few classes with him. I've seen him at parties. We have mutual friends, I think he even talks to Thomas sometimes. But I've never noticed how attractive he was.

He had brown hair, messy curls falling onto his forehead. He had gorgeous dark green eyes, and long eyelashes.

I stared at his face longer than I should've. I snapped out of it when I heard him clear his throat. He handed me my bag with a smile, and continued on his way.

"See you around, sunshine." He called over his shoulder and winked at me.

I stood where I was, stunned.

"Oh my god, did he just call you sunshine?" Her eyes were wide and they flickered between me and his retreating figure.

"Yeah, he did." I said, replaying the previous moments in my head. I was interrupted when the bell rang.

"Shit, we're late!" Ashely grabbed my arm and dragged me to class. We sat in our desks before the teacher could notice that we were late.

I couldn't concentrate on anything that period. I kept replaying Leo's words in my head.

"See you around, sunshine"

What did that mean? Did it mean anything? Why did he smile at me like that? Was it just friendly, or was he flirting?

I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Leo was attractive, sure, but I wasn't one to fall for a guy after he flirts with me once.

I brushed it off, doubting that it actually means anything. He's a high school boy, he probably flirts with every girl he runs into.


At lunch, I took my usual seat outside. There's a small picnic table that my friends and I have claimed as our own. I sat there with Ashley and our other friends, Leah and Jess.

"Did Quinn tell you what happened before first period this morning?" Ashely asked the other girls, pulling her lunch out of her bag.

"No. What happened?" Leah asked.

"Nothing. I just bumped into Leo Chase." I shrugged it off nonchalantly, taking a bite of my sandwich.

"Yeah, and then he called her sunshine." Ashley added with a smirk.

"Oh my god, he was so flirting with you!" Jess exclaimed.

"Yeah, he flirts with like everyone." I explained. I didn't need my friends getting too excited about something that most likely meant nothing.

We moved on from this mornings events and talked about other random things, but I just couldn't get Leo out of my head.

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