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C1 mountain boy

As the sun was about to set, smoke rose up from the quiet valley. Suddenly, a vigorous figure leapt down from the forest to the side, and when that figure landed, many children around the age of eleven or twelve years old surrounded him. "Young Big Brother, you're back." The group of youths gathered around the young man called Young Big Brother and started to talk at once.

He was only twelve years old, but because he had been hunting in the mountains with his grandfather since he was young, his body was stronger than most people. At this moment, he was carrying some small animals that he had hunted from the forest, including rabbits, pheasants, and many other rare and precious creatures. This remote mountain forest was rarely visited by people, and some animals were rarely seen on the continent.

He casually tossed some of it to the group of youths. "Take it back. I'll be going home first. Grandpa should be getting impatient." After saying that, he picked up a hare and headed back to his house. The other youngsters also split some of their game and returned home.

Ever since he was young, he and his grandfather had depended on each other for his life. His grandfather had taught him a set of footwork when he was young, and it was because of this that he was able to walk on flat ground in the mountains, and escape with his life when facing powerful beasts.

He had been hunting in the mountains since he was eight years old. In these few years, every time he came back for a hunt, he would give some game to the other families in the village, so in this mountain village, the two of them were respected.

At the side of the valley, there were two small huts together. An old man that seemed to be in high spirits sat there smoking a pipe, "Grandfather, I'm back." Nie Shao shouted happily, he was already used to sitting here and smoking while waiting for him, since a year ago, his grandfather rarely went up the mountain anymore, and most of them were only him, so his grandfather could be at ease with him.

When he saw his grandson return, the old man also smiled benevolently. He looked at the rabbit in his hand and said, "You're back. Grandfather will cook some Red Braised Rabbit Meat for you." With that, he extinguished the dry smoke in his hands, took the rabbit from his grandson and walked towards a thatched cottage.

Ever since he was young, Nie Shao and his grandfather had been relying on each other for life, and he had always been curious as to where his parents have gone to. It was just that every time Nie Shao asked this question, his grandfather would always keep quiet, and sometimes even asked his grandfather with tears streaming down his face, and after that, Nie Shao no longer asked about his parents. Other people in the village also didn't know where his parents had gone to, but he had heard that his father left the mountain village to travel the continent, and brought back a child many years later.

While Grandfather still hadn't finished cooking, Nie Shao walked into his own room. His room was very simple, a large bed, a table, and four chairs, although normally there was only grandfather and himself, but there were still some friends from the village walking around, on the walls hung some household items, and of course there was a large shiny blade, giving off a very eerie feeling. Grandfather never let him touch this blade since he was young, but when he secretly took the blade from him once when he was eight years old, he realized that this blade was incredibly heavy.

Sitting on the bed, Nie Shao sat down cross-legged and started to cultivate the family passed down fresh and focused cultivation technique. This was also taught to him by his grandfather, who had always wanted him to diligently practice this technique, and his own walking technique, at the start, Nie Shao was still young, and needed his grandfather to supervise him, but after all these years, he had already gotten used to it, and furthermore, it was uncomfortable when he did not cultivate. This technique's main function was to focus his spirit, and it was even better than sleeping, and what even his grandfather did not know was that from the age of eight, Nie Shao had already used this technique to replace sleeping.

He didn't know why, but Nie Shao always felt that after cultivating this technique, his senses seemed to have become even stronger. Back on the mountain, he could always foresee danger ahead of time and could also easily avoid the powerful wild beasts on the mountain. This was probably the reason why his grandfather was so confident in him.

"Young boy, it's time to eat." When he opened the door, everything was so clear. Just a moment ago when he was training here, he felt that his senses seemed to have become a lot stronger. He did not expect that he would be able to do it so quickly.

The old man outside saw Nie Shao coming out, and his eyes lit up, but he quickly disappeared. He smiled and said, "It's been a day since we went up the mountain, I must be hungry. Come, have a taste of the braised rabbit meat that grandpa made for you." After saying that, he brought out some other dishes and a plate of delicious wild hare meat and began to eat them on the stone table in front of the thatched cottage.

"Grandfather, today's rabbit meat is pretty good!" Nie Shao laughed out loud, the meat on the rabbit in the big mountain was fat but also thin, and this rabbit was just good, after hearing his words, the old man only smiled slightly.

Suddenly, an old man and a strong young man walked over from afar. When they saw Nie Shao and his grandfather, they shouted loudly, "Master Nie, something bad happened!"

The old man was the village head of this small mountain village. Normally, he was only in charge of trading between the mountains and the outside world. There were many things in the mountain that the outside world needed, and they usually traded with the outside world for daily necessities.

When Nie Shao saw the two of them approaching, he immediately went to refill two pairs of chopsticks. "Village Head Grandpa, Big Brother Chang Jun, you've come.

"Child, grandpa isn't free right now. Chang Jun and I have come for a reason." Normally, the Village Chief and his grandfather were good friends. If they got something good, they would often call the Village Chief to come eat with them. However, from the looks of it, he didn't have any intention of doing so.

"What's wrong, Old Man Chang?" The village chief was Chang Jun's father, this was what Nie Shao often called him. It was very rare to see a village chief like this, could it be that something big had really happened?

"Sigh, something's happened. It's been two days since fifth brother Wang went up the mountain to chop firewood. Someone just told me that the wild bear has come out to cause trouble again. I was afraid that something might have happened to fifth brother Wang, so I came to find you." The moment he said that, Nie Shao frowned, it was because of the wild bear s, the mountains were usually filled with beasts, and very few people would go up the mountains. There was a type of strong beast that lived in this area, and it was a big wild bear, it was extremely terrifying, and normal people would only die when encountering wild bear s.

Nie Shao's grandfather looked at the color of the sky, "It's not early anymore, the sun has already set. Tomorrow morning, I will go up the mountain with my son, there's no need to worry." Back then when they went up the mountain to cause trouble, Nie Shao's grandfather once captured a wild bear. It could be seen how powerful he was, it was no wonder the village head would look for him.

After sending off the Village Chief, Old Master Nie looked at Nie Shao, "Hurry up and eat, eat and rest well. Tomorrow morning, the two of us will go up the mountain and take a look." Nie Shao nodded upon hearing his grandfather's words, he had still only seen the wild bear that his grandfather had captured alive, but he had not truly seen his grandfather fight with the wild bear yet. This time, he would go and learn, and after a few moments, he would finish eating, then return to his room to cultivate.

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