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C1 The interview


I had woken up from my hard bed,at about 6:30am, arranging my ruffled hair..i rushed past my annoying senior brother Michael who seemed to be busy in the kitchen.

"Its still early and here you are making my kitchen look unfit for human use" he laughed at what i knew wasn't funny at all.

"Melanie...i paid for all this, this is my house remember?..lets not personalize the whole thing" i scoffed "Your house indeed...talk about personalizing" Pretending to ignore me he went straight to the living room

"whats for breakfast..sis"My little brother Kyrmen asked as he entered the kitchen, his dark eyes looking drowsy, he was just Ten years old but looked like a fourteen year old teenager it ran in our blood I guess, They looking older than our age kinda thing "Have you brushed your teeth?..and here you are asking me for breakfast" he forced a smile "Fine I'll brush".

I was like the mother of the house, I loved my brothers so much I guess that's why I was able to keep them together even when my parents had died a long time ago we all lived in various hardships, been maltreated by many of our aunts and uncles who felt we were burdens..but Micheal and I worked hard, and even got enough money to rent up a house. When my parents died in a ghastly car accident, I remember feeling like all was lost...I Lost my faith in the universe, I felt Terrible and I also wanted to join my parents where ever they were but the strength from Micheal and his will to move on gave me the strength to move forward against all odds. Some times i wonder if my brothers would ever survive without me, because I knew that I wouldn't survive if they ever got hurt.

Now the big issue today was my job interview around 9am. I had applied for a maid job at one of the biggest mansions at Grundy, I needed to get this job because over here at Grundy it seemed really hard to get a resonable job Even at the age of 18..

The mansion was big and beautiful, I felt like I had entered a castle, There were fields and Orchards even a garden too "Good morning" I greeted one of the guards who looked a bit approachable, he stared at me in acknowledgement "Who?"

"My name is Melanie...I came here for the job interview"

At first he looked confused but later he nodded "oh the interview.."

I was ushered in by one of the maids in the mansion, she seemed pretty nice and way older than I was "Please remain here in the courtyard...Mr Carson would be with you shortly" She made me sit down on a brown coloured chair. but a certain curiosity rushed in" Madam"I asked "why isn't the head maid interviewing me....why should the owner do so" She smiled "Well over here it's Carson's choice or none....you would understand...if you do get the job" she ended looking at me from my head to toe.

I felt a little scared, the house, the maids even the chair I sat on intimidated me. I started to feel suffocated...this usually happened whenever I got nervous.

Few minutes later i heard footsteps behind me...I wanted to turn to see who it was but on second thought I faced forward. My eyes were still on the floor So I could only see his shoes i could tell he was wearing a suit, his cologne filling my breathing space to make things dramatic alittle I raised my eyes in slow motion to look at him. Suddenly my eyes got locked to his but I quickly unlocked it...my hands started sweating...I looked up again as he stretched out his hands to collect my resume but I didn't look at him" Melanie Walters?" I heard my name coming out from his mouth and for the first time I liked how my name sounded in his voice, I blushed alittle"yes....yes sir"

"You have an impressive resume, you really enjoy having house jobs"

I felt like he was mocking me.."it's not like I enjoy it sir...that's what I am good at, so I do it"

He sighed then said almost in surprise" You are eighteen?"

I smiled inwardly I was used to people being surprised, because I looked way too mature for my age.

"Yes sir..."

He stood up...and handed me my resume, I became scared and looked at him as he stood over me, suddenly I realized that I was staring at him for the first time, his eyes were light brown, he had a cleaned shaved face...and his hair seemed combed all through and shiny. He had small beautiful but mean eyes and the perfect lips for a man in his late twenties, and was handsomely fair.I almost lost myself before I realized that I might actually not get the job.

"Sir....it's something wrong". He shook his head in disapproval.

"Teenagers have alot of excuses...you know?"He replied suddenly looking away and placing his hands in his pockets."No sir am not like other teenagers...I am very responsible...If I wasn't I would have lied about my age and gotten here...but I can prove to you how reliable and hardworking I can be..." He suddenly cut me short" you are hired but...you will be on probation for 2weeks, if you prove to be worthless, you would be terminated immediately" thank gracious

I became happy"Thanks alot sir I won't let you down"

He waved his hand "Go to the next room, Esther would brief you on what and when to start.

That night I told Kyrmen about My work, The buildings and all the beautiful things I saw in the Carson's Mansion...

"How much would you be paid?"he asked as he packed his school books

"About 10 dollars a day....that's if I work delligently....any mistake would be deducted from my pay check"

I saw him smiling "Soo you are indirectly telling me...to make sure I don't make you go late for work or hinder you in anyway right?" I grabbed his neck in our usual playful manner"you little brat when did you learn to speak like an old man".

The Next day I got early for work, When my Maid gown was handed over to me by Miss Esther, I felt slightly uncomfortable as it seemed alittle above my Knee.

"Melanie, I want to introduce you to other maids..and workers"Miss Esther said to me as she took me to the hall way leading to the main living room.

At first I was surprised to see all the maids and workers lined up at the hall, I kept wondering if they arranged their selves in that order because of me. Looking a bit nervous I asked Miss Esther why they were there..."It's our daily roll call....boss Carson's orders" with a sigh of relief I joined her.

Obviously all eyes turned to me, I was still contemplating if their eyes were on my gown or on Me. I was introduced and we all changed pleasantries,later I joined them to stand in line.

They were all Nice though, but After awhile I realized I was the youngest person in the room.

He descended the stairs shortly after, wearing a normal blue long sleeve shirt, with a Jean jacket and a Jean trouser, his hair was still as thoroughly gelled and shiny as before,he looked pretty casual cause he didn't exactly close up all his buttons, he arranged the Collar of his shirt as he approached us.

They all greeted him in utmost respect and I almost bit my tongue trying to join in.

"Can't you greet...Miss Walters" He asked rudely.

His eyes were on the floor, I wondered So how exactly did he see me not greeting, I swallowed "Goodmor.... morning Sir Carson"

He ignored, and proceded to what ever he was about to say

" In one week time...I would be Throwing a welcome Party For My sister, as you all know, I do not tolerate Mistakes, I want it to be the best party. Exactly as I detailed it to be, I expect by now that you all know the kinds of things to cook, the things my Mira is allergic to and Soo on ...And am telling you all this because I expect the planing to start Now!"

Mrs Esther rose her hand to say something"Sir please if I may?" She asked and He cut her off immediately" wait till am done Esther..." This gesture really pissed me off, Miss Esther was the oldest maid and Old enough to be his Mother, How rude, i scoffed silently, hoping that no one heard me.

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